Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Birthday Fun (Again)

I am finishing the series of birthday fun early on this year!  Oh little did I know all the happenings for this 60th birth year for school mates! But it has been fun!!  I went along with three friends, Beth, Sandy and Laura on a wet Saturday,March 14, to Lincoln City. Beth's husband, Bob, drove the van of us and his aunt Betty went along for the ride. She was a sweet lady and I had a chance to talk with her as we sat by each other. The ride over wasn't too bad, with some mist and then getting a bit more rain once we got to the beach.  But it was fine since we were dropped off at the front door by Bob. He said "it looks like it might be raining." He and his aunt went out for lunch and did some fun stuff while us girls had our fun. Indoors!!  Here's the mantle over the fireplace at the beach house we were at for the afternoon. The girls decorated it well. Joan did not know we were coming and it was so fun to see her jaw drop open as we came up the stairs!!!  I did not get a photo of that though.

The damp deck shows the weather conditions.

Lunch time. Granted it was sandwiches but it was fun to eat with friends and share laughter. Beth then Joan and then her two daughters to her right. There was alot of food and it was so good.

These sugar cookies were so cute. Having a Ball since 1955!!! Oh so delicious. Of course I had one after much lunch with a big cup of tea.  Cookies were made and decorated by one of the daughters.

photo taken by Pam Shelter
Here are the ladies of the 60 birthday club!!! Sandy (who will be 60 in Aug), Joan, who we were celebrating this day, Laura, Becky and Beth. 

Treats in Ball jars and lovely flowers!

The beach house where we spent the afternoon!!! It was spacious inside and we got the grand tour. I'm so glad we went and had some fun. When Bob and Betty came to pick us up, he said "I think it might be raining." It was his saying for the trip which was funny...since he said is quite a few!!!  There was more rain and wind on the way home...definitely raining!!! It was a precursor to the windstorm we got the following afternoon....55 mph for a few hours!! No fun!!
Silly me. I didn't even think to ask Bob to drive down to the Road's End where we could have at least have seen the ocean. I was more set at getting myself into the seat and find something in my camera bag. Oh dear me! Sigh!
Here is the group of ladies celebrating Joan's birthday...friends, neighbors, daughters, daughters in law, a sister in law, two sweet little granddaughters,  a niece.....and one more lady behind the camera. The lady to the right of me actually lives in my neighborhood! Sweet!! I have met her a few times where I work at the hardware store.  It was a fun day.  (The two group photos were done by P.a.M. Photography and More). 

Now going backwards about a couple weeks......Feb 28...I met up with my sister at Red Lobster in Kelso, WA for our birthday get together. We both have birthdays in Feb. Here's our lunch...I needed clam chowder and we enjoyed the ever present cheesy biscuits with our meal. Kerri had fish tacos and they were good. We were given free ice cream for dessert in honor of our birthdays.

My sis, Kerri and me! 

After our meal we wandered til we found this antique store. We had a good time looking. Here's a few items I liked.

Only a couple things were Fiesta ware. I liked the color.

Chandelier anyone?

Cute flower cart outside the store.  I bought a black and white photo of Multnomah Falls, in black and white, on Columbia scenic highway. Not sure what year is was.

We ran out of time to find another thrift store. So we stopped at Ross Dress for Less. Here's the cart we shared. My items are the brown basket with some other items in it. Most of them will be used for a bridal shower.  We had a good time and then we parted company. Kerri drove me back to my car at the restaurant then we left for our respective journeys home........Hope you have enjoyed the review of my birthday celebrations!!!!  


Gracie Saylor said...

I did enjoy your recount of your celebrations and shopping, Becky...precious times with loved ones! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you had such a good time! That beach house is beautiful, Red Lobster is yummy, cute cookies! I didn't realize you liked fiestaware all the pretty colors.
Wishing you a blessed Good Friday.

Linda W. said...

Great photo of you and your friends! It was nice to tour the tulip fields with you today. :)

Janet Coffield said...

You are looking great! ;)