Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Max Moon

 I was excited that the clouds weren't in the forecast for Sunday night's view of the super max moon, also called blood moon. I was a bit late at getting the moon when it was real red. But here are some shots that are my favorites.
 I took all of these photos on the street where I live. We have led street lights and I tried to avoid them. I should have found a friend who had land where there wasn't so much light. I found a few places where the light was behind me. This 2nd photo had the light in front of me. Notice the line going across under the moon? Most likely an airplane.
 The double image was interesting and not sure how it happened. It seemed once the eclipse was half over, it moved even more quickly. I think that's when this photo was taken (8:41 p.m.)  Little did I know it til I took the photo then saw it on the computer! The tree seems to be in focus.
 The moon and tree kissing!
I took these photos with my Canon T3 camera and used a 210mm zoom lens (Tamron). No flash. Most of the photos were ISO 3600 or 6400 ISO. A longer lens would probably showed the craters even though I could see the craters through the lens. I can always dream of that lens but doubt it will come to fruition. 
I think these photos were good enough though. I was out an hour taking these photos. Night shots aren't the easiest to photograph. I work a bit harder and remember that the back display lighting needs to be off or it severely disrupts my view. 
 Then I had to see for myself what they looked like in bigger size on my laptop. Good to be in the warmer house. The nights have been chilly. Fall has come and we all have been enjoying the cooler weather. Tomorrow the temps are in mid 80s which could be a record for the day. 
Hope you enjoyed the show outside last night and my photos as well. 
Thankful for the beauty of God's creation.


Betsy said...

Beautiful moon shots Becky. I wish I were better with a camera, but always find myself using my phone. :-)

Linda W. said...

Cool moon shots! I was lazy, went to bed, and missed the entire thing....

mamasmercantile said...

You certainly did capture the beauty, some wonderful photos.

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Becky! I wish you had been able to coach me through my picture taking...I was out in the country with little light, but I do not know how to set my camera on anything other than automatic! Thanks for sharing your views. I hope you are having a happy week :) xx

aimee said...

I really like your first and last photos! Ah--yes, the price of lenses. Way too expensive for me to even think about....
Have a great Tuesday :)

Mereknits said...

Those are gorgeous photos, we have had so much cloud cover I never saw the super moon.