Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beach time: Outdoor Challenge-Day 5

 A day at the beach is always something I enjoy. We packed up our bags and checked out of our hotel in Lincoln City and drove to  Roads End beach. This is day two of our trip to the coast in late April.
 Day 1 was getting part way there and going off to see Drift Creek Falls.
 The morning was chilly and my camera strap was a bit wet from yesterday's adventure so it was sitting on the dashboard of my car to dry out. I am crazy enough to not remember to dry it out overnight! I like looking from the inside out of our car to the beach,
 where it was raining. Clouds were rolling in so we didn't walk on the beach. We were biding our time as our plans for whale watching were dashed because of the rough sea!

It was too early for lunch since we'd eaten a nice breakfast at the hotel. We pointed the car to Devil's Lake Rd and stopped at this park to view the lake. It was a bit warmer here than on the beach and no rain! We spent a little time here then drove through the neighborhood and came back to hwy 101 in town. Well, almost, as we made a stop at the outlet mall since I wanted to check out the Tree of Life book store.  Found a few things for gifts. Not alot left from their close out sale. Sad to see them go.

Back on the road, we stopped at Gleneden Beach, south end of Lincoln City. Waves were fun to watch. We decided to go and walk the beach for awhile before lunch.
Keep out for sure!

Once we got down to the beach we spied these creatures all over the place! I found out, by reading a fellow blogger's site, these are velella velella, a cousin to jelly fish. (Thanks, Linda!)Also called "by the wind sailor" because of their sails that float them above the water. Stronger winds usually bring them ashore, as happened this year in OR, WA and other countries.

Walking we go on the beach with my husband near the shoreline. Quite a bit of wave action going on. I tend to take alot of those type of photos!! Just a passion with the ocean! Can't help myself!

Notice all the little blue creatures in photo above? I decided to get down on the sand and get up close.

Little shells on a log before we left the beach.

One last peek through the trees!!
Mushrooms near the picnic area.  Headed back to the car and drove to Depoe Bay and ate lunch at Gracie's Sea Hag restaurant and bar. Here waves come in at the bay wall.

After lunch we headed to the car but more photos since the light had changed in the sky. And the local fire men go out on a call.

Drove down to the other side of the bridge and the dock. Time to go home. It's always hard to go home on a lovely day at the coast. Camera and tripod packed up with our clothes and off we go, with a bit of ice cream at Dairy Queen before we travel the road home.
Equipment:Tripod always goes with me even if I don't wind up using it. I take a wide angle and zoom lenses with me, not knowing what I'll find on the trip. Not always both though. 
I hope you enjoyed the beach through my photography!!! 

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Linda W. said...

Nice recap of your coast trip. Sure could use some of that rain right now! :)

Betsy said...

Lovely pictures Becky. Those are some of my favorite places at the coast. You are so lucky to be able to visit often.

Gracie Saylor said...

I did enjoy the beach thanks to your photography and narrative, Becky! The sea creatures you found are interesting, and I am going to read again what you typed about them. The name of the restaurant you ate at got my attention :) xx

Terri Tiffany said...

I bought a camera in December and love our adventures where I can take pictures. Enjoyed yours!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice set of photos Becky! I love it when the waves are high and the sea is rough too:)