Friday, September 11, 2015

My 9-11-15

 My Friday started out good even though I drove to my dentist this a.m.  The day arrived for me to get my bridge made for my mouth. I'm glad it went well. My new dentist, still at the same location, is nice. He learned to wait and not just start drilling so soon. Live and learn! It feels great to have the hole filled where there was an empty space for a few months. My permanent bridge will be ready in three weeks! Maybe I'll even sleep better, since my teeth have been bothering me lately. After lunch at McDonald's which is the closest place to eat without fighting traffic, I did some grocery shopping at Safeway.  Here's a funny carrot I bagged up with a few others. 

My grocery bag I purchased as it looked like autumn to me.

A soda display for the upcoming college games tomorrow!  O on the left is for University of Oregon. OS is for Oregon State University. I know fall is upon us when I see these type of displays at stores. I will share this photo with my boss and I'm sure he'll like it. He's a UofO alumni.  Me, a OSU fan.   I saved $33.83  with sales and coupons. Exciting! I like their $5 Friday specials. This week I picked up 2/$5 specials on laundry detergent, Celestial Seasonings tea and Florida's Natural orange juice. Nathan's hot dogs were so cheap a lady said she felt like she was putting money in the bank. I bought two since they freeze well. 
Thinking of fall, leaves are changing color already. Just yesterday leaves of yellow were falling from our tree by the garage. It's too early for that and I think it's due to not enough rain! But it's coming on Monday and staying a few days. We need the rain!

This evening I made a quick meal of mini ravioli with cheese and already cooked ground turkey, a can of mushroom soup, milk, seasonings and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and grated cheddar cheese. Served it with cooked crinkled carrots. Enough left over for next week's lunches.   The towel to the left is new from TJ Maxx that opened near us a couple months ago. It's a set of two and thought they'd add fall color to my kitchen. 

Even though I was out and about today didn't relieve me of my remembrance of the 9-11 happenings of 14 years ago. Our nation was thrown into chaos, disbelief, tears, bravery, patriotism, courage, unity to say the least.  I scrolled through my photos I took in 2011 at the field of flags in Salem. These two photos stood out to me tonight so I'm sharing them with you. Once the sun went down the field took an eerie feeling to it. Let us never forget what happened in NY and PA and the Pentagon in DC.  Most of us remember what we were doing when the planes hit the twin towers.  And the days after. This afternoon when I was bringing groceries into the house, I heard a plane. It reminded me of the weeks we heard no planes flying. So thankful for our freedom here in the US where we feel safe, to a certain extent. Life has changed lately but we know that our God reigns in this country. May we continue to pray for our nation's leaders, military personnel, fire fighters, policemen and our church leaders. God bless you all and bless our nation. Lest we forget!!!??!!


Mereknits said...

Lots going on in your life Becky. A big day to remember yesterday in some ways it feels like just a few years ago.

Linda W. said...

It's hard to believe 14 years have passed since that fateful day that changed everything. Here's hoping for a more peaceful world.

P.S. Go Beavs!!! :)

Camille said...

I was remembering 9/11 yesterday, too. How blessed we are to know the Living and True God of Heaven and Earth...Who does have everything in His sovereign care. It was one of those days that we will never forget. May the Lord give grace and strength to follow wherever He may lead. Hugs to you! Camille

Betsy said...

It was a day to remember. I'll never, ever, forget where I was when the towers fell. We've been watching the geese fly south for a few days now at the lake. It's very early for that and we're not sure if the fires and smoke have them disoriented or if it's a sign of a rough winter ahead. The trees are turning here too.

mamasmercantile said...

I can recall exactly where I was and what I was doing, I certainly will never forget. I pray for peace and the end of terrorism.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

A sad day for every American. Wishing and praying for peace. 9-11 is my poor son-in-law's birthday. He was a proud Marine. We try to make it a happy day for him. Your new grocery bag and towel is super cute for fall and thanks for the yummy recipe! Glad your dentist appt. went well. I hate the dentist, but who really doesn't? ha ha! Raining here, too. Right in the middle of my deck never fails. Have a blessed weekend, my friend. xo Karen

Gracie Saylor said...

As I went about my day as you did, I remembered where I was and what has happened since, too, Becky. Thanks for sharing what is going on in your days, and encouraging us to care and be with the Lord. xx