Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Rabbits

My old bunny gained a new friend late summer 2014. My friend gave the purple one to me a month after my mom died. It is
so cute. They are good together. They hopped inside the house this winter when it was freezing and very cold rain.  They are still inside but will be out soon. Heavy winds awhile back were not friendly to items outside that could blow away. The two-legged caretaker likes them too much to see them fly away to a neighbor's house or the Land of Oz!   Happy mid week, my friends!!!


Betsy said...

Cute bunnies. I also bring my lawn statues into the garage or shed in the winter. I've lost a few ceramic things to the cold in the past, but hopefully have learned my lesson lesson.

Linda W. said...

Cute bunnies!

Camille said...

Your bunnies are cute. I am sure they will be glad to get put outside when the weather warms up. Hugs, Camille

Kathy said...

Those bunnies are adorable! I hope you leave them up during the summer. Just too cute.

Mereknits said...

I love the bunnies Becky they are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love that saying above your bunnies! Wishing you many blessings on this Palm Sunday weekend!