Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scenes of Christmas

Christmas time approached faster than I wanted it to. Or maybe I'm getting lazy or tired or just still a bit sad....losing my mom just four months ago still on my mind. I put up our little fiber optic Christmas tree. It's atop a music stand that belonged to one of Phil's grandmothers.  I did add a few ornaments later. I always enjoy little stuffed animals under the tree. Usually we have a big tree up as well. Not this year. I need to get back to right after Thanksgiving to start decorating. There's always next year!!!

The nesting doll is Megan's. The bag has a ty bunny in it and a fun snowman. I stuck that together awhile back when we had the living room painted. So it looked cute for Christmas. I moved it from one shelf, since now it has some PM nativity figures on it. To this mirror shelf. My sister or brother made this for me years ago in a class at high school....I am saying years. as in decades ago! 

Last Sunday evening we went to the Living  Christmas Story. So thankful it didn't rain on them the 3 nights it was held. Although Sat. it was quite windy and some of the props had to be re-nailed. We were laughing at one man, using a battery powered drill to put the star up. Did they have that in Bethlehem, someone said? We knew a few of the people in this story. A couple of girls that live on our street were in it.

The story starts with Gabriel visiting Mary. Announcing she will have a son, who is Jesus.

There were even live animals. Here are two sheep. there were a couple of goats and 2 more sheep elsewhere.

The manger scene.   There were 3 kings as well, in the next scene. Other ones were the first miracle where Jesus turned the water into wine, in Cana.  Jesus death on the cross....there were three crosses.  Then a tomb that was opened, signifying that Jesus has risen from the dead. Interesting story...not seen one with anything past three kings. All scenes had scripture verses that went along with the scene.

This is the side of entrance. Where you drive in, it says "Joy to the World."  We walked through it instead of driving. We had some cookies and hot cocoa after we were done. That was nice. Then we went to eat dinner up a few blocks.   We know the story but it was nice to see it portrayed by a local church. Years ago our church did it a couple years. Our pastor was talking about it at church on Sunday. He was a Roman soldier riding a horse. I was an angel. Phil and Justin had parts as well.  Never gets old to share the story of Good News! Jesus is born!    God bless you, my friends and thanks for stopping by!!!! 


Anonymous said...

We had a simple Christmas too Becky because of other things going on. As you say, "next year". Meanwhile you can celebrate the 12 days of Christmas ;-)
The Living Christmas Story looks great and I love the star toy/ornament!
Blessings, Aimee

Anonymous said...

Just noticed your new header...cute! Aimee

Gracie Saylor said...

While we never were part of such a big production, like you got to see this year, Becky, I recently asked my 39 year old son if he remembered when his now 33 year old little sister got to portray baby Jesus in a tiny Presbyterian church in CO when she was six months old. He vaguely remembered. I clearly remembered she made it through her role without a peep, thanks to the pacifier she had in her mouth :-) xx

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so thankful to everyone who puts the time and effort into doing living nativities. They are so wonderful and just bring the Christmas Story to life for little ones especially. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, my friend. I wish you the happiest New Year!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Love the living Nativity, Becky! We used to have one at my church when I was young. It's been years since I saw one. I know it is hard to spend your first Christmas without your Mom. It does get easier.... I like to put my Mom's holiday decorations out at this time of year - she gave me a few precious ones. Love the shelf made by your sibling - aren't they just the best things to have? My kids made me a few things in wood shop that I have around the house. Hand made things mean so much. Hope you have a lovely New Year. Hugs xo Karen

Camille said...

What a lovely thing to go to see....I have never seen a living nativity. What a wonderful blessing it is that our Saviour came to save us from our sins. May He bless you now and always. Hugs, Camille