Monday, October 12, 2015

Beach Weekend with Girlfriends-Part 2

   I head to North Head lighthouse to meet up with 2 of my friends, Beth and Laura, as Sandy is walking with me. This is the lighthouse where I left you cliff hanging from the previous post. {sorry it's been awhile}
  Illawco/Long Beach , WA. 
Heading down the hill we saw cow parsnip
and lovely little purple flowers

One of two workers from the WA state park system working on the path.
common foxglove as we headed back up the path to see
Light keepers houses.
House to the left can be rented out for weddings and reunions.
An iris with water drops.
A cow parsnip before budding out.
Sign for the interpretive center that we didn't enter as time was short. I've been to the lighthouses a few years ago. But too late for the center. Me thinks we need to come here again so we can go through the center. From the center you can see the other lighthouse.
Now we are heading for the next lighthouse.
Walking the path that was quite challenging lay ahead of us. Here's a peek at the Coast Guard station through the trees. We could hear them working on some boats.
Rhododendron growing in the wild.

Another common foxglove on the path along the way and......
a cow parsnip that is opening up! It was fun to see the process along the way!
 I've not seen these different stages.
A much needed stop as the incline got a bit steeper for me....insert thigh and hip muscle pain....This was a refreshing view~a little inlet!
A shelter or a bunker?
Thimbleberry flowers!
Cape Disappointment lighthouse. Not disappointed that I finally made it up hill!! This time the whole path was paved which was easier than my first visit. But still the hill was steep!!!

The view was not disappointing! I was surprised to see orange tulips growing on the other side of the fence. Surely someone had to plant them there! It grows from a bulb, not a seed.
Another lovely view of the ocean with a cargo ship on the ocean.
Side buildings of the lighthouse. I like the color...rustic. I'm sure this lighthouse will get a paint job soon. Amazing how much the sea air corrodes buildings.

A baby's pacifier we found on the path. So we put it on the tree, just in case the parent looks for it as they are on their way back down. Lots of people walking that day so not sure which baby lost it!
Once we got back to the car, we headed out but first a "must have" photo of this sign. Of course, I was behind the camera in this shot. I do have one of me as well. One of the girls thought it would be cool to get this photo so people might think we were in Hawaii?! Sandy with Laura sitting on the top of sign, which she deftly climbed herself, and Beth.
Rhododendrons coming out of the park. So lovely! May is the time they bloom!
We were ready to eat dinner once we got back to the car. Headed back into Long Beach and stopped at the Lost Roo restaurant and pub. It's a very popular place. Found a spot to park. We had a great dinner together...spent some time just quiet and eating....that's when you know we were very hungry. Walking that distance took a bit of energy. Our waiter obliged to take our photo. Once we got to the parking lot, we found cars waiting to come in. So we quickly hopped in the car and left!
Once we got back to the house in Ocean Park, we rested a bit and did a bit of clean up. Then we watched a movie on the second floor.

Fast Forward to Sunday to leave. Sigh! We disassembled the bedding so it would be easier for Sandy on the clean up. Granted she would have help, it was a nice jester since we were staying as "invited guests." It's just the way you do it to pass on the goodness!!
I bought a 6 pack of blue mason jars. Our weekend was a memory making time for sure. Why not bring jars along and fill them with items from the beach. We'd hoped a couple more friends would make it, but it didn't work out that way. Maybe another time! Since we were celebrating our 60th birthday, we are in the time frame of when these jars were used.
Jars are sitting on windowsill of upstairs living room area. Beyond is the ocean. We'd filled them on Saturday on a walk in the a.m.
One more walk on the beach together. Wait....what do you see?  Barely visible is a deer!
Pine cones on a tree.
Sweet Peas!
A tire with shells attached. How long has it been in the water and was it something from Japan?
Another walk on the beach and enjoying the waves coming in and bird watching.
Heading back up the hill, the black tail deer is more visible. It moves slowly as we stop to watch it. A nice surprise for the day.
I take one quick look at the front as I move things around in the car's trunk. We get ready to head back home. But Sandy stays behind to clean....after we go to eat lunch in town.
Living room downstairs looks so lovely. Sandy and Dan have really done the nautical/ocean theme in this house. I could live here for days on end!!!
Homeward bound we went...back over the Astoria/Megler bridge, good thing it wasn't stormy weather and into Astoria. We stopped to get gas at Safeway as we headed back to Portland via the Kelso/Longview WA Bridge..then head east a bit and on to I-5 south..that's the best way to travel....seems a round about way to do it. Better than the alternative way through the industrial district and traffic of Portland. Glad we had a good time together. Much talking, laughing, eating, walking the beach and climbing hills. Can we do this in 10 years? Not sure about the hiking up that hill but maybe beach walking and sitting and sipping tea and chatting with friends. Thanks for the memories, my friends...Laura, Beth and Sandy! It's been fun having you in my life!  I'd be lost without you! So glad God chose us to grow up together!!

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aimee said...

Absolutely LOVE the historic lighthouses, especially the first one! Oh--and the native rhododendron and deer.
Great getaway:)
Blessings, Aimee

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for taking us along on your trip. What a great place! I haven't climbed a lighthouse in about 30 years. I know with my arthritis I could no longer do it, so I'm glad I did when I could. It sounds as if you had a wonderful relaxing trip.

Linda W. said...

What a fun place for a girl's weekend. I visited those lighthouses a few years ago.

mamasmercantile said...

What a great get together, hopefully many more to come.

Betsy said...

What a fun weekend. I hope you get to go back very soon. The pictures look like everything was a lot of good times and laughter.

Camille said...

What a lovely time you were able to enjoy!! I like pretty! I didn't know there was more than one Waikiki beach...too funny. :) And, that bunker...if only it could talk....I am sure it would have interesting stories to tell. Hugs to you! Camille

Gracie Saylor said...

Becky, I love your photos and your narrative about your weekend! I'm especially fond of lighthouses, flowers, and the ocean and longterm friends :) What a great idea to fill mason jars with keepsakes from your weekend. xx

Mereknits said...

Becky, your trip looks like so much fun, so much to see and great memorizes that were made.