Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rodeo Horses

 I picked a couple photos I'd taken at the St. Paul Rodeo to share with you! As I was going through the vast amount of rodeo photographs that I took while attending on July 3, I came across a photo that stopped me from moving on to the next one. Almost like a painting of four horses running with the sun to their side. No saddles. No ropes. "We are free! We are done with our event so let's run around til the cowboys shew us out of the arena",{which they did}. I always enjoy their beauty! 

This photo was taken with calf roping team. I changed it to black and white, for fun. Made it look better than the color version.  I took so many photos and had a handful that looked good this year. Still working on more photos from holiday weekend and what I took over this past weekend at a wedding with my new zoom lens. Those photos are still in camera, on the card, til I get the chance to haul them out to my computer. 

Our week has been cooler so far than last week, which was close to and into the 90 degree F. range. Sunday was in the 70s and nice day for an outdoor wedding {late afternoon.}. By the time we left to come home, it was getting chilly and thankful I wore pants instead of a skirt I'd thought about wearing.
So far this week I've eaten pretty good food. We had pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches offered at the wedding dinner. Tonight I stopped by a local church that was hosting a National Night Out with a meal.  Which was free and close to where I work. Thanks to Ullyeses for posting it on facebook! I  got some delicious tacos on flour taco shells. Delicious! Talked to the policeman and mayor that came and got a hug from our fire chief, as we know the family well. Had a good visit with Erin R. and the foreign exchange student that's staying with her family, for a week.  Erin brought her to Bible study last evening. So I decided to talk with M. and show her some photos from my phone. She really enjoyed seeing them. Gave her a quick see of flowers here from the spring, my family and ocean and a lighthouse. Fun time with a sweet 15 yr old girl from another country.  Came home and had some ice cream. Now it's time to make some hot tea for me, fix iced tea for my work lunch tomorrow and fold laundry! Some Bible study time as well.  Closing out my day, my friends. So thanks visiting and have a blessed rest of your week! 


Kathy said...

I really love that first picture of the horses. It does look like a painting. I like rodeos especially the barrel racing. Haven't seen one in forever.

Linda W. said...

Your first photo is amazing! Great capture!

Betsy said...

Love, love that first picture of the horse. You should submit it somewhere. I miss going to the rodeo in Helena with our grandkids. I always enjoy them, especially when the little kids ride the sheep. I'm so enjoying this cooler weather the past few days. I know it's supposed to get hot again this weekend, but the break is nice. Have a lovely day my friend.

mamasmercantile said...

What an amazing photo (the first one). Sounds like you are having a great week. The wedding food sounds delicious, I am a great fan of pulled pork.

Gracie Saylor said...

The first photo is my favorite, too! Horses can be so wonderful to watch and although I have never attended one, I can imagine that it would be fun to attend a rodeo. I'm glad you got to attend! xx

Camille said...

That first photo is AMAZING!!! I think it would be wonderful printed and framed. Happy Friday to you! Hugs, Camille