Friday, October 16, 2015

Special Days Last Week

Last week was a good week. It was our anniversary week and I had some fun days with my husband. On our actual anniversary day, Oct 8th, we both worked. I left work 2 hours earlier than usual since I'd worked early shift to cover a co-worker's vacation day.  Heading out to my car, I looked up and what to my wandering eyes did appear?  A hot air balloon in the sky! It stayed up for quite awhile. I  did a bit of shopping and then headed back over to town and to NT Bible study. I'd stopped at home long enough to make hot tea for myself and snatch a candle and lighter for our  usual evening dinner we have then....cuz it's how we do it and nobody makes a big deal. We're hungry by then and it's late for us to make a stop and eat....well we could but it works. Phil picks up dinner on his way home since he gets off work before I do. So we had a little fun, quiet dinner for us. Why not?!
Tonight's menu was philly steak and cheese subway sandwich and fritos, which are my favorite!
On Friday a.m. we headed out to McMinnville to the Evergreen Air Museum. It also has another building that houses the space museum. We started there since we didn't get to see it all last time. We were there four years ago when Phil's dad was visiting from PA. We were able to get a free pass from our city library! Saved us a bundle of money!
Titan II missile that we went down to see.  More photos of that in another post. I took quite a few photos on my camera but these are all from my cell phone. I shared on facebook as well. We spent quite a bit of time in this museum then headed over to air museum to look til it closed. Long day....six hours with a break for lunch and a walk outside before going into the other museum. 

That evening we went to Banners restaurant, in same town. I'd researched places to eat and found this to have really good food. We weren't disappointed. It's a small family run restaurant featuring Italian food. Here's my Arnold Palmer drink....half lemonade and half iced tea. I'd not ever had it delivered looking this way....I really liked it! So refreshing after a long day of walking and reading til eyes bulged as well as the brain. Phil adores museums and he can remember so much of what he reads. Me....maybe half of it?

Phil's eating his seafood combo plate with scallops and scampi.
Chicken Mona Lisa with penne and fresh sauteed veggies was my choice. It was so delicious. Meal came with garlic bread. Headed home after that. Stopped in Newberg at Grocery Outlet to return baking pans that were bad and did a bit of shopping before Phil steered his car home into the dark of night.  Driving home through the country is great. Even more so when the sky is full of stars. I could see them so clearly. Much more so than here by where we live with LED street lights. 

Saturday a.m. we got up early and met up with a group of senior friends at church. We headed out on a school bus to Hood River.  We stopped in Troutdale for a pit stop. I went in to restroom with others. While in the store, looking to see what there was , I spotted this M&M tube. I bought it...need chocolate and I collect M&M items. Shared some with people I sat close to. Headed up to see the Western Aeroplane and Automobile museum...close to the airport. We had a good time. More photos coming soon. We'd been there a couple years ago. Fun place!
I took these next two photos of the trees in our church's parking lot on Sunday. Fall color is so pretty! I like the leaf carpet!

Tuesday afternoon, our assistant manager, Michael, came back from his trip to market. He handed Carrie, my co-worker, a Mr Friendly bobble head. He'd got it at the's a 30 year old ad figure! It's by the register.

That evening I headed over to a store I'd shopped last week. I'd seen a long sleeved sweater I liked but wasn't sure if I'd buy it for that price. I really liked the color. I left it there but had bought a couple other things. Well, I decided to go back and see if it was still there. I looked through a few racks, found a couple sweaters I'd maybe get....there it was! I really like it and it's now home and washed, ready to wear. Long, just above my knee. White goes all the way down and around the bottom.  I am a grandma-nista. I told the cashier that and she laughed. TJMaxx (Maxinista....on their ads). I gotta stop shopping there for a few weeks! 

Leaves are falling and I like my autumn bunny/leaf decor by our front door! Best guard bunnies ever! They don't bark either!!  Our welcome mat and leaves before I swept the leaves away.
Megan and I are now stocked up for whatever comes our way. We have Swiss Miss hot cocoa she bought at Costco. I bought this delicious Stash Tea flavor Black Forest!!! Amazing flavor of chocolate and black tea! With a bit of sweetener and milk, it's like cake in liquid form. Of course the fall/hallowe'en m&ms....we set for winter, 2015-16, zombie apocalypse, hurricane, earthquake, ICBM!!    Rain is coming for town...some fell tonight already! Yeh!!
Have a good weekend my friends.


Betsy said...

You've had a busy week! That's a great bobble -head. I haven't seen one in a long time!

mamasmercantile said...

You have certainly had a busy few days, such a great visit to the museum. Your Italian meal looked delicious, I am going to cook pasta for dinner tonight. Loved the cardigan and all those treats, wonderful. Take care.

Camille said...

How fun to have had some days out with your sweetie. Mmmm....who can go wrong with chocolate? And, yippee for supplies! Hot cocoa is so cosy at the end of the day when it's cold outside. I love all the fall colours....your photos of leaves are pretty. Hugs! Camille

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing all your fun neat and unusual to see the hot air balloon! The library pass to the museum is great to know about! I'm glad you have a sweet cosy stash, and love seeing your guard bunnies enjoying the pretty autumn leaves with you, Becky :) xx