Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mid Week Report

Last week was the launch for The Pioneer Woman product line to be available in stores. I checked last Tues and nowhere was it seen within our town's Walmart. I asked but nobody knew anything about it. Except one lady that didn't know but she called to find out if there was someone who did. I'd finally made my way to customer service.....yes it was coming but no the date wasn't known. Fast forward to yesterday evening. Once I got off work, picked up a few things at BiMart and ate a quick dinner out, I headed towards home. Thinking whether I'd go to at a store to pick up some specials, I diverted my car to the left and went to Walmart. I walked in with a cart a customer had just emptied in the parking lot. Steered my way to the cooking section...nothing. Well another swoop a different way closer to the front...there it was! So pretty! I was excited to see it in real time! You can also order products online through 
These bowls are the flea market collection. 

I like the bowls on the left.
Salt and pepper set that I nearly bought. Cow pitchers for milk or cream.
More pitchers and measuring cups. The tall one is four cups.
Jars for drinking I considered while they sat in my cart by my purse.
I decided to buy two pieces of her collection. I really like the red non-stick skillet with red butterflies on the bottom. The turquoise flea market mug was my favorite so I got it even though I need another mug like a I need another hole in my head! {I'm drinking tea from the mug as I write!} One mug has to go now. I have an older one that needs retired. I have a few other items I want to purchase but they weren't on the shelves nor did have enough money to get it all at once.

These evening I came and cooked dinner. It was a 30 minute meal. I really didn't do well in menu prep this last weekend since I didn't feel really up to it. So I'd defrosted ground turkey and cooked it up with onions, and add 21 Seasoning Salute, (trader joes), salt, oregano.  Instead of beans that I thought about using, I grabbed my "go-to" tater tots (trader joes) adding about half the bag. And mushroom soup...a can and a half.

Here's the finished product with more milk and half a box of turkey gravy {trader joes-seasonal-stocked up}, frozen peas and carrots, cheddar cheese and a dash or two of worcestershire sauce. Topped it off with sharp cheddar cheese to stir in before serving. My daughter and I consumed a portion of it for dinner with homemade drop biscuits I pulled from the freezer, defrosting in microwave. Delicious meal after a day of work. 

 It's been an ok week, with some lack of sleep. Work's been busy, and down a co-worker due to stomach flu. He came in today. Another one went home early because he was sick.  My daughter had to work early today because some one called in sick so she didn't get her at home work done. Sigh! Now she's resting. Her leg hurts from chair at the library. No padding. Pray that her boss will get a few new chairs. Pray that I will keep more focused on my work as I've done a few screw ups, nothing major. Just annoys me when I do it and I know I can get distracted with so much going on. So thankful I have understanding customers!  I thank God for His tender mercies and forgiveness as well. 

Today I thought of how my life would be with music as the musak was playing an older instrumental song...I recognize the composer. What would your life sound like with music playing in it? Could we get away with dancing like they do in the movies?  I've always liked musicals! Oklahoma and The Sound of Music are my favorites. 

Going backwards to Sunday, Phil and I checked out the new Red Robin close to us. It looked crowded and thought we'd have to wait. But we walked in and got a table right away. He was happy as the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing on one of the two tvs he could see. Where I was sitting I could see it as well. Happy that they won.  I ordered chicken tenders with bottomless fries and iced tea. Phil had a hamburger and bottomless fries. He had teriyaki dipping sauce and gave me a fry with some on it.....a bit too tart for me! He though it was funny to see my face skew up! 

I thought this was a funny picture so I had to share it! I really like Star Trek! There was interesting decor.  Once we left the restaurant, we parted company for a few hours. I needed to do some shopping at the mall. He went home. I found a few good deals on clothes, but not the wallet I was looking for.

Now I'm off to do the dishes and head to bed. It's been hard to crawl out from my warm covers in the a.m. now that the nights are cooler. Needed the heat on a bit each morning as 65 degrees is a bit cold once up and getting ready for the day.  Our first fall day was nice, with 44 degrees F. at 8 a.m. Nice afternoon though and lovely clouds, no rain. Crunchy leaves under foot, spiders and ants and wasps abound!  Thankful I don't have mice like some of my customers have!!!!  We're looking forward to family time this weekend. Take care my friends! Thanks for stopping in for a visit! 

Mid week scripture share: 2 Timothy 3:3-8


Gracie Saylor said...

After seeing the Pioneer Woman line of dishes on someone else's post I checked the Walmart site and had fun window shopping for dishes that I do not need, but do admire :) Your recipe sounds yummy, and I'm glad you had fun at Red Robbin's. Hope you have a good weekend with your family and fun at the FFF on Sat. I can't go Sat., so may not make it this year. The mid-week Scripture challenged me to evaluate whether my actions reflect my faith! xx

Camille said...

So much fun! I didn't know that PW was getting her own line of dishes, etc at WalMart. :) I hear you on the *one comes goes out* can have too many mugs! I am trying to streamline things around here in my cupboards. So nasty that so many were sick...I do hope you don't catch it. Happy weekend to you! Blessings, Camille

Betsy said...

I'm going to the Walmart site tonight for sure! I've been wanting to go to the actual store but haven't had anytime. I have been a fan of Ree's since long before she became so popular. Have fun at the fiber festival. I wish I lived close enough to go too.

Linda W. said...

Pretty dishes! And your dinner looks good (I'm a die-hard Trader Joe's fan too) Have a great weekend!

aimee said...

Star Trek (original series) fan here too! Grew up watching it. Mr. Spock was my favorite character--and I think, somewhere here, we have an album he(Nimoy) made. Almost ran into Captain Kirk (William Shatner)-- literally -- at the Oregon State Fair decades ago:)
Live long and prosper (3 John 1:2)...

mamasmercantile said...

What a beautiful collection, I particularly like the skillet pan with the butterflies on and reasonably priced too. Sounds like a great dinner. Have a great weekend.

Laura Darling said...

Oh my gosh, so cute. I love the skillet with the butterflies on the bottom! I think I am going to have to visit WalMart this weekend! :)

Mereknits said...

Very busy week for you my friend. We have a Red Robin but I have yet to go there, love those bowls, so fun.

Hope you can regroup this weekend and get a spot of rest, and don't get that flu going around your work.