Monday, February 29, 2016

Grandma Time!

 My how time "leaped" by me these past days when I was absent on blog-land! Leaping backwards to keep you up to date on my life here in Oregon.  The week after my birthday, we were at Red Robin for my free burger meal. I chose the  S'room burger, which is my favorite, so far. At the end, I got a little sundae as a free birthday treat as well, besides getting sung to by 5 of the female servers! Sweet!  

 I worked on another Shutterfly book, downloaded a lot of photos into my file. Then wound up making a book of 100 pages of photo memories from June to July 2011.  I was really getting into the book, then realized it was out of sequence, by 6 pages.  Good thing I didn't go too far. I took screen shots on my cell phone's camera so I'd remember arrangement of pages. Then I deleted 6 pages then worked on the proper event. I finished that on Sunday and got it ordered! I think it's my biggest book yet.
 Last Friday I was summoned to watch my adorable grandchildren for a few hours that morning. Their mom and dad needed to be at a dr visit for Erin. She had a 3 hour test run for gestational 3 diabetes and didn't want to have the children bored stiff in the waiting room. So I rose earlier than I usually do on my day off and headed for Justin's house, about half hour drive from here. Justin put the car seats in my car whilst I went inside and had a nice visit with Erin and the grandchildren, who surprised me....not in sight when I came in. The next thing I know, I hear "surprise, grandma!" and they came running out of their room. With drawings they'd made for me and had to tell me about them. Right now. Both at once! Loved it! And Erin was sitting there smiling! Off Erin and Justin went to appt.  There were some Dr. Seuss books sitting on the table. I had Melody pick one out to read, instead of watching a movie they wanted to watch. Movies are fun for them but I had a different plan. First we'd read a bit from this wacky but funny book. Melody read a few pages then I read some until my tongue got so twisted around my eye teeth that I couldn't see what I was reading nor saying! Then off we went for a bit of shopping.
We first drove to Trader Joes and I picked up some food for me, since it's one of the tasks I do on my day off. Melody helped me find some of the items on the shelves for me. She reads well for an almost 8 yr old. Owen was in the cart and he was responsible for keeping my brain, aka...notebook, from falling out of the cart. Then we went to Cost Plus World Market to spend my $10 birthday bonus I get each year. I wound up getting my London clock I'd seen awhile back. It sits on my computer desk, a shelf up from my lap top. I enjoy it so much and it's running with a battery!  Melody and Owen loved looking at all of the items there. Their favorite were these pretzels in these big plastic jugs...reminds me of old tyme pickle jars!
I clicked this photo and sent it to my sister. She'd been looking for a way to keep her garden tools intact. I was too busy to even see the price on these items. I really like them!

Here we are at Burgerville, their favorite place to eat. Grandma had to take a selfie of our time together.  It was funny how they were able to direct me there, even though I knew where I was going. I enjoyed my time with them and they were pretty well behaved. A few times....stop it! was enough, which is a good thing! We came home and mom and dad showed up a few minutes later. Erin was happy to be home and rest a bit. Justin took her out to eat after her fast for the test. Here's some of the bigger items for the baby that are in their living room.  Making room for baby #3 in a small place is challenging but so far it's good! 
On a good note, Erin found out today she doesn't have gestational diabetes. 
Thank you, Lord! She's tired but is resting as well as she can.
I headed outdoors to get a good photo of the chickens. They are lovely hens. Their eggs are tasty. They've been laying quite well lately. Justin made a new chicken pen that's hopefully predator proof.     That's all this tired grandma has for now. So many photos and so little time. But there's always something else to share with you later. Thanks for leaping into my spot on blog-land. I appreciate your messages you leave for me. Have a great new month as we head into daylight savings time and spring and Easter....all in one month!  It makes me tired just thinking about it!  :-} Hugs and prayers!


mamasmercantile said...

Good news that Erin doesn't have diabetes, hope all goes well. Its wonderful to spend quality time with the children isn't it. You looked to be having great fun, lots of lovely memories made to treasure. My daughter is due this month, exciting times.

Kathy said...

Becky, what a great day you had with your grandkids. So mu h better than watching a movie. And you got your chores done too! I used to buy those.big jars of pretzels for work. We were all pretzel lover's. Big as it was, it never lasted long. Have a good March!

Camille said...

What a blessing you are to your family! I am sure your grandchildren love spending time with you. :) Wonderful news that your daughter-in-love does not have gestational diabetes. It's hard work carrying a baby. Soon, there will be a new little one to love on! Hugs, Camille

Betsy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your grandkids. It's amazing how much they remember those times together. You are blessed to be so close to your family that you're able to do these things for them. Trader Joe's and World Market. Two of my favorite places to shop. I'm so looking forward to getting our new Trader Joe's just a few miles from our house instead of clear on the other side of town. I think the scheduled opening is the end of April. Happy late birthday again Becky. And welcome to March!
Blessings, Betsy

Elizabeth said...

Having grand time is so "GRAND!" You are so blessed.

I have had to take that test recently, it is very tiring, and I'm not even pregnant, just getting old, LOL! I LOVE Shutterfly! I make books of all our vacations and special occasions, too. They also make great gifts for milestone events.

Linda W. said...

How fun to spend a day with your grandchildren! And I love your header photo :) Tulip season is almost here!

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing some of your grand time with us, Becky :) Thanks to the Lord for Erin's test results! Good for you, getting your new photo book made. I'm glad you are still enjoying your birthday celebration! xx

Beatrice Euphemie said...

A fun day with your precious grands and so glad that Erin checked out o.k. You are so sweet for helping out. I really like the garden tool bins - what a great idea. I've never tried Shutterfly, but always wanted to. March is a busy month, I agree. Time just seems to go too fast lately, but I am looking forward to longer days. xx Karen