Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Schedule Full

 I chose to photograph stations of creativity at MV Express at church this morning. An interim where the children have places to interact with other children between service and class. Adults supervise and interact with the children. Here's two girls working on Jenga.
 Rebuilding the Jenga after it fell.
 Lincoln logs.
 Coloring pictures.
 Coloring a scripture verse.
 Pictures done by a lady at church. I like this clock, especially since I've been to Kensington Station in London years ago. We taught the same lesson as last week but to a different age group. We have one more Sunday to teach this month.

 This afternoon Phil and I went on a walk. First walk for me for in 6 days. I'm thankful to be feeling better. Leaves are so pretty on the ground. They were everywhere. We had to watch where we walked with all the tree trash, as I call it. Not much damage. Thank goodness!
 Two roses on my bush out front.

 The side lawn. These are what fell from our tree.
 Bird bath is full of leaves.
 What's left of the tomatoes in the back of our house.
 I loaded up remainder of clothes I pulled out of my closet and drawers in the white bag. Other bags had clothes that belonged to my mom. I took them all with me to the ladies' clothes swap at church this evening. Since it was dinner time, I headed to Safeway to grab some sandwiches. Bought 2 sub sandwiches and had lady at deli cut it up for me. My girlfriends need food. Often people bring sweets but I like something more than that. Good idea! Most of it got eaten. Sent the rest home with a friend who had a baby recently.
 Clothes galore! Alot of ladies took bags full of clothes home with them. I nearly got more but really didn't need another sweater that I kind of liked.

 What was left over went to a charity here in town.
I decided these shirts would be mine. Long sleeve one actually belonged to my friend Jill. And the bicycle shirt is short sleeved.  And Jill got one just like this one. She said there were two in the pile. We'll have to wear it at church picnic next year! We like some of the same clothes I have realized.
  Long day. Had to go back to Safeway to shop for groceries. Came home and watched Alaska:The Final Frontier with Megan. Blankets on laps to keep us warm and hot tea and cocoa. Ready to tie things up and get some sleep. Work week begins.
   I got my calendar made yesterday on Shutterfly without problems. The wind wasn't too bad and was thankful for that. But it was cold all day ..about 58. It rained yesterday and today. Our neighbors came home tonight. The tree got cut up and it's moved onto the lawn. There are people without power in places. The northern coast of Oregon got the brunt of the storm. Glad it's mostly over.  It pays to be ready for a storm and emergencies. I lit two candles at dinner last night. I like candles in the fall and the house smells nice. Have a good week my friends.


mamasmercantile said...

Glad to hear the storm wasn't as bad as anticipated. Looks like a you got some wonderful tops from the swap, such a great idea. Have a good week.

Linda W. said...

Glad you survived the windstorm. Busy weekend for you!

Betsy said...

It sounds like you had a full day. The time for kids between Sunday School and church is a great idea and so was the swap. I'm really glad you didn't have any more damage and I'm really glad that our coast weekend is next week!!!! See you soon.

Gracie Saylor said...

Busy!!! Glad you got so much done, Becky, and I loved seeing your autumnal photos especially. May the Lord bless you and yours this week. xx

Mereknits said...

The clothes swap sounds perfect, what a great way to get something new to wear without the expense. I have been slowly going through things here at my house, it is funny how fast you can accumulate things.
Hugs to you and hope you continue to feel better Becky.