Monday, March 14, 2016

New Hat and Fun Times

 'Twas the day after my birthday and I took a day of vacation. Megan and I got away to Silverton for a lunch and some shopping. It's a fun town that's not far away.  We ate lunch at The Home Place and it was busy since it was President's day. Many people were off that day but we seated and fed quite quickly.  Delicious food! 

 Afterward we drove into town and found a spot to park. Then shopped in an antique store where I  saw this hoosier. I've always loved these and would have bought it but...too much money ($325) and no way to transport it home. Well, I could afford it but there's a roof that needs replaced. I can dream though can't I? I think of myself as a last century person at times. I liked some of the old things better than what we have today.
  Finally realized where Apples to Oranges yarn store since its relocation happened. It had moved since the last time I visited. There is a tea bar there as well. A white peony tea was a new tea for them and I drank the free sample. It was quite good. I went upstairs where the yarn sale was going on. So many yarns and choices of colors. I wound up buying two skeins of the variegated yarn to the right, in top photo, and a complimentary color to go with it, one skein...barely see it in the next cube, on the left. My plan is to make a small throw for a wedding gift. Megan bought some of the loose leaf tea before we left.  We've drank it a few times already here at home. A tea you'd not think was caffeinated and great for headaches and a light tea.
 I purchased this hat at a craft fair the very next week.  My friend, Tina, from church made it.  It goes well with my orange-red coat. All monies were donated for the upcoming trip to Nicaragua (which is happening mid week.)
I wore it on my beach trip last Thursday to Pacific City. It kept my head warm while on the beach. Megan and I visited the day after the big storm hit the coast. Sea foam was white and lots of sticks washed up on shore, but very little treasure found where we were. I'm highlighting our journey via smart phone photos. I will share better photos with you soon.
Bull dozers and a cat works to move sand that's built up since the big storm in November.

Footprints left in the sand that's soft from the storm.
We were going to eat here for dinner. But when we pulled up, it was closed. But it's dinner time! Wait, there's a sign that read...."Closed due to storm damage." That explains two ServiceMaster vans sitting there. This photo was taken when we pulled up to True Value hardware store late afternoon. closed at 5, just like the library, which Megan wanted to visit. Two other stores were closed. That's what happens in a small town once evening comes.  Hunger drove us to Cafe at Hawk Creek in Neskowin, on our way home.

Catch of the day was red snapper so we both had it for dinner with ciabatta bread.  It was so delicious!  Drove home in the dark and so thankful no deer or bear or fox or....jumped in front of the car. It is dark for miles and felt a sigh of relief when there was more lights 3/4 way home! 

Friday afternoon, I was out and about. Stopped to get to get my car washed but machine was broke. Maybe fixed in an hour. Next stop at Bauman Farms. My search for my Blue Satin Hibiscus, also known as Rose of Sharon, was available. Thankful for the attentive people there who searched in the green house 2x to find the correct plant. I can't wait to see it bloom this summer. Also purchased 2/6 packs of strawberries and a couple other plants for my gardening pleasure. Drove home instead going back into town for a car wash. Maybe this week!

Saturday evening I enjoyed myself at a community bingo event. It was a fundraiser for Hubbard Parks. It's a small town and some of the citizens have raised money for a park in honor of a local veteran and toilets for a couple parks. I'm glad my co-worker/friend, Carrie, was there as well. Neither one of us won anything. Her daughter-in-law won a gift card to a local restaurant. We had a good time and it was good to see a few people I know from working at the hardware store. I got home right before it started raining hard, like it has been off and on all Sunday and today. It's been good for laying down snow in our mountains which make the skiers happy! 

On a final note, Phil's dad, Jim, is in the hospital with pneumonia, as of this weekend. He has been living in an assisted living facility in PA. Also Phil's brother, Steve, continues to struggle with ALS and weakness and hard to swallow.  Our grandson, Owen, who is 5 (in OR) got sick, not eating nor talking, due to laryngitis. Pray that nobody else gets it, especially his mom, Erin, who's 7 1/2 months pregnant!
Have a blessed week, my friends!

"For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee."
Isaiah 54:10


mamasmercantile said...

There is so much sickness, virus's about at the moment your family will be in my prayers. I too loved the piece of furniture what a great feature for a vintage style home. Beautiful yarn. Take care.

Linda W. said...

Cute hat! Glad you had a good time in Pacific City. I need to get to the coast for my ocean fix. But it's still ski season and the mountains call louder. :) Hey, almost tulip time again - I see the tulip fields are set to open this weekend. Maybe we'll have to meet up again.

Betsy said...

Wow it sounds like you've had a busy few weeks Becky! Lots of good things to eat and fun things to do. The yarn is beautiful and I'm sure will make a very nice gift throw. I'm sorry to hear about all the illness in your family. We have a friend at church who works as a respiratory therapist in one of the local hospitals. He was telling us on Sunday that they've seen a peak in influenza this past week. And here I was hoping it was over with for the season. I hope the rest of you all stay healthy.
Blessings, Betsy

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Sounds like lots of fun times, Becky! I always have a hard time picking out yarn - love your choices. Your hat is adorable and for a good cause. So nice to see photos of the beach, too. I hope your blue hibiscus thrives - I've never seen blue - so pretty! Sending prayers for your hubby's Dad and brother, and the little one, too. Sending you hugs and blessings. x Karen

TamaraB said...

A very busy week indeed. Love the hat! Great for those beach escapes and chilly days.Great color on you. The yarn store looked like lots of fun. I always love the colors. Great shots as always. Love the dozers on the beach. Prayers for the family.