Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Books

Behind is an understatement for me already in early Dec. Tonight I worked on loading photos from my phone camera to my laptop. It is late. I didn't get a chance to get them posted for a thanksgiving update. I'm just going to share what I am reading now. A dear friend of mine, Jeannie, sent me this book. It arrived in the mail on a very cold Monday....barely 40 degrees day time. Book was cold when I pulled it out of the pkg.  I have started reading it. Pursuing the Christ, Prayers for Christmastime, written by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. There is a reading for morning, which I read at breakfast and an evening reading. So far I have liked it. Brought tears to my eyes this a.m. reading about Mary, who said she was God's servant. Yes, that's what we are too, if we are His followers.

This week, Megan and I started reading Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. I bought the book last month when it was a really good deal on Amazon.  I paged through the book when I first got it. I am really enjoying the colorful art work. I have ornaments I printed out last year but now I need to pull them out from the closet. I have been slow, almost a hermit for a couple days last week, not going anywhere! It felt good. Did alot of things. Didn't get the branches in the house and put in it's stand. Branches for the Jesse tree are from our heritage birch tree. The branches came down in the last storm so I picked up ones I knew would work. The limbs are dry, just waiting for me.

Inside the book, this story is about Abraham and Sarah. I read this last month, when we were teaching the children Bible school at church. Just wanted to see what it said in this book. Don't you just love the drawing?   I didn't know much about Advent,when I was growing up. We didn't talk much about it or do the advent candle lighting and reading at church. Or at our house.  When our children were younger we had advent calendars, with chocolate candy to eat each night. Not til last year did we start doing something with Advent readings in our home. We read each night and put up the ornament on the tree. Longer readings from The Greatest Gift, by Ann Voskamp. The one this year is a different, shorter version. Good for reading to children. Or anyone who needs the story in the hurry of of our lives. Family time.  It gives us a different approach to Christmas, reading back into our Biblical history/heritage. What God has done for His people through the ages.   Tonight, reading about Adam and Eve, when they sinned, they hid from God. The first question asked by God was "Where are you?" It wasn't what have you done?   When Jesus was born, the first question in New Testament was "Where is He?"  God is pursuing us, our hearts. He loves us. That's why God came to earth in the form of man. We celebrate His CHRISTmas.  A journey for another few weeks of Advent. I enjoy it very much. Light in the darkness!

My Christmas cards have been here for awhile. I need to address them and get them out. Soon. I have Christmas stamps, thanks to Megan for picking up a couple books of them for me yesterday. My fiber optic tree awaits in it's box in the living room. Maybe tomorrow night will be it's turn to get worked on. So many things to do when I get home from work.  Phil and I went on a walk tonight, in the dark. Warm coats, hats, scarf, gloves ward off the cold.  Making tea for drinking tonight and some for iced tea for work tomorrow.  What are you doing to prepare for Christmas in your heart and home?   Have a blessed day, my friends and thanks for visiting my blog.


Betsy said...

I have several friends who have the same advent book. I think I'll need to find one for next Christmas. I grew up in a church that did celebrate advent but our current church doesn't. I miss it very much. All of my Christmas preparation is done. Now I'm concentrating on putting together the blankets for the Veteran's and childrens homes. Two more to go and then they'll be delivered before we leave on vacation. See yo soon.

Kathy said...

We don't celebrate Advent in the church I attend and I didn't grow up celebrating Advent either. But my husband and I have discovered the joy of Advent. We have an Advent wreath that we light each night after we eat dinner. He says the prayers and I do the reading from a free book that I downloaded to my Kindle last year. It's from 2012 but God's word doesn't change. Right now we are going through the names of God from Isaiah. Yesterday was Wonderful Counselor and tonight was Mighty God. I hope you are enjoying your Advent as much as we are.

Jan said...

Very topical books, glad you are pleased with them. It is still music here, with practices taking up time.
Love and Blessings.

Gracie Saylor said...

The book is beautiful! I have been celebrating six weeks of Advent at St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox church I am attending in Portland this year which is different than the four weeks I have celebrated at home and at other churches in the past, but with the same celebration - Christ was born!
Yesterday a girlfriend gave me the devotional book, God Calling which I am looking forward to exploring. xx