Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Line's Busy!

 These gift bags show how busy this weekend has been for me. Two baby showers and a birthday gift for my sister. A house warming gift that didn't get delivered, as it was canceled. It's interesting how busy life becomes when it all happens in a couple days. My friends canceled their open house due to stressful happening that morning. But it's ok, to a certain extent. I will give them the gift this week.
 Early afternoon on Saturday I travelled to West Linn, in the rain, for my daughter-in-love, Erin's, baby shower. She expecting baby Lydia early May. It was an easy drive even though I didn't expect it to be so dark at 2:30! The clouds were so dark and then came the rain. It was pouring down rain by the time I got to Abby's house that I just ran in without the gift. It was in the trunk. Once it calmed down, I went back to my car and fetched the gift.  I just enjoyed this decor. Her house is decorated so nice.
 Instead of a game, we decorated onesies with fabric iron ons. My granddaughter, Melody, is decorating hers. Here's mine.
Baby shower attendees with the onesies they decorated. The younger two girls were so creative in theirs.  Erin is standing by her friend, Crystal, They've known each other since they were 16 yrs. old. They met online as penpals. It was good to finally meet her. Zari is her daughter.

 Melody disappointed that someone took her plate from the couch after she left the room to play with friends then came back. She wanted me to post this on facebook, which I did, and say that she was sad that someone took her food. Sigh! Well, someone thought she was done.  The sun is shining thru the patio door now. The deck is wet from the rain. The trees looked so pretty with the raindrops glittering on the branches.

 Zari found a fuzzy caterpillar downstairs in the basement.

 Erin opens her gifts. Someone made this bibdana!
 It was good to have family together. Sad that Megan had to work or she'd been there too. Kerri and I are sisters, then Erin, my dau-in-love, and granddaughter Melody. We had a good time. Erin looks so good. She's had some struggles with feeling well.
 After the shower, my sis and I followed Justin and Erin thru a little country drive to 1-205. Then they drove on home and we went under the freeway and turned right to go to McMenimans in West Linn. We'd planned our early Feb birthday dinner since Kerri was down from WA. We had a nice visit. Here's my pulled pork sandwich with onions and field green salad. It was delicious. We spent 2 hours there before heading home. It was good to be together again.

 This light reminded me of pine cones. It was across the aisle from me where I was sitting. Almost all the lighting fixtures were different. 

 Sunday afternoon was another baby shower, at our church. After we got home from church, I did a few things before lunch. Phil always makes the spaghetti meal. Then ate lunch, I really didn't feel like going anywhere. But I did since I told Tina I'd pick her up and take her. She'd just had bunion surgery on her left foot so she couldn't drive. Even though we were both tired, we went and enjoyed our two hour time away. This diaper "cake" is so cute. I've made something like this before and it's not easy. But it's a usable decoration!

 Krista opening one of the many gifts ladies brought her. She is our music minister's wife. They'd been waiting for a baby for years and it finally came to fruition. So happy for her and Matt. Baby boy is due in Feb. Sun shining but it was chilly outdoors.

Tomorrow starts another work week for me. So it's back to routine. In a new month of the leap year month where I celebrate my birthday and send out birthday cards to friends who share the same birth month. I'm hoping to get together with a friend and go to a tea room for lunch in a couple weeks. This grandma is tired so off I go to finish cleaning the kitchen and prepping my lunch and dinner. 
Megan is feeling better and able to be off her cough medicine pill, as it was making her feel loopy. Have a blessed week, my friends!


Kathy said...

Doesn't always seem that everything happens the same time? And then there will be weeks with nothing happening. But at least you had fun things to do. Both baby showers look like so much fun. And that sandwich! Glad Megan is feeling better. Hope you have a good week at work.

Betsy said...

My goodness you had a busy weekend Becky. I enjoyed reading about both baby showers and that snowman cake is very, very cute. What a fun time to have with the ladies in your family. I wish we had family closer. Would the tea room birthday girl be Gracie by any chance?! I hope you're having a lovely week at work. We're having more snow today.
Blessings, Betsy

Beatrice Euphemie said...

You certainly fit a lot into one little weekend, Becky, but all such wonderful occasions. So exciting to have a new baby in the family! I love the idea of the onesies - so cute. Such a special time for these new Moms. Nice to spend time with your Sis, too. I love McMenamins - I've been to the one in McMinneville and Chehalis and they are putting two 'new' ones in Tacoma this year. Hope you get to rest a bit this week. x Karen

Mereknits said...

Wow you have been so busy. The showers sound like so much fun. Lydia is the name of my great niece born last year, I love it.

mamasmercantile said...

You have been busy. Exciting times waiting for a new Grandbaby, loved the idea of decorating onesies, I have never come across that before.

Camille said... much going on!! What fun to have those babies to celebrate. I love the idea of decorating onesies....too cute! Sisters are a glad you had that special time together. Hugs to you! Camille