Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weary Wednesday.

It's getting later than I want it to be. Needs are still there for housework before bed. Laundry from last evening's load yearns to be folded. I've spent too much time in this recliner looking at my in camera photos. I went outside tonight and worked on moon photos. A couple seemed to turn out ok. Half moon looked nice. We watched as an airplane flew above it!  On our walk this evening, Phil and I stopped by neighbors who we wave at on our walk. The lady asked us one evening to stop in for a chat once in awhile. Wanda and Wayne, her husband have been married 65 years. So this evening we stopped in. It was time for ice cream so we enjoyed that while talking and playing with Molly, their Scottie dog. Fun little visit.

Workday was busy to say the least. Many customers all at once this a.m. and DD willingly helped me at the register. It's not one of his favorite things to do.  I helped train a new coworker on the register. Between helping him and working with other customers and trying to find and put away little screwdriver bits at register, I just got a headache!! I think it was stress related. After my last break I decided there was too much going on. So I focused on register and
customer service work. The bits can wait. Dinner and a walk helped me better. Now I just need a good night sleep and feel better my last work day of the week.
Then to top it all off we're working on plans for our anniversary getaway in October. Thought about a trip to Tacoma but we both decided against anything in big cities. Driving and parking and getting lost woes out weigh the less congested places and smaller towns. Thinking of places close to waterfalls that I'd like to photograph. Eat. Museum. Movie. Ice cream. Time together. Wherever it is will be fun.  
Happy tomorrows, my friends.


Gracie Saylor said...

It is fun to plan for celebrations, isn't it. May the Lord bless every part of your celebration...and give you the rest you need to enjoy it! xx

Linda W. said...

I'm sure whatever you choose for your anniversary it will be fabulous! Hope you get some rest and feel better.

aimee said...

I remember work days like that! Hope things were MUCH better today :) If you were thinking Washington State, but don't like big cities, I would suggest the Olympic Peninsula. It was always a favorite of our family. The drive up there via Hood Canal is quite lovely also.
Have fun planning your anniversary getaway and have a good Friday!

Camille said...

Not fun to be overwhelmed and end up with a headache! I trust you are feeling better today? Yippee for holiday plans....your ideas sound lovely. Big Hugs, Camille

Betsy said...

I hope you were able to get some good rest and get rid of your headache Becky. It's fun to plan getaways isn't it? I agree that large cities can be very stressful. I don't know how far you want to drive, but I've heard Wallowa Lake in south eastern Wwashington is beautiful in the fall. We haven't been there yet but plan to go sometime. Dennis and I celebrate our anniversary September 1. No big plans though. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.