Friday, June 26, 2015

Drift Creek Falls Adventure

It was time to get away from routine life in late April.  We scheduled a couple days off work and headed to the coast.  Once we got the car refueled our first destination was Drift Creek Falls, via highway 18 and turn at milepost 5. Turning left onto Bear Creek Road and we drove 9 miles on paved,
{often narrow and gravel} road.
Once we got there, we paid the $5 park fee. Headed off into the woods, trekking 3 miles round trip.
Moss on trees everywhere. 
 Big stump on one side and across the way were these pieces.
Apparently the same tree but divided by a walkway through the woods.

A log with a story to tell of it's life and fern.
Large-flower Trillium. It begins white then turn pink.
A hobbit sized hole in the tree trunk!
 Salmonberry flower.

 Mossy tree and another bridge over water with my husband ahead of me.

 This is not the bridge we were looking for. But we were getting closer.  Just a bit beyond this bridge, we saw another stump. Something like one could stand on and make a proclamation! I said, "Thank you Jesus, for all you have given us. For all you have done to keep us safe."  Little did I know how much those words would ring true sometime later.

This was the suspension bridge we were looking for to take us to the falls.

My first glimpse of Drift Creek falls.
It would've been fun if there had been a squirrel walking across it! Oh well!
One of  two favorite falls photos.
A creative photo. Falls through a wire rope thimble.
My second favorite photograph of the falls!
Young couple that we talked to once we were off the bridge. They'd been down and around the corner and saw the falls from a different vantage point. It wasn't far. So we thought about it. By this time, the rain was a bit harder than a mist. I didn't wear my rain coat but I had a hood on my sweatshirt.
We stopped and decided what to do...go down or not. Ok not far. So Phil went ahead of me and there was some more roots and roughness in the way. He lost his footing and slipped. Oh dear me!!! Not far of a slip but a bit scary for me!
We assessed the damage when he got up. Muddy pants was the extent of the damage. No messed up hands or arms or legs or knees.  Since it was getting slippery, we turned back as it was downhill and then back up hill. Nope. I have enough photos!
 I'm sure he was shaken within and no sense of trying again.
A photo from under the bridge.  Then looking down at the huge hardware that helps keep the suspension bridge intact!

We lingered a bit longer before heading back. Here's another tree that's been cut down. Look! It's smiling at me!

 Clover, that seemed to be everywhere. An orange/red mushroom.

We headed back over the bridge. It was raining. For some reason we walked a bit slower back to the trailhead and our car. A bit tired and aftermath of the fall?  Half way back, I realized what I'd said earlier about Jesus keeping us safe. I told Phil about how we thanked Jesus earlier and now we are doing ok, all safe? Yes. We thanked him for His provision of safety, once again.  Once we reached the car,  Phil changed out of his muddy pants. We had a snack again and turned right, headed back to the main road. Turned left and went into Otis where we ate a late lunch at Otis Cafe. I tried to dry my coat out since it was warmer in there but to no avail. Good thing I had another jacket.  Once we got to the hotel, we got some laundry soap from the front desk. And freshly made Otis Spunkmeyer cookies! Later Phil soaked the pants and hung to dry in the back of the shower.  We found out that we could have driven into Lincoln City from Drift Creek Falls if we'd turned left out of the parking lot. But we knew where we wanted to eat lunch.  It was an adventure and so glad we went. One more waterfall in Oregon for me picture books! 


Mereknits said...

Glad you got back safely, those Falls are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

What a great set of photos Becky! Beautiful area. Loved your waterfall photos and the flowers too! Glad your hubby didn't get hurt. God is good ;-)
Have a blessed weekend,

Linda W. said...

Love your waterfall photos! Glad Phil was not hurt and now you have a good story to tell. :)

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure, Becky! I'm glad you and Phil are safe, and I love the photos you took, especially the falls, flowers and red mushroom. We have much to thank God for, don't we! xx

mamasmercantile said...

The falls and bridge were a feast for the eyes. Glad you both got back safely.

TamaraB said...

Beautiful shots Becky! Love it! Yikes on the fall for Phil but Praise the Lord for no injuries! Have not been there in quite a while, ahhh just so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the images from the next high adventure.