Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birthday Time

Just last month, I had a birthday. A birthday where both digits of life's odometer flipped over! I am 60!!!  I found this glass vase at dollar store to help me birthday and valentine's day!! 

My daughter made me these thumbprint cookies for my birthday. She repurposed one of my MnM tins to put them in. Easier to store that way and hide from me. (In her room) They were so delicious!

I had them with a cup of tea.  It was a recipe from a Swedish dessert cookbook she bought from a sale at the library.  Good job, Megan!
My friend, Tamara, gave me this for my "60teath Birthday"! She searched for six different boxes of Twinings tea. There is a dark purple mug and Walkers shortbread cookies and birthday cake MnMs.  I love it! I won't run out of tea for awhile!  Phil and I went to Dennys for my birthday. You get a grand slam free for your birthday. Then later we watched the movie "American Sniper". It was good but sad....of course it's a war movie. Phil got me a bigger memory card for my camera. It will come in handy for our plans to go whale watching in April!! Video time!
I found this plant at Trader Joes on Sunday and I brought is home with me. It's a perennial campanela and it will come up again.
Birthday gifts from friends and cards, with the plant behind the Precious Moments piece....which I did not have. I really like lambs, as a girl, they were my dad would bring in bummer lambs to be fed from a bottle and that was my task. I enjoyed it.

Sunday afternoon I met up with friends at Columbia River McMenamins for our 60th birthday. Here's our delicious food. It was worth the wait!!
Laura, Becky and Beth....60! together!!!! Our birthdays are all in Feb. We grew up together...first thru seniors in high school! Even went to VBS together before school!! It's great to still stay in touch. We have been through alot over the years, supported each other and prayed for each others. Not just friends but sisters in Christ!! 
Columbia River and looking toward the bridge that goes from Oregon into Washington (or vice versa!) The little dot in the sky is an airplane. There were alot of sailboats out as it was a lovely day. A three day weekend as well!

Blooming flowers already, mid February. It's unusually warm in Oregon this year. As I write this post, we are having wind gusts. Yesterday it rained alot and over the night as well. I think we are getting more once this wind calms down....and we have to be out later this afternoon with our grandchildren and grandchicks. That's another story!
Older house with two additions of brick apartments on either side of the house.
After our lunch, we walked to an ice cream parlor for our dessert. It was really delicious. Laura and I both had this delicious ice cream in a cone. I shouldn't have had the waffle cone....way too much after the meal I had. But it was yummy. and Beth had a type of ice cream cake.  There were 3 teen age girls, inside the parlor, enjoying ice cream as well. They walked out as we were finishing our treats.....kinda like us....only years older.
Tile in the bathroom at the ice cream parlor. Nice!
Later in the week, I went into Silverton, in search of different double pointed needles for a project. I realized I didn't not have the correct size for my project. So I found a fun knitting store. I bought these needles that are actually square, which keeps the stitches from falling off!  I also bought some stitch holders and little stops to keep my work on the needles once I'm done with project and put away til next stitching session. I was good and didn't buy any yarn. I must knit what I have right now!****Will be back with two more birthday with my sis, whose bday is also in Feb and just yesterday....another classmate's bday. Have a blessed week!


Linda W. said...

Happy Big Birthday!! How fun you got to celebrate with your friends. And wonderful you've stayed together all these years.

Betsy said...

Golly, you've had lots of birthday fun haven't you? We've had rain all night last night and all day too. We need it though so I'm not complaining. Have a great week Becky.

Mereknits said...

Happy Birthday Becky! So glad you were spoiled.

aimee said...

Happy to see you enjoyed your birthday Becky! Happy 60th to you! Very nice gifts--yummy Swedish cookies.
Hope you didn't suffer any wind damage during this weekend's storm.
Blessings, Aimee

Terri Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to you! We have something in common even more than blogging--my 60th birthday is this Sunday. How does 60 feel? I'm a little worried. :) SO sweet you have stayed friends with girls from high school! I have moved so much that my husband will be who I spend the day with. You are blessed!