Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fun Family Reveal and Flock/Fiber Fest

On a late September Saturday Phil and I met up with our son and family at Burgerville in Canby for lunch. We had a good time with our grandchildren Owen and Melody. They had fun coloring their dinosaur pages.

Here's Owen with his Captain America sweatshirt and little did I know there was a face mask that's attached! I bought for him a few months ago. Can you see his smile?
Once we were filled with burgers, fries and shakes we headed over to the Lego Bricks and Minifigs store. Here Melody stands by car window cling stickers.
Owen is picking thru making a mini fig. While we were digging thru, at the beginning, Justin said "he needed to make three of them."   Phil thought one for the two grandkids and Justin. Then Justin said "we need to find a baby face."

I looked up and said "could you say that again?"  Then he said they are expecting baby number three in May!!  Surprised we were and excited!! Justin and Erin help look thru the bins as well. What a great memory for this Lego building family. The legacy continues.
Display of castles and ships by front window.

Melody and Owen by a display rack. Ronald Reagan wall display done all in Legos. These people have great building skills. Melody is sitting very still behind table where I positioned all our mini figs . They fall over if you touch the table. Mine is one to the far left with shovel. It took me awhile to find grey haired piece. The shovel is the implement used to clean our living room when the grands leave. They have gotten better at clean up lately.
Back into the cars we go. Headed over to Clackamas County fairgrounds for the Flock and Fiber festival. Erin and I like to go and shop and we all like the animals as well.
We always have to find each other again since we get separated. This time we had to wait on a train. Met up with them then looked around to meet up with my blogger friend, Teresa, and her husband, Dale.  We got to chat a bit and I introduced her to my family and she was the first of my friends I got to share about the new grandbaby!  Off we went and Erin and I went looking at various yarn and fiber exhibits while Justin and Phil watched the children.

In the rabbit barn we saw lovely rabbits of various breeds. One of my favorites. I had a rabbit years ago growing up. Often thought about getting another one but haven't yet. At least they don't bark! My favorite is lopeared rabbits.  I enjoy this festival as it's my fair of the year!
Erin and I were looking at fibers and we both loved this beautiful shawl. I'm sure it's warm and of course it's got my favorite color--purple!!!
I was really close to buy one of these braided fibers for a holiday decoration. I could make it into a wreath. Not sure how it would hold up, I decided against it. I found out later it would last quite awhile. The colors I really liked were too expensive so it didn't happen. These need to be spun into yarn before it can be knitted or crocheted. I like a blend with merino wool if I'm going to knit with it.
Outdoors were lovely dahlias in bloom in the heat of our dry year here in Oregon.

Into another building and I meet up with GB I know from where I we took a photo. He likes to weave on a loom!
Erin, my daughter-in-love and me. I like the background. It's so hard to not want to buy all the lovely yarns. Where would I put it all?  Erin knits alot more than me. I need to tend to my knitting again! I used to knit when I was growing up then got away from it. Then I started cross-stitching and that took a back burner as well. Now it seems I work too much and blogging consumes my time as well. I guess a bit of knitting at a time will help my projects get done faster!
Outside in the big open grassy area a lady had this wooden spinning wheel she'd bought a couple years ago. She has painted it and each side is different. Yes, I was allowed to take photos of it. Miss C, from California, was here again this year for this festival. It was fun to talk with her a little bit.

We met up with rest of our little family and toured the other animal barns before we headed out of the day. Here's a goat that poised for me. And a spotted llama.

Owen was lagging behind and he wound up holding grandpas's hand and then he was a swinging little boy. And then Miss Melody had to get into the swinging action as well. We didn't stay in this barn long as the odor of animal was way too much for Erin. It wasn't a pleasant!

Melody by llamas. We had a fun afternoon but we were all ready to head home.
My first baby gift I bought for grandbaby 3 was this flannel bib with a pocket. Erin liked it and so I decided to get it and a good remembrance of the news of the day.
Again I was good this year. I looked for deals. I found a good deal with this yarn that was all in one pkg...odds and ends this store had packaged as a deal. I can see me making scarves from it. I also bought a scarf pattern to use with this yarn, from another booth. Erin found a few things to buy as well. I enjoy all the creativity there is out there in this world. Amazing fibers from animals that God created to clothe us and keep us warm.   God bless!

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Betsy said...

First of all...CONGRATULATIONS Grandma!!!! The best news in the world is that another grandbaby is on the way isn't it? I adore mine and I'm sure you do yours too. :-) I would love to attend the flock and fiber festival someday. It always looks like so much fun. Fun that you got to meet up with Teresa too. I enjoyed your post today so much! Lots of fun and pretty things to see. Thanks for sharing.

Linda W. said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! Such exciting news!

Camille said...

SO wonderful!! What a blessing to have had that lovely day together. Congratulations on grandbaby #3....on the way!!! Hugs, Camille

Anonymous said...

What great news! Congratulations on the new little grandblessing - unique way to share the happy news ;-) Loved the animal pics and the pics of Miss Melody and Mr. Owen!
Blessings, Aimee