Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beach Weekend with Girlfriends

Years ago as girls, we'd have sleepovers at my house or another friend's house. It was blankets and sleeping bags. Games, snacks and talking and giggling. Parental supervision.  Fast forward to our adult years, we sleep in a beach house that Sandy and her husband own in WA. They rent it out as well.  Sandy contacted us when the best date would be in May. Four of us packed my Ford Focus' trunk by the time we picked up Beth in WA. Drove over to Ocean Park, WA, just north of  Long Beach.  Stopped in Ocean Park to get a few groceries and managed to put the pizzas in the back since there was a hole just that size to slip it into. So thankful Sandy knew the "ropes" of the area! Here's the view of the master bedroom that was my room for two nights!  Two others had their choice rooms so I took this one. It was so cozy! Door beyond lamp had a huge tub (I didn't use}, double sinks, a toilet and a closet. Another bedroom and bathroom were on the same floor.

Downstairs in the morning we had breakfast. I really liked the lighthouse theme in the kitchen. Beyond the kitchen was a bathroom and a bedroom.
Sandy's daughter bought her this dinner ware set. I think it was at a thrift store. Quite the find!
View from the second story window in the living room area that has a tv. No cable connection but movies available to watch on a DVD player. My room was right next to this room.
"Guard dog" just as you come upstairs. It scared me the first time I went up there. Good thing it kept quiet all night and while we watched a movie on Sat night!
Decor from the 2nd floor.
Coming downstairs to the main floor was this wall hanging. Yep, we relaxed and talked alot! Laughed and knew when it was time to sleep. No parental supervision!! And walked on the beach!
Checking out the weather conditions on my cell phone.

We headed out the door from the dining room to the beach.
Catching up with my girlfriends: Sandy, Beth and Laura. It was a bit cool and foggy but we had a good time. Walking, talking. Watching the ocean!

Foam rolling along!
Velella velellas here as well! I shared with you some photos of our beach trip in OR in April where I discovered these creatures for the first time.
A jelly fish I've not seen prior to this trip. Any one familiar with this jelly fish? The research through photos on the internet lead me to the conclusion it's a Portuguese man of war jellyfish. Or blue pacific jellyfish. It's right next to the creatures above.
We'd talked about having a 60th birthday celebration photo taken on the beach. Our friend, Joan, had a big 60 at her party. Since we didn't have one, Sandy drew one in the sand. I searched the beach to find someone to take our photo. I found a man willing to walk our way and snap a few photos. My camera was the last one used. After a few shots, this was the best one. I turned it black and white. I like the vintage look.

After all, we are vintage, since we are 60 years old and from the last century. We come a long way, baby!!! Good times and memories!
Heading back to the beach house.
Lovely little sweet peas on the path back.  We cleaned up and rested. Sandy fell asleep just by sitting down on the bed for a few minutes. We figured out what we wanted to do after a bit of a snack of leftover pizza and salad.  So we headed into Long Beach for a bit of shopping and walking the "World Famous" Boardwalk!

Kites and an interesting read of the shipwrecks in the area. It's close to the mouth of the Columbia River.

After finding a parking spot in Long Beach, we shopped a bit. I like this column by the cross walk.
Checked out a statue

Back into the car where we headed to see one of two lighthouses. Thank you, Beth, for paying our fee to park and have fun at this destination in WA.

steps to nowhere?
Mouth of the Columbia River and the jetty and Pacific Ocean.
Lovely Queen Anne's Lace!
North Head Lighthouse ahead.....{to be continued!]


Betsy said...

That looks like a wonderful weekend Becky. The house is decorated very nice and you even got the master bedroom!! That's pretty special. I so love the ocean. Dennis and I hope to visit in October if all goes well.

Linda W. said...

Nothing better than a girlfriends weekend! I like the group photo of you and your friends.

mamasmercantile said...

That really does look like a great weekend with friends. The d├ęcor of the kitchen is stunning, especially being so close to the sea. Some great photos.

Camille said...

Happy 60th Birthdays to you all!!! What a fun looking time you all had together. What a pretty room for a sleepover! :) Hugs to you. Camille

Anonymous said...

Truly a wonderful collection of coastal photos!!! Loved it and looking forward to seeing more:-)
Blessings, Aimee

TamaraB said...

So much fun! Love Beach getaways. Time with friends is always and extra Blessing.
To be continued... oooh nooo... is it time yet? I can hardly wait. Looking forward to the next post.