Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dressember and.....

 My December is full of get togethers and deciding to wear a skirt every chance I get to help promote Dressember. It's an organization making an awareness of human traffick-ing. It concerns women and young girls being enslaved in sex. Funds are being raised to help these enslaved leave and find hope in a new life. Here's more of the story over at my friend Deidra's blog. There's more of an explanation and a way to make a donation as well. I donated,too. You choose. Best yet, is to pray for the women enslaved.

A verse our Pastor Jesse shares often with us is fitting in this instance.....{while Jesus was reading scripture in the synagogue, as was his nature..}..."He opened the book and found the place where it was written, 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.' " Luke 4:18-19  (Isaiah 61:1-2, 58:6) It is our way of bringing light into the darkness. Our world needs to see the light. Every little bit helps those in distress.

I don't wear a dress everyday because of my job where I stand on my feet all day is not conducive to wearing shoes that would look good with a skirt. Nor warmth.  So I've chosen to wear one on the weekends, especially on Sunday. Last Sat. we were at Phil's work party at the Hilton Towers, in downtown Portland. Our son, Justin and his wife, Erin, were there as well. So I had this photo taken of us together...better than the one I have by myself. Erin is expecting their 3rd baby!
Can you see her baby bump?
 Dressember 6 I'm at church near the wood nativity and Christmas tree and poinsettias. The ladies do a wonderful job every year. I like the blue and silver colors this year.
 Dressember 13 is by a painting in the hallway at church. This picture depicts Simon Peter and John running to the grave that held Jesus' body on the first Easter. It's one of our Pastor Jesse's favorite pictures. I'm so glad he put it in the hallway for all to enjoy.  You can see it coming downstairs from the coffee shop/classrooms/library as well.
 My orange/red coat I purchased last month. It went so well with my colors I wore today so I had to show it off. The collar is wide and if I'm really cold,  I can zip it up and it goes up over my nose. Designed to wear under another coat, if needed, and has thumb holes which make the sleeves act as finger-less gloves! I like that when driving when it's chilly and don't have my gloves. I need to stitch one side of sleeve as stitches near thumb hole are loose. Maybe I was gripping the steering wheel too tight!!

 Once out of church, I stopped in at Safeway to pickup a copy of the DO magazine. I'd seen it earlier last week on my way out of the store. I kept thinking about and never did see it in 2 other stores in town. I went back to get it today and so thankful they still had quite a few. I think I'm going to subscribe to this creative magazine. I got the idea from another blogger, Jane Tyrell. Jane is so creative and I enjoy her blog of creativity! All I need is more time! ;-}

 This owl page is the reason I came back for the magazine.  My mom loved owls. I know she'd like it. I'm going to color it in memory of her and frame it. Soon after my mom died in July 2014, there were owls about every where I turned in decor and backpacks and greeting cards. Once while shopping with my daughter, at Old Navy {her fav place to buy clothes} there was a bunch of owl backpacks close to the register. I had to walk out before I started crying any more!  It's not so hard right now though. Good memories though of my mom and her collection!
Safeway had a fun soda display by the door I came through. I didn't see the face until I pulled up my camera on cell phone. So creative and 'tis the season!

Heading into this week there's a work Christmas party on Thurs and my husband birthday on Fri and a fun birthdate  on Sat with him. Hopefully the weather will behave so I can join a few blogger friends on Fri as well. I got my mini fiber optic Christmas tree put on the music stand yesterday.  We've had a lot of rain lately. We may have made up for all we missed earlier this year already! Raining again? Snow in the mountains. Water falls are brimming over and rivers are full.

 Now I need to take care of two dried loads of sheets and wear off my two cups of caffeinated tea I drank today. One sheet set to fold and other to put on our bed. I had an 8 a.m. meeting at church, which isn't the norm and I an hour but made it there 5 minutes late but another couple women came about same time as me. So I had one cup then and later another one at lunch! Not my norm!
My sis drove down from WA on Friday to meet up with her girlfriend. Kerri spent the night at our house and we shopped at Walmart after dinner last eve...came home and I pulled out the bed in the sofa and then washed dishes and made it to bed later than I wanted. But it was good as I so enjoy having my sis spend time with us.  She heads back today after meeting up with our brother an hour further south of here. A good stopping point for her.  So without further adieu, I will leave you with a merriment of mind in this Christmas season. Be of good cheer, my dear friends, where'er you are.


mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful photo of you and your Daughter in law, and for a wonderful cause. My prayers will be for all those young girls enslaved in the sex trade and human trafficking. Take care.

Gracie Saylor said...

I hope you have a great week and that I get to see you on Friday, Becky! Thanks for posting :) xx

Linda W. said...

You have lots of pretty dresses! Thanks for sharing your "dress-up" pictures.

Betsy said...

That is a great picture of you and your daughter-in-law! Your dresses are all so pretty. A hint to keep warm when wearing a dress. Fleece leggings. I haven't tried it but many friends think it's a wonderful idea. :-) You're meeting Gracie on Friday? I'm so jealous. I wish I could join you ladies but too much traveling lately. It gets cost prohibitive and we just got home early this morning from D.C. Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time Friday with your blog travels! Absolutely love your orange-red coat and scarf! Beautiful. Cute store display. My youngest granddaughter would love it ;-)

Teresa Kasner said...

What a nice photo of you and your DIL! Thanks for coming to the luncheon today and your thoughtful gifts.
*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Becky, always love your chatty blog posts and you always inspire. Such a good cause and nice reason for 'dressing' up, too. I love to wear skirts and dresses - they are so comfortable, but finding comfy shoes to go with them is a problem. Looks like you have some pretty skirts and I love your new jacket, too. Great photo of you and your DIL. I have never seen that magazine before - I will have to look for it. Have fun at your party this week and I want to wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and New Year! Hugs xo Karen

Camille said...

So lovely to wear skirts for that cause. I need to wear dresses more. I think today will be the day for one. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family my friend. Hugs, Camille