Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday happenings

 We're watching  NBA Blazers vs LA Clippers in game five. And Blazers win their 3rd game!! Back to Portland on Friday!!  I've not done a whole lot in the evenings this week. Reheated food for dinner which was a bit late.  I did fold laundry tonight.
 On the table in front of my blanketed feet and legs is a new pr of England themed pj pants for me and a 3 pc outfit and 4 set bibs for soon to arrive grandbaby Lydia.  I bought them today at TJ Maxx. I went there to exchange a pr of sun glasses I bought last week. Did a bit more shopping then came home. 

Weird. No Phil. No messages on my cell phone. Message on home phone from AAA lady said he'd be late as his car broke down in Wilsonville.  Good thing it wasn't an accident. He got home ok thanks to AAA tow truck bringing him to town with his car intact. Diagnostic in the morning. Possible alternator belt slippage. Praying it's nothing major.
We've found out grandbaby Lydia's birth is close. Erin's dilated to 3.5 cm.
So we're waiting for the phone call.
Megan and I on Sunday before the game, at home, where we watched game 4.  My co-worker got me the tshirt at the Blazer game he went to with a friend at regular end of season. 

I had a post all thought out but it didn't happen early on this week.  I worked on uploading tulip photos on Sunday and looking at ones to enter into a contest in a few days. So you'll have to wait a few more days for my weekend update of 2 weekends!  
On that note, this tired grandma needs to clean the kitchen and go to bed. Who knows if we wake up to a phone call in middle of night. Or not and just head to work tomorrow. 
Til later, God bless you all!


mamasmercantile said...

Hope you manage to get some sleep and that all goes well with the arrival of your new Grandaughter, sounds like she will be here soon. Exciting times.

Gracie Saylor said...

I'm glad Phil is ok even if his car isn't, and I join you in hoping it will not be too $$$ a fix. I'm glad you are enjoying the Blazer's games, and how nice of your co-worker to get a Blazer shirt for you! Do let us know when your new Grandie arrives....we are waiting with you :) xx

Linda W. said...

Hooray for the Blazers! My hubby has been watching and cheering them on too. Hope your little grandbaby makes her way into the world soon!

Mereknits said...

So exciting that a new baby is on the way. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Kathy said...

Your new grandbaby must be here by now. How exciting! Hope the car is fixed and it wasn't too expensive. Cars can be both a curse and a blessing. At least it wasn't an accident and Phil is OK.

Teresa Kasner said...

What's the news on the new baby? I hope all went well and mama and baby are doing fine. I'm glad Phil was okay.. it's scary when they go missing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)