Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Wanderings.

 Over the weekend I picked the last of the tomatoes I attempted to grow. The orange and red ones should have been larger. I wasn't too keen on how lazy I got this summer. I should have fertilized them besides just watering.
 Last evening I tidied up the couch after watching tv while eating dinner. Nobody home for dinner but me 2 nights in a row. I just decided to make couch look pretty with afghan folded over the back instead of folding it up and putting it to one side. The purple blanket is one I made years ago.
 This afternoon I wandered over to Bauman Farm after work. I had rewards coupons to use before they expire end of month. I enjoy these painted hay bales. As you can see it's pumpkin time.

 I bought this one. It has more green on the other side and goes well with the color of our house. It's sitting on the front step by the rabbits. Hopefully I'll remember to make something of the meat within. Usually I wait too long and it gets soggy. Then I wind up throwing it away! Annoying!
 The parking lot was nearly empty when I got there as it was 45 minutes til closing time. I spent nearly all that time there, figuring out what to buy.  Got some apples to make sauce. Jam and some items for a wedding gift. Got 1/2 off price of a peach pound cake. Apple cider fuzzy wuzzy drink was free. (But now I think it upset my stomach..oh dear!) Other stuff was buy $40 get $10 off. 

I made minestrone soup for dinner tonite. It was so good. It wound up less soupy than should be since I didn't put enough chicken broth in it. I ate dinner with Phil tonight which was nice. Then Megan came home from her beach trip. She hadn't eaten so she ate some too. So we all had a mini vacation from each other this week even though Phil and I worked but different agendas in the evenings. Of course I requested Megan to do a load of laundry so it's not such a pile tomorrow! And there's blankets to do as well. And of course she got a new hoodie sweatshirt from Tillamook Cheese factory. She stopped there today for lunch with a friend, Then went to Cape Meares lighthouse. Last day of her trip where she spent two nights in Lincoln City using a gift card from her graduation party. Nice neighbor gave it to her! I'm glad the weather was nice for her!
After dinner we two went on a walk and there was thunder and lightning around the vicinity but not close enough to be too wary. I did take a flashlight with me. Who knows as it's dark now and then there's stormy weather around.

On a happy update note: baby Harper Jane is off the respirator as of last evening. While mom Lisa was with her, baby made a choking noise. Lisa called for a nurse. The dr was summoned and the team decided to slowly remove the respirator as he knew Harper could breathe. It was the first time mom and dad heard their baby cry. She was held most of the night. She is doing much better. Still waiting for other test results. Thank you all so much for praying for baby Harper Jane. 

I've not had an update from my friend, Laura, who had brain tumor surgery. She was to leave the hospital this week for rehab. I called her Monday and she was better.
God is an awesome God and He has all things in his hands. 

Thanks for your prayers and comments and appreciate you all reading my blog. Blessings to all!


mamasmercantile said...

Continued prayers for your friends. You made such a lovely job of the couch, very pretty.

Kathy said...

Bauman's looks like such a great place. I love how they painted the hay bale. So cute. Now don't forget about that pumpkin! I hate throwing them out too, but I usually do. Great news about Harper. Will be praying for your friend.

Betsy said...

Still praying for both of your friends. It looks like you've had a great week and Bauman's would be fun to wander around. We have similar places here in an area called Greenbluff. Your sofa looks like a cozy spot to curl up.

Camille said...

Good for you to have grown anything edible in your garden, Becky! I think your plate of tomatoes looks lovely. :) Your dinner looked's amazing how much comings and goings can happen within one family, isn't it? Happy Friday to you! Hugs, Camille

Mereknits said...

Autumn is looking beautiful. Great news about the baby.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What neat pumpkins!