Friday, October 14, 2016

Storm Watch

 The day dawned bright although there was alot of rain yesterday. By the time I got out of my dentist appointment this afternoon around 2:30 the full fluffy clouds were still hanging around. There were many more of them on my way there. But I had no time to get photos of them. The winds were jerking the car from the south as I was driving and did so on my way home. There was some rain today but nothing like yesterday's rain. Last night there was quite the wind. My friend, Tamara, texted me this a.m. to see how we made it through the night? They were pelted with walnuts from their big tree! That's noisy and almost dangerous!  And speaking of almost....I was at a light here in town, on way home from dentist. A tree above me.....thunk! on the side of my car? Did a limb just hit my car door? I saw a bit of black on window. Once I got out at the hardware store, to get my check, I checked passenger side. Nope, no dent. Just a big black glob of goop, or more like bird poop! I cleaned it off once I got home before it dried! Icky! That was the extent of my day out as I didn't feel great too begin the day with nor Thurs. mid afternoon either. I'm thinking I've got a bit of virus that's going around. I didn't even want to get a few groceries today, although I needed to. Tomorrow afternoon the winds are supposed to kick up to 30 mph with wind gusts from 60-80 mph! Thankful we don't live on the coast. Strong winds there and 2 tornadoes touched down, one in Manzinita and one in Oceanside. Wow!
 This was the scene this afternoon when I went out to my car to leave for dentist.! It had to have happened between 7:20 a.m. and when daughter got up for work. No cars were damaged, I checked. I took these photos when I got home later. My daughter called our neighbor on his cell phone and they are gone. That's why there wasn't anything done. I sent him these photos. He was going to cut it down this coming Monday. Well, Mother Nature helped him with that!
 Here's the tree trunk and looks like it gave up the ghost in the root system. It'll probably be easier to cut up this way. Good fire wood!

Just waiting out the storm, what will really happen, Charlie Brown? There's predictions from the start of 150 mph winds to just waiting to see what transpires is another thing. It's not been that bad. Since last week's power outage, I bought more batteries. Will stay put tomorrow afternoon, indoors, in our house. Working on photos to make a free Shutterfly calendar by Sunday. Hopefully I'll get it done before electricity fails. Take care my friends, wherever you are. God bless you!


Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad that big tree didn't damage your cars or your house! I'm pretty worried about the 70 foot douglas firs in our woods. I hope you do okay over the weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

We had strong wind this afternoon but nothing like last falls storm that left people without power for days. Big black clouds today but no rain, that was yesterday. Tomorrow...more wind no rain. Fall is definitely here. I hope you feel better tomorrow my friend. See you soon.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you manage to get all your photos loaded without electric cuts. Storms seem to be a big part of our lives of late, stay safe.

Gracie Saylor said...

Mercy! I'm glad the damage was not worse, and I hope there is not more to come. So far a big branch from our neighbor's tree has fallen on our mutual fence, but overall the wind and rain has not been too bad here. I am fighting off some virus too and pray that the Lord helps us both to be well soon! xx