Monday, September 19, 2016

Saturday Fun

It was Saturday morning. All quiet in the house. This grandma finally stirred out of bed and realized it was a chilly mid morning. {It is the weekend, after all!} So these Solmate Sox were pulled on to keep feet warm a good part of the day. They make my feet cozy warm when I wear them! And happy! It was raining as well! Not had a good rain for weeks! I'd peak out and in afternoon to see about checking the mailbox. Oh dear me...more rain!  I spent some time that day goofing off and then putting myself to work. I needed to tidy up the kitchen. Clear off stuff that's been sitting around. Trying to decide about knick knacks need to disappear. I seem to have collected too much and more needs to go away! 

Early evening Phil and I met up with friends for a birthday gathering at Famous Dave's BBQ in Tualatin. It all started a few months ago when we surprised Eric, who's wearing the white shirt, for his birthday. He'd had quite the year with heart surgery and so thankful he's regained his health. JoAnn, his wife, sits next to him. She's the one that started it all, I think. But it's been fun. Last month we celebrated their anniversary. Dawn and Linda, to the right, are JoAnn's sisters. Phil is to the left...being my funny man whom I love dearly. He told funny stories, as always. We wound up sitting at opposite ends of table because we were late, no thanks to the traffic. Sigh!  He decided to order the dinner for 2. It was delicious but I felt it was a bit much money-wise! Here's my plate, which was the same as Phil's. Coleslaw, chicken leg, ribs, brisket, baked beans, fries and corn on the cob! No, I didn't even eat half of it! Took it home and Phil had a bit left. We ate most of the leftovers Sunday evening. I had his chicken breast for lunch today, pulled it apart and put it on a tortilla, with hummus and cheese. Ate it for lunch and so good! Still have the chicken leg. which will be eaten tomorrow if I don't go out with my girlfriend for dinner.
Linda's husband, Dawn's husband, Steve, the birthday boy, and his friend. We go to the same church as Steve, Eric and JoAnn.

Old sign and I had some fun with my cell phone camera afterwards, fixing the photos before I sent them on to myself and into my photo collection.
Here we are...JoAnn, Dawn, Linda and me. Good time talking. Both Dawn and Linda are fighting cancer. Linda's husband has brain sad! We decided we'll get together in Oct. somewhere to celebrate our anniversary. Linda wanted it to be earlier in the month as she'd be gone for a couple weeks. She wanted to come! Sweet! Fun people to be around. Wish it wasn't so noisy in the restaurants so we could hear better. Oh, well!
All around the restaurant there was fun memorabilia. Here's what was on the mantle above the electric fireplace by our table. I liked the tray that appeared to be fun Germany, and talking about koffee. Not quite sure what the pig on a metal holder is. It was chilly where we were sitting and would have been warmer if the fireplace was on! But thankful I brought my coat in and wore it! 

Once we got all our meals paid for and boxed up to go, Phil and I headed to Fred Meyer to pick up a few items. I spotted these mushrooms while I was picking out my less expensive mushrooms. These ones were oyster mushrooms and cost $9.99 a lb. The ones below had no name but were mushrooms for $26.99 a lb! No thank you! They all looking like sea creatures! It was good to get back home. Phil was weary as he'd worked that day, so I did the driving.

A few weeks ago I picked up this eye shadow on sale. Not sure if I'd like it. The more I wear it the better I like it. It goes with just about anything I wear. Even while reading reviews, some people thought it was a bit expensive. But I felt it was a good deal because it's about the same price as getting a pack of 4 eye shadows in one box. It was one of those sales where you buy one get one free. So I was able to get some liquid makeup that I like as well.
These are fun catalogs I browse through frequently at work. Oh, the home decor one has so many things I'd love to have in my kitchen. But it's not going to happen for a long time. It's like the wish catalog at Christmas time. Remember them!? Phil always said that there's no sense in getting a new kitchen until the we get a new roof! Why spend money on a kitchen if it's just going to get ruined by the rain? Well, we did get the new roof  a couple weeks ago! And it didn't leak when it rained! And that's another blog post. So now off to get a few things done before bedtime...again! Happy week, my friends and thanks for your kind comments on the previous post. God bless you, one and all! Hugs!


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a fun night out with some great friends, always nice to get together. There was a lot of food, no wonder you needed to take a lot home. Take care.

Linda W. said...

It's always fun to get together with friends! I was happy for last weekends rain too.

Betsy said...

It sounds like such a fun evening you had Becky. But I'm so sorry to hear about so many of your friends suffering from cancer and health issues. They look like a happy bunch anyway. :-). That dinner looks amazing! There's no way I'd be able to eat all of that either. It may have been a bit expensive, but when you think of all the meals you and Phil have gotten out of it it doesn't turn out to be so bad does it? I'm glad the new roof has taken care of your rain problems and hope you can start planning for that new kitchen soon. Have a lovely day my friend. Blessings, Betsy

Gracie Saylor said...

So glad you had a good dinner with friends and yummy leftovers, too! May the Lord bless each of you with good health and more fun times together. I like looking at wish books, too :) It is great that you found a good shopping bargain, and that the new roof is performing well. xx

Kathy said...

What fun to go out with a group of friends! I don't get to do that very often. It looks as if you had a really good time.