Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

 Spring has popped out all over. Early like it did last year. I was surprised to see the rhododendron bush at our post office was blooming already. It's not May yet!
 Day before Easter,  I was walking back from eating lunch at Red Robin. My sister and her son were in the vicinity so they stopped in. Then we went for lunch. Yes, I could have had Tyler drive me home but I can walk it and lose a few calories along the way as well! I gained this photo though, priceless and caloric free!
 Easter Sunday in our Israel class. All the tables were decorated in the coffee shop where we have class. Marina does a nice job and she's a sweet, dear friend of mine.
 Church service. The sanctuary was packed. This was second service and both had baptisms. Baptistry is behind the screen. 8 people were baptized in this service.  Can you see the napkin folded in the tomb photo? Do you know the significance of that? It's a Jewish custom that the man of the family, if he leaves the table, he either tosses the napkin down or folds it. Tossing it down means he left in haste and not coming back. Folded means he's coming back. So Jesus is coming back! Hallelujah!
 When we arrived home, our children were there. It was a good day with them even though both Justin and Erin were tired. She's fighting a cold and 8 months pregnant. Both grandchildren had been sick but were better. Little did we all know that Erin would feel worse the next few days but now she's better. Owen got sick too but feeling better, as he was complaining about food! Sigh!
 Lunch from my view point.  Justin made the mac and cheese, which was delicious, Erin made the angelic eggs from the eggs their hens lay. Megan made the salad and she baked the Lightened up Parmesan chicken, which I prepped and froze last month. it was so good. I didn't have to do any cooking that day, but prepped the house by cleaning, as always before someone comes.
 I helped Justin hide a dozen eggs. Can you tell which egg is the real egg? I enjoy this ceramic basket Phil got me years ago. The bunny on the bottom is attached to the basket. Had to display my beanie baby bunnies as well! We held the hunt indoors as the grass was wet and it was chilly and wind outside.

 Melody and Owen with their eggs and Russell Stover chocolate bunnies that we gave them.
 A stuffed bunny photo bombed my photo!! I've had this rabbit for 8 years them when Melody was a baby. I had another one but gave it to Melody when she was born. Better buy them at Easter or the one you won't will be gone!  Can't believe she's gonna be that old in May. Where has the time gone?
"Look, grandma, I ate the bunny's ears off!"
 Pie time and celebrating Justin's 32 birthday. His birthday was a few days earlier. I bought two pies from Bauman Farms on Friday. He chose the marionberry pie and I decorated it with whipped topping. The other pie was strawberry rhubarb pie.
Happy birthday to our son, Justin. My how the years have gone by. So thankful you're our son!


mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely post Becky so joyful, sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. Always nice to spend quality time with family and create such beautiful memories. Belated Birthday wishes to your son. Take care.

Kathy said...

What a lovely day you had! And you didn't even have to cook. The grandkids are so cute with their chocolate Easter bunnies. Of course you have to bite the ears off first.

I did know that about the napkin being folded, but like a lot of things I didn't remember it. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your church. How wonderful to have all those baptisms!

aimee said...

Enjoyed your Becky :-) Cannot believe how big your grandkids are getting-especially Melody. The spring blossoms are lovely...I was shocked to find our rose bush has at least one bloom on it! A happy belated birthday to Justin :-)
Blessings, Aimee

Betsy said...

What a fun post Becky! I just learned the story of the napkins a few years ago. I thought it was very interesting. Loved seeing your family celebration. A new grand baby soon! That is really exciting news. Is it a boy or girl or do you know? Maybe you already said and I've forgotten. I seem to have "lost" a few months.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

Linda W. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Happy birthday to your son!

Gracie Saylor said...

I'm so glad you and yours had a lovely celebration, Becky! It is exciting to me to read the reports I have of the many people who decided to be baptized on Easter...over 200 people in the 3 churches I read about today [including yours]. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon :) xx

Mereknits said...

Becky, your Easter looks like it was a lot of fun with your family. Precious memories!

Teresa Kasner said...

It looks like a great Easter with your family! Yes, we'll see you soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)