Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Building Blocks

Over the weekend, when there is always something to be done, I took time out to.....dig through a few tables of Legos. I had an idea for my grandson's 4th birthday. He is already another Lego-maniac of the family. There is a town close to us where they have a mini fig and brick store. I decided to go find some goodies for him. I spent some time sorting through, finding Legos that would fit and be different. Everything is sets now. Not like a box of different things, like when my kids were young. I spent way too long in here. And then I wound up going thru all the Legos I picked out since I picked the expensive bag.....which I didn't realize til I got to the register.
These are all the Legos out on an old towel, drying on Sat. They had been touched by lots of people, used in set ups at the stores, or at people's houses. Who knows what germs were there. A good grandma, I guess, does that.
Then I put them in some ziploc bags for separation and then built a number 4 on the left and a little fire place. Can you see them? They are in a Stanley tool box I bought at work, for $7. Owen loved them and immediately put the fireplace in with his Lego Batman set he got for his birthday!! I'm glad he liked it. I didn't get to see it all as Megan was watching Owen and Melody Sunday afternoon. It's ok!! I feel the joy of it all!!!

I also wrote in a card for my daughter-in-love and used these pens and added a sticker to her card. Her birthday is this week! I'd bought her a gift while I was out getting Owen's Legos.   It was a busy weekend, as I wound up going with Phil on an impromptu date Sat. He wanted to go to Best Buy to get a few things and eat at Panda Express on his way up. So I went along. We had a good time. I wound up getting less done that day that expected. But, I felt it would be good to go out with my dear husband, as he wanted me to. Work around the house can wait!!!!

One of the jobs I've been procrastinating on is knitting!!!! I'd bought this yarn last April in Hood River. The front one Phil picked out for me to make slippers. This yarn is alpaca. I wrote an IOU with his birthday card (besides giving a few other little things) for a pr of slippers, ETA 1/31/15.   I've not even started yet!!! The yarn in the back is for me. It's moreno wool and bamboo and nylon. I will do it, really I will!!!!
Now that the new year is here, I need to start another journal to write out my blessings, like I did last year.  I have a bigger spiral notebook. As you can see, I've started with little paper. I write them out at work when things happen. That way I don't forget them. Now they are waiting to be written in my empty book.

Highway to Heaven gospel band sang at our church on Sunday. They are a country style band and it is always a blessing and joy to hear them when they come. Rick, to the far left, and Randy, on the right, go to our church.  I needed this uplifting music that day...actually when don't I need uplifting Christian music?  Some days, more than others.  A couple songs made me think of mom since they were favorites of hers and brought a lump into my throat.  Sweet By and By when we meet on that beautiful shore, especially. Mom and dad are there, with Jesus, who I ultimately will see in Heaven!!! 

Phil and I taught Sunday school third service. The lesson is about John the Baptist. He spread the word about Jesus, who would be coming soon to John. The dominoes symbolized people. The end domino, furthest from the Bible, represented the child that was building the line. He was leading "people" to Jesus. You don't just hear a good story then not tell any one about it!!!

Then the children configured different ways for the dominoes to fall down. The white ones tended to fall over unexpectedly, since they had rounded corners. They had fun and actually did learn a few things from the Bible lesson in Matthew 3.
My mind wasn't into teaching with restless 3rd grade children. Are they really listening? Sometimes it is hard but then later in the class, as we were tidying up, Miss El came to me and said "You have interesting classes." AH, how sweet! She was the same girl who said she couldn't do science, when we first started in this rotation, 3 years ago. She has grown and it is so sweet of her to give me encouragement!!! Then Mr. Brn and I were talking a bit...he has a twin brother, and we were talking about the football game his dad watched...yes he watched it with his dad. His brother can be more rowdy than him. But his brother Mr. Lu was funny to watch during the dominoes. Things he said were comical and sounded like a scientist himself!! Looking back God opened my eyes to seeing the impact I am actually making on children's lives.  Relief came . While we are teaching children they in turn show us appreciation, once in awhile! Phil asked them a few questions before they left, about the lesson. There was some knowledge retained. Little pieces put together to build a faith, in them and me. One brick at a time!!!


Betsy said...

I would have located to be with you for the gospel band on Sunday. I used to sing bluegrass gospel all the time and "I'll Fly Away" was a staple that we sang. Also "In the Sweet By and By".

What a great gift for your little guy. All of our kids and grandkids have been Lego lovers. We have tubs of them here for when they visit.

It like your blessings book idea. How wonderful to be able to look back over your year and see how God has worked in your life.


Linda W. said...

What a great gift for your grandson! What little boy doesn't love legos? Looks like you've had a busy week.

Kathy said...

I taught Sunday School for 40 years and often wondered if what I did made any difference. Then one day one of the girls came to me and asked me how to become saved. I never questioned it after that. Even if I didn't see the fruit, God did.

Love all the legos. They were my favorite toy to play with when I was a pre-teen.

aimee said...

I can't believe I never heard of the Bricks + Mini Figs store before having been through that town more then a few times. I called them right after I read your post and they carry exactly what a friend of mine is looking for :) Thanks for mentioning the store and happy birthday to your grandson! Legos are very, very cool. I just wish we had kept our kids legos!
I would have loved the musical group you heard! I am getting more fond of country music/
bluegrass as I get older and love Christian bluegrass. Awesome that you are sharing the Truth with young ones! I used to help at Awanas and in other roles, but sadly not for a long time.
Have a good week.