Sunday, June 7, 2015

Different Weekend than We Expected

This weekend was not quite the weekend we were hoping for. We'd planned to go whale watching on Sat. When I called in the morning, I was told the ocean was rough and there was fog, thanks to inland heat. So we didn't go. So Phil went to work. Disappointed. I got ready and drove to pick up groceries at Trader Joes. Disappointed.  I listened to KLove radio and I barely was a mile from home when Steven Curtis Chapman was singing a song that made me cry and be happy. "Do Everything".  Then there were a few other songs that brightened my drive. Ok, I feel better now. God knows the plan and we just have to go with the flow of things. Hoping in a couple weeks we can finally do it....third try! Such are the plans of mice and men. Sigh! 
Friday I made these big cookies to give away to graduates at our church. Sunday the graduates were honored and there are tables set up with displays and a place for people to leave cards and gifts. So again this year I made cookies!! Just like last year.  Pastor TJ talked about change and used the scripture 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 as the passage. He wrote this out in the graduates cards. It was quite the sermon and met a lot to me this day.
Saturday afternoon found me at a graduation party for Derek, a young man from our church. I've known since he was a little boy.  Open invitation to family/friends from his parents. Since I needed some fun, I went since my plans had been altered.  It was nice to talk with people I knew and eat some goodies. This cupcake table was nice. I had two different ones, cookie dough and other one was strawberry lime. Last one I liked the best. Homemade by a friend. So was the delicious potato salad.  Reluctantly, I left but before I did, I called and ordered a pizza. I didn't feel like making dinner.
Warm evening out. Our lovely shady heritage birch tree in the evening light. Phil and I went on a walk. First time I've walked for a few days. Thurs I was too tired after work and Bible study....and Fri Phil worked late. Again!  Last week was a long week for me. Getting over the pain of my toothless-ness.  Every day gets a bit better. Still having some pain but it is manageable. Dentist visit on Friday was promising as my sight is healing nicely!  Next step end of July when I get fitted for a partial.
Sunday afternoon we were at another graduation party. This was for Brenden, a co-worker's son. I've known him for ten years. He is going into the Army in a couple weeks.  So glad we were in the shade! The day was warm. Near 90. Had another good time.  More mini cupcakes!

Lovely petunias peeking out at me when I walk out our front door. I enjoy them so!  This evening Phil and I walked to dinner in the heat. Hotter than I thought it would be. Once I got inside I found a water fountain since the walk almost got to me!  The restaurant wasn't as cool as I'd wished but it was cooler than outside. I had a glass of water with me when we walked home. Good little breeze helped.   Phil mowed the lawn since it needed it badly. Over time the last few weeks have prevented him from doing it. He.also, mowed down the majority of the blackberry bushes that have cropped up. Again!  Looks better and much easier than me whacking them back with a hand tool. I did buy a better lopper that extends this year. Tomorrow is the start of my work week. It's all good. I'm feeling better and the weather is cooling down a bit which is nice. Have a great week my friends and God bless you!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry your whale watching didn't work out. The fog was pretty heavy at one of the beaches we were at just north of Depoe Bay...sunny in Lincoln City. Love your petunias-very pretty color combo! Very nice of you to make cookies for the graduates ;-) Have a good week-glad your mouth is healing.
Blessings, Aimee

Betsy said...

Well Becky, even though your whale watching was postponed this weekend, it seems as though you found lots to keep you busy. It seems as though up A&E's were the common theme of the parties! I'm glad your mouth is healing well. Dennis says it's pretty. Hot in Spokane right now too. The humidity here in Maryland is killing me. Yuck! Have a lovely week Becky.

Linda W. said...

Love those graduation cupcakes. The sign is right - cupcakes do make you happy! Even though your plans changed, it looks like you had a good weekend.

Terri Tiffany said...

If I could whip up a batch of cupcakes right now, I would! Wow they looked delicious! It sounds like you are surrounded by good friends and plenty of love. That's the best thing in life to have especially when disappointments arrive.

Camille said...

Hasn't it been a WARM spring??!! I cannot get over the sunny days and the warm's been a jump start on summer for sure. :) I am sure you will get to go on your whale watching adventure. It's not something you would want to do on a rough seas day...hang in there...your turn will come! Hopefully next time. Hugs, Camille