Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Weekends

Our warm summer days turned into hot summer days with temp into 100 degrees! It was even that hot on the coast on Friday, Aug 19, at Astoria, Garibaldi, Pacific City and Seaside 98! Inland it was hot so people thought they'd escape to the beach. Oh my, hotels were calling other towns to see if there was any vacancies at other beach towns? No! Megan wondered how much ice cream was sold at the Tillamook Cheese factory yesterday? I'm thankful for air conditioning in buildings and cars and our houses. Thankful for a/c at memorial service at a church we were at today. So I can't complain. Much!  :0}
Last evening I was going through some older photo files in search of older photos to share, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I did come across photos of Toketee Falls that I took Aug 2010. Phil and I had been in southern Oregon where we visited Crater Lake. On our journey home we stopped at a few waterfalls along the way. I really like this photo on a warm day, where it's 94 degrees today, not quite so hot as predicted. I'd looked through Crater Lake photos...oh looked so cool, but it's 91 degrees there at 3:30 PM. I remember the day we were there it was quite warm and hiking up to Sun Notch and photographing Phantom ship. 

This is a summer weekend  summary in photos. I'm working on this in the cool and drinking my cool tea that I made into my own tea achino...not unlike a frappicino, but my tea, then sweetener, then milk to my liking and an ice cube! And a cookie since it's snack time (Sat afternoon,Aug 20th).

My friend Jill and I in Keizer where we celebrated her late May birthday in Aug at Applebees. It's been so busy around that time we just found a date that would work.

Bridal shower for Briana on a Sunday afternoon, late, June.

Group activity. Making a bride's dress out of toilet paper. I made the bows and Megan W. is the model.

The "brides" and their dresses. Middle girl's dress came apart. But someone said it was for the reception afterwards. That created a ripple of laughter throughout the room! The bride to the far left got most votes!
Briana showing off a lovely quilt made by one of the ladies of our church. Dinah does a great job on all her quilts!
Briana relaxing finally and opening a gift. She's getting married this weekend and we are attending the wedding. I'm helping at the wedding with the photo booth for guests. That will be fun!
********************Zoo Time*****************

We went to the Oregon Zoo early August. Phil's company picnic was there so we enjoyed hours of walking and fun and sweat as the day was very warm. Thankful for shade and food near the end of the afternoon. We had free tickets to the zoo all day and free elephant ear tickets for each of us. We used two out of three. Megan and I can never eat a whole one. I ate some from Phil's ear. So yummy. It's fried bread dough then dipped in sugar and cinnamon. It's done in the shape of an elephant's ear. Like Indian fry bread.
Lovely flowers and giraffes.
Fruit bats feeding time.
Justin and family were there as well. He works with same company Phil does. A perk when it comes to party times. Lydia (3 mo) was looking at her mom, Erin's, plate and was fussing. "Why can't I have some?" Melody is such a sweetheart and a good big sister.
Aunt Megan and Owen, eating his hamburger.
"Look grandma" Owen said to me! I tried to get him to take a selfie with me but wouldn't. Then he did this and he's just a cutie pie.

Outside the picnic area were lovely dahlias.
Melody was disappointed the carousel wasn't working.

Cheetah  compound. We did see lions but they were out for only a short time after 2:30. I got lost cuz I didn't know where Phil and Megan went so I missed the penguins. I'd turned around to see something and they were gone. Good thing for texting on cell phone and then I found them! Sigh! Only one polar bear for now as his brother died a month ago. Went to the live bird show which was interesting. A couple birds flew right over our heads, just a couple inches above! Our hats remained intact and clean!
Macaw from the bird show. Sponsored by PGE.

I had a photo matted and framed at Affordable Framing in Salem. I finally got it wrapped and gave it as a wedding gift. It's Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City, at sunset. I took it in March when Megan and I were over there, day after a storm. I printed this photo out on my Canon Pro10 printer at home. That's the cheap part of the gift. Although it's just fine as I like to give nice gifts that will be enjoyed for years. That's one gift that won't be duplicated!!!!   *******Now I"m off to get other things done on this quite hot summer day in August where it's 93 degrees and high clouds. No rain in sight til next Thurs. Take care and happy weekend to all of you!


Beatrice Euphemie said...

That's a beautiful wedding gift, Becky. Fun to see all the girls dressed up in the tissue paper dresses! Best wishes to the happy couple! It's been very hot here, too. Gave the dogs a bath to cool them off and then sat around trying to stay hydrated. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. xx Karen

Kathy said...

It was so great catching up with you. The bridal shower looked like a lot of fun. Love the idea of making dresses from the toilet paper. I thought yours was best.

And the zoo pictures! I love the zoo but haven't been to ours in ages. It's so expensive to get in. When I first moved to my house I used to take the bus to the zoo for a fun day and wander around by myself. Too bad you missed the penguins. I hope theu get another polar bear to keep yours company.

Camille said...

What a great catch-up post, Becky. How HOT it has been for you!!! I don't do too well with extreme heat, so, I am thankful for the relatively cool summer we've had in our area. Last summer was crazy-hot, wasn't it? So glad you got to have some beach time. And, that photo you had framed is stunningly beautiful. What a wonderful wedding gift. Hugs to you! Camille

Betsy said...

YOu have been busy Becky! It has been an unusually hot summer hasn't it? Now I'm hearing the winter is predicted to be more severe than usual. My goodness! The bridal shower and zoo trips look like a lot of fun. Enjoy the last days of summer, we'll soon be wishing for heat!!!

Linda W. said...

Those tp wedding dresses look so fun and creative! Yeah, I'm so tired of this hot weather....can't wait for fall. Stay cool my friend!

Mereknits said...

Love the TP wedding dresses. Have a great time at the wedding this weekend.

Gracie Saylor said...

So glad you have been having good times with family and friends in spite of the heat, Becky! Teresa had to talk me into going swimming one really hot day and I whined and complained to her the whole time we walked across the parking lot :) but boy were we grateful to be in the cool water once we got there! The shower fashion show you attended especially looked like fun, and your wedding gift you made is lovely. Hope you and yours have a good week xx