Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Cooking Challenge

My days off are busy. I work!!! Sometimes I go on appointments that day. Friday a.m. I had routine blood work done at a medical clinic. I spied these lovely flowers as I went in. No time to examine them til after my quick appointment. I enjoy the poppies and foxglove and daisies.  So thankful someone thought of this flowerbed to brighten people's day as they come and go. Love spring time in my town!!

Friday afternoon, after shopping was done, found me in the kitchen with a task ahead. So I decided to challenge myself with time. Get two loaves of banana bread made and baked. Cook up 3.5 pounds of hamburger. One hour and 15 minutes to get it all done and out of the house. I was cooking for a young family who just had a baby a few weeks ago. We do this at our church.  So here I go!!!!  Mixer and bowl on far counter top....I got the bread in the oven and worked on the stove cooking up hamburger with some spices and onion. Later I added red, green, yellow, orange pepper mix. Added spaghetti sauce.

I made burrito casserole.  Put in an aluminum pan with a lid to take to Sonny and Rachel. All they had to do was heat it up. Also took a jar of applesauce.

Two loaves done as I got the casserole finished. I kept one in the pan to take with me. Easier to carry that way. Once I got to my destination, I put the loaf on a plate so I could bring the pan home. Then they don't need to return it. Just easier for all  involved.  I was out of the house on time!!! Score!!! Headed across town. Oh, dear, there's a freight train I have to stop for. It was fast so I didn't have to wait long.  Rachel was happy to see me with the food. She'd been suffering from a bad cold, that seems like many people have had lately. Applesauce to make her throat happy. Aw, glad I could help. They have another boy about two years old. Being sick and getting used to two children is quite a task.  {Sonny told me on Sunday that the burritos were good!!} 

Here's my sink when I got home. I'd got the clutter off the counter before I left and put it in the sink.  I had more hamburger to use for our dinner...burritos. Yep, they were good. I usually make enough for us when I make a dinner for someone else. It's a bit easier on me.

After dinner, I made brownies from this mix. I needed some cookie style goodies for us. Quick and so good. I wanted to try a gluten free mix from Bob's Red Mill and we weren't disappointed.  A bit different texture but still tasty. I added a bit of shredded coconut and mini chocolate chips for fun.

While the brownies were baking I had a cup of tea and rested in the living room on the couch. I was catching up on newspaper reading from Sunday's paper (May 17). I'd been away that weekend to the coast.  There was an article about the Goonies, that was filmed in Astoria 30 years ago. Inside were photos of Astoria. I'd just been there with my friends. Came home through there. Lovely town.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had iced tea in this Oregon Veteran glass.  It went well with my lunch on Saturday in a quiet house.  I got some things done then went to a BBQ with Phil later that day.

Fast forward to Sunday late afternoon, I used some of the hamburger I cooked on Friday to make a pizza. This is for another family with a new baby at church. No mushrooms per request.  Phil and I took it over to Isaac and Alexis with some brownies and applesauce.  I got to hold sweet baby girl but not for long. She was not a happy camper. Daddy took her and she seemed happier. Apparently she's got him around her little finger already!!!  We had a nice visit then it was off to eat our evening meal out, as we usually do on Sunday evenings.


{Our church secretary uses Take them a meal to set up a schedule for meals. It is easy and you get an email the day prior to remind you. Easier than making phone calls}.


Kathy said...

We do the same thing at our church. Anyone who has had a baby or is recently out of the hospital has people come to their house with a meal. And I usually make double so Joe and I can have dinner. Great minds and all that, huh?

Glad you had a good weekend. Thank you for your service to our country.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a lovely idea, a great way to help out a new family. The banana loaf looked good, shame you live so far away I would have popped round for some with a nice cup of tea. Have a great weekend.

Linda W. said...

That's so nice of you to cook dinners for people who need a little help! They looked yummy!

Betsy said...

We make meals like this at our church too. Actually, I'm the one who sets up the meal schedule. We have lots of people who aren't online who want to help so the online meal schedulers don't work very well for us. It was sweet of you to do two meals in one weekend. I also always make extra for Dennis and I too when I take a meal somewhere.
Beautiful, beautiful flowers.

aimee said...

Beautiful flowers--I love poppies! That was SO sweet of you to make meals for the new moms! Mmm. Mexican food sounds especially good:)
Sometime when you're back in Astoria you should go see the Goonie house. It's pretty easy to find and the house has an amazing view!