Sunday, December 21, 2014

'Twas a week before Christmas

All the merriment of get together- with co-workers, friends, family started a week ago Friday. The week has been long and tiring but also fun and feeling blessed.  Phil and I went to Embassy Suites in Tigard for his work party. Delicious food. Way too much to choose from to put on my plate. I skipped the salad but found much fruit and veggies that I liked. Those included pickled beets and yams, which I don't get at home, since nobody else likes them. There was shrimp, salmon, potatoes.  This lovely light was above our table, as well as others like it shining down upon us. Loved the glittery sparkles that the photo doesn't show.

Pepppermint chocolate cheese cake that was divine! The lovely cookies in the background looked good. Phil had one but I think it was dry.

 Decor at the dessert table.
Dinner at Denny's with Tamara on Tues. It was our Christmas get together. We did a bit of Bible work, as I shared a devotion from the day's reading in Our Daily Bread devotional. I'd read it at work.

Our dinner. I had a turkey dipper with gravy, and Tamara's meal....funny how I got her hands as sweet sister in Christ. We have a good time together.

Thursday was my work party at work. There is so much food. We bring something we make. Lon's specialty scalloped potatoes with ham is always delicious. Mike, our boss, gets alot of food as well for us to eat. Usually by the weekend it's all gone. Of course there's ribs and little sandwiches. Potato salad made by a co-worker, Deviled eggs, beans and rice. I am getting full just thinking about it all!!
My plate at the table. Ruby brought sparkling cider. I added some to my Sweet Leaf Tea. It was good!

The dessert table and gifts that we exchanged. We drew names.

Loving these cookies that Carrie made in the front. I made the fudge in the middle, second row.

Christmas tree made by our carver co-worker, Mike G. He made it out of a broken pallet. It was a good day, even though one co-worker, D,  left early in the day. His dad died. That made us sad. He'd had cancer and there wasn't anything the doctors could do for him. He was ready to go to heaven though. Good run. D was actually back the next day, which was surprising. It opened up a wound in my soul, that was left by my mom's passing in July. Brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it all. Still too fresh for me.
My gift bag from Ruby. We got each other. It appeared that the giver was receiver from same person. oh well, it was fun being a "secret santa" to someone you work with. And not spill the excitement of it all!!! I really like this gift bag. It's not leaving my house!
Thursday evening, Phil and I got together at Denny's for his birthday dinner. We go there on our birthdays to get a free grand slam breakfast. I had a cheese quasadilla as I was still full from lunch at work. I bought a pie on Wed. for him at Sheri's since they had one of the three pies he wanted. It was peach. But we were so full we didn't eat a piece til Friday. But Megan had a piece with whipped topping on it that evening. She'd been waiting all day for it. It was good even the next day!! Their pies are delicious!! I've not had time to make any this week. I made the fudge on Wed. after I got off work.
On Friday afternoon, I met up with four other Northwest blogger women for a lunch. But that's another blog post.

Then along came another birthday on Sat. in which I made cake. It was Megan's birthday. This is a oatmeal chocolate chip cake. From a cookbook. Instead of adding remaining chocolate chips to top before baking, I added them after baking. Shake them over the hot cake,. let them melt a bit. Spread it over the cake! Instant frosting. Added sprinkles----see the little snowflakes? That's all the snow she got this year!!! She was secretly hoping for snow. We just got the melted version from the sky. And wind. Added M&Ms to tell her age!!! 
Megan reading her card I bought...about "how I wasn't going to share it on facebook, tweet it......but say it right there in the card...Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!"  It goes with her age. There was no internet, facebook, tweeting when she was born. My how the technology has changed in that span of years. How my little baby girl has grown into a sweet young woman.
A woman who loves the Lord, who spreads His love, lives out the walk....loves children and they love her in return. Her married friends children invite her to their birthday parties, and she dotes on them like an aunt. It's fun to hear her tell stories of what they do when she takes care of them or just visits. I'm thankful for her Christian friends that liven her life. Invite her in. It's not always fun to be single but it is a good life. There could be worse scenarios. It's been a good life with her. Here in our midst.
In lieu of birthday candles, which we don't have (I frantically searched the drawers), is candle on the table. Which included some craziness. It is a party, right!? 
A candle with a little gift for my painter friend and his wife. (Chocolate paintbrush) It is yummy!  That sums up our crazy but fun week.  I need to get a few more cards out tomorrow, wrap gifts....clean. Have a great week! Be blessed by His presence in your life!    "We have been rescued from our enemies' clutches, to serve Him without fear in holiness and righteousness in His presence all our days." --Luke 1:74-75.   "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors!" --Luke 2:14.

All photos by Becky Lowmaster 2014 LG Galaxy 90


Janet Coffield said...

Beautiful. I appreciate that you take time to share your joy with others. Merry Christmas. Hugs Janet & family

Betsy said...

My goodness you had a crazy busy week of parties! It was so good to see you on Friday. Enjoy the next week of celebration.

Linda W. said...

Lots of wonderful celebrations! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Kathy said...

My goodness you have been busy! Do you get to relax on Christmas?

We have a party very similar to yours tomorrow. Everyone brings something and we have Pollyannas (Secret Santa to most other people who don't live in Philadelphia).

So glad your sweet daughter had such a nice birthday.