Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amy-ryllis Awoke!!!

The other week, I shared about Amy (amaryllis) at work.. and now she started opening this week.....

........and there she is fully opened.

The sun behind her lit her up and the edges were golden. Can u see it? And there are 3 more blooms coming open. By Thursday another bloomed. Sadly, she had to be moved into the paint dept. She was too much for my allergies/asthma. I am thankful my co-workers understood. It is good to breath!!!!  Have a blessed weekend, my sweet friends!!!!  


Michelle H said...

Hello! I saw in your comment at The Blessed Hearth that you were an Oregonian, too, so I had to come "meet" you! I've been enjoying reading your blog - all the way back to Jan of last year, heehee! I should be in bed, but our schedule has been a little crazy. I'm up doing laundry, making sure everyone has clothes for church in the morning. I had an amaryllis years ago, it was so beautiful, and I didn't kill it - a huge feat for me now, much more so then, haha! I'm willing to bet my allergies wouldn't take too kindly to one anymore, either. Well, gotta go put a few things in the dryer, hope your Sunday is a good one!

Linda W. said...

Beautiful flower! Too bad you had to move it, but having allergies myself I totally understand. Happy weekend to you!

Betsy said...

Beautiful Amaryllis!!! It's too bad you couldn't keep her where you could see her. Have a great Sunday.

Faye Henry said...

So pretty.. Hope you are having a blessed Sunday... xo

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Becky! I just got caught up on reading your posts since Jan. 9th. My youngest daughter had surgery on her hip on the 14th and I am way behind in reading posts.
Missing your mom and working through disappointing relationships are hard challenges...I am glad that you are have been encouraged as you go through these transitions...and how special that your little Sunday school student affirmed you and your efforts.
We majored in giving our kids Legos for presents and we still have half a bushel basket full of them :) It's neat you found a good source for them!
My Amaryllis fell over in the middle of the night, but I posted a photo the other day before it toppled. I cut the stem and put it in a vase and the flowers still look pretty, but minus a petal. I'm sorry you are allergic to them. : (
Your slipper yarn looks like it will make cozy slippers. You can make them, Becky! I'm cheering you on : ) xx

Kathy said...

That amaryllis is so beautiful. I love the picture with the sun shining through it. So sad that you have allergies and couldn't keep it near to you. I have allergies too but fortunately that isn't one of them. Take care and enjoy your week.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your amaryllis matched the one I had.. they are amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed it before having to move it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower! I can understand about the allergy/ asthma thing...but maybe you can enjoy the blossoms from a safe distance.
God bless,