Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weary on Wednesday

Often on Wednesdays I am weary. It is mid week and my third out of fourth day of work for me at the hardware store.  My main job is working at the cash register but I've asked to be off it for awhile to do other jobs. It is tiring to be in one spot all the time. On my feet.  I am able to do other jobs as well. Today, my manager, Micheal, gave me a job of putting together a side kick of Gorilla Glue products.  I started with just the sidekick without anything else. Fred and I went out and got shelves and hangers in back. Then I filled the sidekick, which is to the side of the end cap. Extra product was put into the paint dept where more of it is stocked.  Here's the end of project photo. I rarely do this and was just pleased it came out nice.  It may be no big deal to some people but I felt a bit accomplished at the end.

Here's the empty unit, except for three items I forgot to put somewhere. Then not knowing where to put this fixture, I put a note on it "Now What? I am MPT!!!"  A good end to my busy work day. It's been busy all week, but who am I to complain? Customers are our bread and butter!!!

Home for dinner, after getting out of the store 10 min. late, I saw these lovely rhodies on the table.  Megan had been to a mini-conference today and she brought home a table decoration. Lovely to see fresh flowers. They are the same color as mine outdoors.  Ate some M&Ms for a dessert as well. 

After dinner Phil and I went out for a walk and the sky was lovely with clouds that passed us by and not dropping rain. The salmon color didn't come thru the photo but it was lovely anyway.

My rhodie bush when I got home from our walk. So fun to watch it continue to bloom.
Yesterday a.m. at breakfast was this scene of drooping tulips my daughter brought home the other day, the last day she worked at the tulip farm. This is without a light or flash. I thought it was pretty in the morning to see at the table.  I miss the tulips already.  I am ready for one more day of work. Then ready to get a two new tires and wiper blades for my car on a day off this week. And to share with you what I did last evening, here's a link to Betsy's blog, if you are interested.  Without further adieu, I am drinking the remainder of my hot tea and finishing the laundry (again)!!! Thanks for stopping in to read and comment. I enjoy it when you let me know you were here!!  :-}



Betsy said...

I found your explaining about the sidekick pretty interesting. Those of us who just go in and out of stores don't think about the work involved in getting a display least I usually don't. Pretty flowers and how nice to have a walk after dinner. I'm looking forward to Dennis returning home so we can resume our nightly walks.

Linda W. said...

I'm sure it's a nice change of pace to work on aisle displays instead of running the register. Nice flowers and you still have some tulips! It's such a lovely time of year around here.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your display came out beautifully, Becky! I have a little insight into the work that goes into those 'taken for granted' displays, as my Mr. has been in the grocery and snack food industry for many years. It is nice that you came home from your long day to beautiful flowers. The skies are gorgeous and your visit with your blog friend was sweet. It's so nice to actually meet the wonderful friends from blogland. I hope that you have a lovely Mother's Day, Becky. I know it will be a difficult one. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

mamasmercantile said...

Its always nice to hear about other peoples jobs so I found your post really interesting. Beautiful flowers.

Gracie Saylor said...

Becky, thanks for posting! I 'm glad you completed a project at work that you enjoyed as a change of pace from your usual routine and that
in the process of sharing that I learned more about you.

My granddaughters and I planted the seeds you kindly gave me in two big blue plastic pots on my windowsill indoors and the plants are about 2" tall!

It is great that you were able to meet up with Betsy and have dinner together!

Tulip season sure goes by fast, doesn't it. I love the photo of you at the tulip farm that you are using as your blog header.

Blessings to you and yours xx