Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wild Wet Week

Our week has been full of rain and wind....then more rain and wind...a never ending cycle right now here in Oregon. Our friendly Washington state is full of rain as well. But there's been mudslides and washed out roads....on the interstate in WA. The Oregon coast is a mess as well with some towns in feet of water! Late last week we stayed home due to's worse now! Sigh! I was loading photos of November onto my computer this evening in an effort to find more photos for calendars. Here's running water that's different than rain. But it's still water so I thought I'd give you a taste of a nice water fall on the Lewis River. This is by the Cedar Creek Grist Mill (1876) that my friend Linda and I visited on our way to a photographers meeting in WA, early Nov. It was a nice afternoon out. A bit of chill in the air though. 

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the weeks go. It's Thursday already? I'm behind. What have I accomplished? Am feeling better now that my throat doesn't hurt so was just irritated from talking at work.  Spot cleaning different areas to keep house from looking totally trashed!  I made one final order for a Christmas gift this week. Have got the small Christmas tree box out of the garage and into living room. No cards addressed. Calendars half way done. New Testament Bible study is nearly done. One more week. Revelation is our last book. Of course. We know how it ends. A good discussion tonight.    Attempting to read "Lakeshore Christmas" by Susan Wiggs. It's good but there's not enough time.    I got my last box I ordered today of  gifts from Family Christian. Ordered on-line Black Friday deals. So happy they arrived but haven't looked at but one thing. Couple other ones are for someone here in the house! Hide!  I bought Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" dvd, which is supposed to be good. I am going to make better strides at putting decor of Christmas up this weekend!   Tomorrow evening we have a dinner at church so that will be fun. Way too much eating lately. Last Sat. was Phil's work party at the Hilton in Portland. Oh that food was so delicious! Worth the drive into town which was a total pain with one way streets and "buses only" lane so you couldn't turn. Then you have to watch out for the tram as well! Overall it was a good time. More parties coming up and 2 birthdays end of next week. I'm just now ready to end and head into another zone for a few hours. Thanks for all kind comments and I've enjoyed reading blogs as well. I'm a bit behind....when am I not? Take care and have a blessed Christmas season!


aimee said...

Wow is that a pretty photo of Washington! Downtown Portland driving is definitely a challenge I leave to others--LOL! It is always an interesting area to visit though. Hoping that all this weather calms down soon as we've had to pump water from under our house--was glad my hubby was home to take care of it. Good luck with all your events and goals--I dragged out some of our Christmas stuff today and will be decorating this weekend (or earlier) too. God bless!

Betsy said...

I've heard just a little bit about all of the rain Oregon and Washington are getting. It doesn't seem to be very high on the priority of news out here on the East Coast. Which towns are underwater on the coast? I did read an email from my friend that said a tornado hit just outside of Vancouver yesterday. Wow! So sad. Christmas time seems to be such a busy season for everyone. This is been a very slow, unbusy, Christmas for me this year . Not even sure if we will put a tree up when we get home. I do have my other bits and bobs out already though. I feel the same way you do driving downtown Portland. Scary. Two more days here and then will be flying home. We sure enjoyed our time with our girls.

mamasmercantile said...

So glad you are feeling a little better. We seem to be in the same weather pattern, rain, rain and more rain. Whilst our area is still OK there have been a lot of home and business's flooded throughout the UK it is heartbreaking. Take care and enjoy the wonderful Christmas season.

Linda W. said...

The Cedar Creek Grist mill is one place I've yet to visit. Definitely going on next year's "must visit" list! Glad you survived the wild weather and hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

Gracie Saylor said...

Wishing you His joy and peace in the midst of all your busy days, Becky! xx

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Our rain has let up temporarily today (Friday), but more is expected tomorrow. At least the temperatures are mild! There have been so many road closures, it took my daughter two hours to get to her home last night. It seems that this time of year is so busy and full of so many treats. I've gained a few.....Glad you are feeling a bit better. The flu is going around here, too. Enjoy your weekend and hope you find some time to relax. You reminded me that I have two more gifts to order on-line! I almost forgot! x Karen

Mereknits said...

The flooding is just horrible out there!What a mess. Time is flying by so fast it is making my head spin.