Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stormy Days

Rain was part of our day on Wednesday. Rain poured on and off all day. It was raining when I left for work and it was high 50s temp-wise.  Then when it was near time for sunset, I spied sunlight on trees across the street from our hardware store.  Upstairs on my last break I captured this photo through the winow, looking west. Lovely!  Then it got dark. Sigh!
A little visitor was on our door step when we got back from our walk in the dark. Pretty snail! His/her body almost looks purple. Megan looked at it then she put it over in the rocks. Didn't want him squished. I know, maybe I should have salted it but didn't want to.  I did kill a couple spiders right by the front door though. One had an egg sack. I don't need them in my house!!!

Today I had my last vacation day from work this year. So I went to Salem and got 3 matted photos framed. I'd called Affordable Framing yesterday so the frames would be there today. They are ordered and then the man makes them. They are delivered the next day. Sweet! I like local businesses that make their own items. I've tried other ways but Affordable Framing are the best. I had the photos matted there in Nov but didn't have time or money for frames then. It may cost a bit more but I love the end result. I will be sharing those photos in another post. (I want them up on my gallery wall before Christmas....maybe this weekend!)  Once the photos were stored in the car, I went around the corner to Lancaster Mall. I had lunch at Subway. These decorations were hanging up in the wing I was in. Festive!   I was happy to be inside since the wind was starting to whip up. My hair was blowing all over! I tamed it down once I got inside. It looked good but it felt fluffy from being in the wind. 
I enjoyed this festive Christmas tree near the entrance to the mall and Sears, where I went next, for two more pair of skinny jeans pants. They were on sale again, which was great.  I've heard some of the Sears stores nationwide are closing, in the near future.  I like their jeans, as they fit nice and I can get ones that don't need the hem altered.    Winds did pick up once I left and to another store.  Quite blustery and yanked my car around a bit on the way home.  So glad it was a tail wind.  Once on the overpass I was a bit antsy, waiting for light to turn green so I wouldn't blow over. The overpass flexes as well, making it a bit scary!!!!  Wind has died down, very little measurable rain here today.
Dinner tonight consisted of organic brown rice penne pasta (Trader Joes) with a sauce of milk, ground turkey cooked with onions;  mushrooms, bell pepper mixture, half a container of butternut squash soup (Trader Joes), spices. It was good. My throat was happy with the smooth sauce going down my semi-sore throat.  This meal just looked pretty in the pan so I took a photo of it. Megan immediately said, "But we want to eat it before it's too cold." Really? One photo from my cell phone camera.  Not!  I wound up leaving the heat on low, all through dinner, with leftovers in it. It kept them warm! Enough for meals for lunches next week!  Nice and delicious on a cool windy evening.  Now I'm off to get some items ready to mail tomorrow. Then to bed and hopefully my throat won't get any worse. Phil's work party is tomorrow night and I want to go!  Take care and have a good weekend, my friends.  Don't forget the give away I posted on Sunday, if you haven't left a comment. It ends soon.
all photos by Becky Lowmaster 2014,  LG Gravity 90 cell phone camera


aimee said...

Glad to see you survived today's windstorm! Hope your throat starts feeling better--working when you aren't well is definitely no fun.
LOVE the Christmas tree in your post--beautiful!

Camille said...

Sorry you have a sore throat my friend...not fun! Hasn't the weather been crazy?? The other day it was about 60 degrees out and windy here, too! A tropical storm in these parts is a strange thing...don't you think? (I suppose you are more likely to get them than we are.) Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs, Camille

Linda W. said...

Trader Joes is the best! Looks like a great dinner. We got the winds pretty bad here in Beaverton. Our power was out for awhile. I work in downtown Portland and the building across the street from my workplace got hit by flying piece of metal siding that blew off an adjacent building. I heard to crash from my desk, and then my coworkers and I crowded around the window checking out the scene. You probably heard all about it on the news! Take care and stay dry. :)

Gracie Saylor said...

It was so calm and bright here yesterday for most of the day we thought the Pineapple Express missed us. Then in the afternoon two major gusts of wind came through, bringing down some substantial branches and causing our power to flicker, but it certainly was a strange storm. I'm glad you and yours are ok, and I love seeing your photos as you were out and about and home with a yummy meal. Wishing you well, Becky!

Becky L. said...

Our wind didn't start til afternoon. We had quite a lot of limbs down in our lawn. Megan cleaned most of them up. Our yard debris bin is full. It was a crazy storm. They seem to be that way lately. Thanking God for His protection for sure!

M said...

Beautiful photos, I love the Christmas tree!

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Happy Holidays!