Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Week Thus Far

 Quite an interesting week with stormy weather  Sun eve. We were out for our dinner when we saw the lightning then heard the thunder. We had just finished eating. We decided to leave and head for home. We were two blocks from home. The wind was quite blustry, nearly knocked me over. Phil took my hand and we walked quickly. Rain started pouring sideways becuz of the wind. We made it home fine and drenched. That is one way to get our shoes cleaned!! It all subsided when we got home!!  Hit again almost all day Mon. Calm, lovely but cool Tues. This a.m. we had fog til the sun broke through. Still a cloudy, cool day. My neighbor's daffodils are cheery thru it all. 

A friend machine embroidered this Mary Engelbreit design on this sweatshirt for me sometime ago. It still is going strong. I especially like to wear it close to Valentine's day. I wore it to work Tues. One lady, near end of day, was telling her husband to "stop looking at all the little do dads at the register. Finish your transaction as this cashier has only half a cup of kindness left!! "  We laughed!!
My birthday is late this week. Here is a photo of me 56 years ago. I found this Mary Engelbreit frame years ago when she first came out with frames. I have quite a few. I figured this photo would be great in this frame.
~~~~~The down side of the week is that Phil's car key became stuck in the ignition last night. It refused to budge, even using Triflow couldn't coerce it out with lubrication. He drove to dealership this a.m.  Diagnostic showed a bad solenoid, which will be in most likely Fri. His battery needed replaced due to one cell gone bad. We are thankful for our garage and it didn't happen elsewhere. It is driveable but not gonna park it out til it is fixed. All we needed was another bill. NOT!!!~~~~~Phil is working on our taxes tonight. Most of that money will go to our roof replacement, due this summer. ~~~~I started knitting slippers last night. But I need to get different sized double pointed needles. I figured out they were two sizes too big. I think I will knit the bottom on regular needles then do rest of work on dbl pointed needles. Maybe I can find them this weekend. Always something. But it is ok. I am just keep on pushing thru the ups and downs and be happy!! It is my birthday week and I need to be thankful in all things!!! Thanking God for a good life, with loving family and friends. Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  :-D
(All photos © Becky Lowmaster 2015, LG phone)


Linda W. said...

Your sweatshirt is cute, as is the story about it! Sorry to hear about your hubby's car - car woes are a bummer! I had to spend $3 K last summer to get my car's transmission fixed. ugh! And happy early B-day! My birthday is this Friday! February B-day's are the best! :)

aimee said...

WIshing you a very blessed and joy-filled birthday Becky! Cute childhood pic. Ah, that storm was very interesting:) We have to reroof this summer also...the joys of home ownership--LOL.
BLessings, Aimee

Camille said...

Happy Birthday to you my friend! Your shirt and photo are both sweet. Hugs, Camille