Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Yesterday

Megan and I took a drive to Salem on Friday. My mission was to pick up a pack of 13×19" paper for my new photo printer. I called but it wasn't in yet. But it should be soon. So we drove there anyway. Just as we finished eating lunch at Skippers, my phone rang. The paper had arrived. So we headed to Lancaster mall. While we were eating, we overheard a conversation from a table of four older women. They were talking about tv programs. One lady commented that she didn't like the holiday season because all the movies being played. She's not able to watch The Golden Girls show. We couldn't help but laugh. We have seen the show, years ago.   On to our shopping, we did a bit before I got the paper since I knew it would be heavy. Stopped at Sears and we each bought a pr of pants. I was happy to buy two sizes smaller pr of jeans for myself!!! Went to Bath and Body Works and bought 4 foaming hand soaps. Merry cookie and salted caramel were my choices, 2 each. Just recently, my sweet granddaughter, Melody, was using my vanilla snowflake foaming hand soap. She told me she liked it and that I needed to buy more since it was low!!  It was so pretty in the store and I liked their new holiday bag, I took a photo. The soaps were 4 for $18 or 6 for $24

The candles were lit at dinner, when we ate our dinner at home. Delicious soup I made from leftovers from a few nights ago. This was the scene when the ceiling light was off. Just had to share. Have a good weekend.  All photos taken on my LG 90 by me.  


Linda W. said...

Lucky you went to town anyway, as your paper was in. Yeah, I can't believe the holiday season is here again.

Gracie Saylor said...

Your candlelight photo is lovely, Becky. I have been enjoying lighting candles at my house too...especially this week as I have been trying to adjust to it being DARK by 6:00pm!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Becky - Salem was my old stomping grounds when we lived in Dayton. Three of my children were born at McMinnville hospital. My sister still lives in Amity where her husband in fire chief. Boy, I miss those days....Love the conversation you overheard - I had to laugh because I love the Golden Girls, too!
I love those foamy soaps and congrats on your new 'skinny' jeans! I love your candlelight photo. Hope you are having a good week. Hugs and blessings xo Karen