Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Newsletter

     An unexpected power outage late afternoon meant dinner out at Panera. I got off work, stopped at a store to recycle pop cans and shop. Thought of stopping one more store. Decided against it. I was thinking of getting milk and ice cream. Glad I didn't. Why? Traffic lights close to home were out. I pulled up to our driveway but garage door wouldn't open! No power at home. No air conditioning. I found a few things to do then Phil came home. I'd called Panera to see if they were open. Yes. They had electricity and I was the 3rd person to call about the same thing. Megan met up with us there after she got off work from the library. I took my cell phone charger with me to power up in case I needed to use it. Reported time for power to be back was 9 p.m.  Sometimes it can be longer.

     Apparently a tree was down somewhere and an equipment failure that caused the outage. Before we left for home, I checked the PGE website. Put in zipcode. No outages listed! Hurrah! The power's back on! Temp in house was 73 degrees which isn't too bad. I'm not sure how long it was off. Maybe a couple hours before I got home. We went on a walk then dishes and laundry.  Life back to as much as normal as it can be.

     Megan and I enjoyed a free concert in the library park last evening.  Hit Machine band was really good. Megan heard them last year. So she stayed after work and saved me a place to sit my lawn chair. She bought me two tacos and I bought us ice cream.  We had a good time together and saw a few people we knew.

     We're still waiting for washing machine parts to arrive.  It still works but needs fixed. Parts werr $200 on Amazon. Hopefully it'll be here this week. Phil can fix it. Thank goodness for a husband who knows how to fix things!! And correctly!! Thankful for internet and YouTube ! Gotta love technology at times. We have come a long way from my growing up years in the. last century!! Tee!Hee!!
        I will be getting a couple more coworkers soon. AM is doing great and he's helped out the register a few times. He's a hard worker with a good sense of humour. So I'm sure I'll be training another cashier too as boss is planning to hire another lady to work 3 of the days I'm working.   All that for me and then Megan's work has been all around crazy. So crazy it's way too hard to explain. So just prayers for peace in all the "mess" .  Yes she's still working. She's waiting for something much  better to come along. I feel her pain.

Cheetahs at the Zoo. 

     On a happy note, we had a fun Sat at the Oregon Zoo. Phil's work picnic and tickets for all day at zoo. Dinner late afternoon. We saw our grandchildren too. Megan went with us. Hot day out. I was exhausted by the time we left. Good thing Phil drove home. A/C in car felt sooo good!! It's headed to hotter temps next couple days. As in near 100 degrees. Picnic on Sunday but under trees. Memorial Sat for my co-worker's mom. I'm trying to figure out what to make for their potluck.
     It's time to make some tea and sweep the floor and get laundry into dryer. Another day is nearly gone. With a full moon to boot in the cloudless starry night sky. Hugs and blessings wherever you are!!


Linda W. said...

Glad your power was restored quickly. Thank goodness for nearby air conditioned restaurants! Stay cool in the upcoming heatwave.

Camille said...

Sounds like SO much has been going on in your lives, my friend. Hang in there. What a blessing to have A/C when the temps get higher....we are cooler than you, but, we are supposed to hit 90 in the next day or two. Sorry that you have a memorial service to attend. I would say Quinoa Salad would be a good thing to take as it will not heat up the house and will feed many. Big Hugs, Camille

mamasmercantile said...

You certainly seem to be busy at the moment. Pleased for you that the power was not out long term and that you were able to meat at a Restaurant with air conditioning. I can only imagine the heat.

Betsy said...

Your life is so busy Becky. In comparison I've had a very boring week. Our son is coming today with two of our grand babies to spend the weekend with us. Yippee. Otherwise I've just been sitting in the AC and knitting/crocheting all week. It's too hot to do much else. I am SO grateful for AC this user. I'm glad your power wasn't out too long...but a great excuse for eating dinner out. :-). Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.