Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sunday Joy

Worship at church this past Sunday morning. Music was lovely. I listened to the last couple songs since my voice would not cooperate in singing. But it blessed my heart. Our team is awesome. Two young man playing are really doing good and anticipate more great music from guitar and violin players.  Sermon scripture was from Luke 2:25-32. Pastor Jesse talked about characters of the Christmas story. Matters of the heart. Mixture of faith and doubt colliding. Radical change when Jesus was born. Soon there will be a radical change when Jesus comes back for us.  Characters talked about were Simeon, Anna, John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Mary, shepherds, Mary and Joseph's families. Interesting things to ponder. And who would we pick out to have coffee with and talk to, ask questions of. I have thought maybe I visit with Elizabeth or Anna.

After the service I took a photo of the swag by our pew. The ladies who decorate do a great job. They need to help me. I still do not have my tree up!!!
Leaving church I spied this large brown leaf on the grass by the sidewalk.  I stopped to take a picture. Phil willingly took my purse and walked on down to the car. I monentarily joined him. Homeward bound through the country.     The week has been busy. I just made fudge for my work lunch party tomorrow,  at work.  A few more little projects. Then dream land for this grandma.  How is your week going for you? Winner of book giveaway announced tomorrow evening.  Have a blessed day, my friends!!


Gracie Saylor said...

You are having busy days, Becky, and I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at Taci's. I am trying to enjoy all the extra activities I seem to come up with this time of year while celebrating Christ's birth.

Kathy said...

How lovely your church looks. I would have loved to hear that message from your pastor. Who would I like to meet and talk with? That would be a really hard choice for me. Each one has their own perspective. Maybe Simeon?