Sunday, June 14, 2015


 Another week came and went. Time waits for no one, including me. Work week done.

 These are colorful products at hardware store where I work.  Spring time is the right time to plant flowers and garden. Our garden is barely beginning. Will see how the peas go as something is eating a couple plants. Most likely a caterpillar!
 Friday a.m. after my hair cut, I shopped for groceries. I picked up this citronella candle as I love the flag design. I can use this on our patio when we sit outdoors in the evening. Keeps the mosquitoes away.  Maybe this year I will do the grilling. Nobody grilled at our house last year.
 I didn't take coupons with me but there were sales going on at the grocery store. Monthly coupon book came out so I saved that way. Sometimes I get tired of playing the coupon game. I clip what I can from flyers in our newspaper. Sometimes I look online and print off there to use. Time consuming. But worth it if I have the time.
 I stopped at Walmart to return something. With the money I got back, I purchased a new outdoor Urban Mat. I nearly it  bought awhile back but wasn't sure if the colors would be good with our house.  Mat is made from recycled tires. I didn't bring it in the house when I first got home. I didn't want my house smelling like Les Schwab tire center! Granted I like them but not the smell of the tires!

 Saturday morning, Megan and I headed south for a demobilization ceremony for an Army's infantry unit. They came home a couple weeks ago. Today was the formal ceremony. My cousin, Bob, was in the unit. So was Matt, a man who I know from the fertilizer plant in town.  Miss Oregon sang the National Anthem. I met up with her later. Nice young lady. Her name is Rebecca! The American flag is on a fire truck's ladder that hung over the walk way outside the building at the fairgrounds. Nice gesture!

 After the ceremony was over, Megan and I decided to go to Applebee's for lunch. It was so good. We could have gone and got burgers but we didn't feel like it. We don't have Applebee's in our town. 

 After lunch we went to Hobby Lobby. Our first time to go. First store in Oregon. A lot of things to see and purchase.  We saw these gigantic silk flowers in side aisle when we headed to check out! Amazing!  I spent quite a bit of time in the sticker aisle.  They have a good selection and I wound up with 11 sheets. Megan had been looking for some items so she went off in her search. She came back to "see if I was still stuck in the sticker section." These are my finds I brought home with me. The cross will be hung by the front door. The frame with hold a photo of Bob, Matt, Megan and me, once I get it printed. But first Megan needs to email me a photo so I can print it.  I thought of a couple things I should have looked for last night. But I spent enough for my first trip!  I looked in the yarn section and found a few skeins I liked. Nearly bought them but decided against it since my stash spot is full. I'd probably not get to it for a few years. Need to knit what I have.  Starting now! Like my husband's slippers!!!
 Megan working on a tile painting project. She got some stencils and markers and couldn't wait to get started. She painted a butterfly in bright colors on the white tile.  Later I made chicken soup and biscuits for dinner. I was tired and just really didn't feel like eating much either. It was so good. 
Today starts another week. I started it off by staying home from church just because I didn't feel well. Tired. Other things that just made me feel less than happy to be dressed up and heading out with Phil. So this afternoon I am better.  Feeling positive this week will be good in many ways.  This is the last full week of spring!! I am enjoying the warmer days. Beauty of my roses, which I need to trim to get more roses. Hydrangeas starting to bloom.  

  May you find happy moments in your days this week. Find time to be thankful to God for those moments. In the moments of trial, remember to pray to have Him help your "mountains"  be removed. Ask, believing that it will happen.  Mark 11:22-24
Even though our weeks throughout our lives are similar, there is always a good reason to give thanks and pray, giving God the praise. Then petitions, from us, His children.
Have a blessed week, my friends.  


Betsy said...

It sounds as though you've had a full and bust weekend. I hope you're feeling better tonight and ready for the new week, the decommissioning ceremony looks wonderful and I always LOVE to see our flag flying high. I enjoy Hobby Lobby immensely. Ours has those silk flowers too. I've often thought of getting one with my 40% off coupon but I don't know what I would do with it.
Have a wonderful week Becky.

mamasmercantile said...

You really did have a busy week, which probably accounts for you been a little under the weather and tired. Hope you are feeling a little better soon. I am a great fan of hobby lobby, I always go when I holiday in Florida, I have never seen such a large store of all my favourite things in one place. Have a great week.

Linda W. said...

Glad your cousin is home again! Looks like a busy weekend for you!

aimee said...

Love those bright summerish colors and your new citronella candle! Hope you can save the candleholder when the candle is used up. Very nice that you could attend the demobilization ceremony for the unit that your cousin is in. I do love that flag hanging! Your words "...In the moments of trial, remember to pray to have Him help your "mountains" be removed..." meant a lot to me this AM when I first read them on my phone...thank you!
Blessings, Aimee

Faye Henry said...

You have been a busy lady, Becky... I bought the same mat from Walmart here for the cottage but didn't realize it was made from tires.. It is nice that your cousin is home.. Enjoyed all of your pics and activities... xo

Camille said...

Isn't it amazing how the roses just thrive under the cuttings? There's a spiritual lesson there...for sure! :) What fun to have a Hobby Lobby close enough to visit...looks like you found some great things. to print...I'm with you! Hugs to you, friend. Love, Camille

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Becky! I have had fun scrolling back through your posts since the first week of May which was the last time I commented. Then I hopped over to another post of yours I had missed...about your attendance at a Writers' conference. We do have a lot of common interests! I have read several of Jane Kirkpatrick's books and enjoyed them. It was especially interesting to read the one set in Aurora area since we live so close to it.

My oldest son just called after having a tooth extracted, my youngest son had a few teeth extracted lately, and I had one extracted 8 weeks ago so we can all sympathize with you since you recently had a tooth pulled .

You have especially been in my thoughts as you marked Mother's Day without your mom. I'm glad you have been enjoying time with your family and friends even while you miss your mom. I'm asking the Lord to comfort and encourage you.
Gracie xx