Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Tulip Farm Trips 2015

Spring has come to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Along with it comes lovely tulips. I have trekked to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm nearly every year we've lived in Oregon. I never get tired of it, except for when I've walked all over and have had my share of the fields and the people. Late March, on a Friday, I was out there, late morning. Look at all the people. I actually had fun watching people as they were around me, talking, shooting photos everywhere!

Look, these tulips and my boots match!

These pink tulips resembled peonies. People were drawn to them as I was. People would sniff them...no scent. I watched as three Romanian women smelled them and chatted among themselves. I was tempted to take a photo, but I just watched. 
People lining up to climb on the pink tractor for a photo. 

Lovely finds among the mixed tulip variety. I never know what I will find.  Some tulips that were previously sold are now mixed in this batch due to less bulbs and not enough to sell.  Lovely oak tree in the distance.

Two steam traction engines out in the field. It was fun to watch them move out of the field.

The cow train that people like to ride, especially the children!
End of trip number one. I'd had enough that day. Only a couple hours out and I was done. Alot of people still coming in as I was going out. These photos are only a portion of what I took this day. 

Tulip trip #2 was on Good Friday. I met up with my blogger friend, Linda. We were there about 8:15 a.m. and were just loving the field. I gave Linda the tour of field an ideas. She'd never been out here. We had a fun time.  Notice how this photo is ....and then a few minutes later,
a different view....notice the light? Amazing! I love it!
These triumph tulips are lovely!!! Of course, my favorite color!!!

Tulip says, "I'm done, it's over!!!"

Megan, my daughter, worked out there this year. I caught her working when I went to the car to retrieve something!! Here she is showing off her vest when she came to meet Linda! Then she had to get back to work...finish putting down parking lines!

Photo of Linda and Becky (on the left).(See previous Good Friday post).. I was wearing my sunglasses on my head so I wouldn't smash them or lose them. We had some fun, tiptoeing through the tulips!

Lovely tulips with dew still on them. The pink ones are apricot parrot tulips. They are one of my favorites.
Interesting color combination. Queen of Night tulip....almost the end of the season now that they are here. 
A new parrot tulip ....and I procrastinated long enough that all the potted ones were bought before I got one. They are not available to order nor the ones that look like peonies. There's always next year!!

We rambled enough and decided to take a little ride on the tram. We came to the gift shop and then talked to a few people I knew that worked there and introduced Linda to Ross, the man who started it all. Now his children run the farm. 
Trying on new shoes...nope, they don't fit. But ya gotta try them on!
One last whim and then we leave the fields to head home. Can't forget our cut tulips!

The sunshine faded into clouds rolling in and the breeze came up. You could see the change coming. We left, heading into town and met for lunch before we parted our ways. By the time we got into Subway, the rain started falling! Oh how fun the four hours were with many photos on our memory cards. We will remember this for a long time!!!  

Linda has a blog as well and she has a post of our trip as well. Hop on over to see her blog!!!


Camille said...

SOOO beautiful! I always think that I will go to see the tulips and every year I miss them. Next year? Your photos are gorgeous. The variety of blooms is a stunning display of our Great God's creation. How wonderful that you were able to connect with a blogging friend for the day. Hugs to you! Camille

Mereknits said...

It must have been so amazing to see in person, the colors are so gorgeous.
Hugs To you Becky,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Of all the tulips and daffodils I planted on our homestead, I only had one of each actually bloom. I was so bummed. That is neat that your daughter is working on the tulip farm. Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my blog. Sorry I've been MIA and not very good at responding. Hurts to sit at the computer for very long. Only 22 days till my due date!

Betsy said...

Beautiful photos Becky. I've never been lucky enough to be in the area for the tulip festival. Maybe someday. I think the mixed tulips are my favorite.

Linda W. said...

It's fun to read your recap of our day - brings the good memories back again! I enjoyed seeing the photos from your first visit too. Thanks again for showing me around this wonderful place.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Love all the different tulips! So many beautiful colors! Great photos - love the pink tractor and the big wooden shoes <3 I used to live in Dayton and Newberg. These scenes bring back wonderful memories. xo Karen