Sunday, April 10, 2016


 Flowers on my patio make me happy. I see them thru my kitchen window. I see them when I walk out the door and head to my car for work.
 They can appear different throughout the day. Surprise me the next morning. So here's an overload of flowers, beginning with my hellebores.
 Tulip leaves shooting through a fallen leaf from autumn. Notice the crocus blossom? It was on the stem one day, next day it was over. I think something ate it off.
 Primroses on my door step, which Megan gave the drops of rain!
 Indoors I enjoy flowers floating in a bowl on the dining room table. Crocus blossom came alive in the water and stayed there for days.  
  Just like my life, these days, coming alive, refreshed while resting in God's word. Life hit the fan the other day with our daughter.  We pray for the best outcome for her. One happy ending this week with university....then a job issue.....but we know God has something better in store for her. 

 My lovely tulips...Eternal Flame. Opened up a different color than the purple/white of the first color. I love it!

 A freebee succulent I picked up on a walk in our neighborhood a month ago. New to me containers and this one, I think it's called hens and chicks. It's really grown with the warm weather lately.
 More in love these two...apricot parrot tulip. Not sure of the other one...think it's one of Megan's bulbs.

Even though the week has been a bit taxing on me, I've found help in a medical issue with my tongue. Dr on Friday...not quite sure what it is but med and vitamins I'm taking are helping. Phil has a cold and we both taught Sunday School today 2nd service. 15 children this week, same group from last week. But it went well and was a busy time. I didn't have enough time to take photos, maybe next week since the next age group will be smaller.  On our way out of the parking lot, we discussed being tired. 'specially Phil. "Is it ok if I fall asleep on our way home?" "No, I can drive. and if I drive, I'll head for a restaurant." I said.  "That sounds like a good idea," as Phil drove...."how about Denny's?"  
"Yes, that sounds good", I said as we drove along.  So we ended up there, with a delicious meal, as always. I tried something different this time as my stomach was actually being happy today! Philly steak omelet!   I want to get my strawberries planted today. Weather is nice with no rain. Last week temps went from 70s on Tues to 87 on Thurs. Hopefully one day this week I can make it to the tulip farm. I had no energy on Friday and forget the weekends! 
Update on Steve, Phil's brother, with ALS...going on hospice on Monday. In a wheel chair while out and about as he's falling occasionally. They had snow in PA for dr. appt.on Friday when they had to drive to Pittsburgh.  No feeding tube allowed. Life's hit them hard in ALS venture. Their 3 adult children are aware of it and helping out. Same age as our children. Can only imagine their feelings and thoughts. Faith being tested but it's going to be alright. And Phil's dad, Jim, is being evaluated this week for hospice as well. He's back in assisted living but not well. A couple weeks ago he was in hospital with pneumonia.  Prayers appreciated for all the family that's involved there as well and care givers. It's hard to be so far away and only do phone calls.    And a granddaughter to be born that's something to be happy about! ;.}

**It's going to be a blessed week...for us and all of you, my friends.**

It's Alright


Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous flower photos, Becky! While I wish you were not contending with difficult situations, I am thanking God for all the answers He has for the situations you and your family are going through...standing with you believing He loves each of us best and most and we can rest in His presence no matter what our circumstances may be as He sends us the Comforter and gives us the strength to bear whatever. xx

Betsy said...

Your flowers are all so beautiful Becky. Glad you're feeling better and will pray Phil will recover from his cold quickly and not share with you. :-). I'm sorry for all of the trials your family is facing right now, but as Gracie said so well, God know the answers and will give you comfort and peace. I will be keeping your family in prayer. See you very soon!

mamasmercantile said...

Sending you a hug, sound like you could use one and know that your family are in my prayers. The flower photos are stunning, a real delight.

Mereknits said...

Your family is being hit with a lot these days Becky. I will keep you all in my prayers. ALS is such a horrible disease. Your flowers are so beautiful, I hope looking at them gives you a moment of peace.

Janet Coffield said...

We had a lot of hen and chicks. I have two in pots now. I hope they come back again. Your photos are gorgeous. Keep on snapping! :) Hugs, jjcoffield (Prayers for your family too)

Jane said...

Thanks for inviting me to take a peep at your tulips Becky, they're stunning, I can't believe how hot it in your way at the moment! The succulent is a sempervivum , I have a whole collection of them and love them. Great plucky plants which survive most things but not cold soggy winters. Sorry to hear about your family being so sick but a new granddaughter is perfect x

Maryann said...

Love the photos, ours are blooming as well but being challenged with all the temperature fluctuations.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sending prayers to the family and also congratulations for the granddaughter to be :)

Camille said...

What a sweet blessing your family is to you, Becky! How precious it is to be expecting to welcome your newest little family member into your hearts soon. So sorry you are walking this path of sorrow with your Brother-in-law....what a tough road to be on! ALS is not an easy disease to be battling with. May the Lord give much grace and comfort and peace in the midst of it all. Hugs, Camille