Friday, October 21, 2016

Work day and a bit of fun

 My work week isn't too different than usual. Except that on Tues a.m. while washing my hair, unfortunately I managed to get a generous portion of shampoo on my hair and into my left eye. My eye teared up while showering and I wondered if there were bubbles coming out of my eye? It hurt bad enough, even after I used eye wash solution! Never mind! Wearing contact lenses wasn't happening today. Here I am at home after work...showing off my new glasses, that I rarely wear out anywhere except at home. Also a new shirt with purple butterflies. I'd been warm all day and once I stepped outside, it was chilly and cool in the house, thus the brown sweater I'm wearing! It's one of my favorites! By late afternoon, my eyes were ok which was good and didn't have any trouble Wed.
 Early Wed shift, my co-worker RJ whose son works at Panera, brought in bagels from Panera. How could I pass it up? I had a blueberry bagel and cream cheese! Sweet!
 A little tour around the store to show you we have 4 pairs of ladies Slogger boots in size 7, for $14.99 each pair.  Way too small for me. A deal for someone who could wear them though! Trash bags for your leaves, trowels and other little hand tools, tarps. We've sold a lot of tarps lately, especially when the storm was coming!
 Moss out for your lawn, sidewalk....
 Break time arrived. Eating the bagel soon...well, half of it. Ate the rest on Thursday. It was so good!
My new vest that I was happy to wear since it was colder than I wished it was that day! 42 degrees at 8 a.m.!!!! Fog for most of the day which made it! The hand is a sticky note that Carrie had put on other vests for people who weren't working that day. I wanted a hand too! Shows ya that I'll give you a hand when you come in to our store!
 Here are a few fun things for Christmas time. I shot these after work. These stick on a window and the green one has a battery in it that makes it light up. I might get some for my grandchildren.
 Battery operated tea lights. Good for winter time!
 I decided to head for Bauman Farms after work before going home. I enjoy it so much.
 Camillia already?
 Chinese lantern that I adore! Haven't bought one yet but still have seeds to grow them.

 I really like this cookie jar. But once I found out the price, it wasn't an option at all! $45!
 Owls. My mom would have loved something from this selection. The two brown ones are a salt and pepper set. Almost bought it.
 These plates are pretty and affordable. I may get one of them...$ time. I like the white horse the best!

 I purchased my goodies and headed to the car. I spent too much time here. Again. What's new? It's just refreshing! But I needed to make dinner and head to Bible study!

 These raindrop photos are taken through my windshield!
 Heading home, I was guided out happily by a smiling hay bale!
 Thank goodness the minion didn't hitch hike a ride home in my car. Isn't it adorable? These people are so creative in their hay bales. I never know what to expect! I used to take my kids out every year for photos. Good memories! I'd love to go out into the field more and get hay bale and pumpkin photos soon. Might happen if there's time. I seem to be quite busy these next few weeks...but that's nothing new!
 Here's the pansies I bought to brighten up my grey days. Leaves are falling all over the lawn. This afternoon I pulled out the few plants from garage and outdoors again now that the storm has passed. I was able to sweep out water from garage. We always get a little "lake" when it rains hard. We've had quite the rain this week but today was nice out with huge clouds. Rained a bit before dinner. We are all warm in our home. Hope you are as well. Happy weekend, my friends! Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!!!


mamasmercantile said...

It was nice to have a little tour of your work place. I also enjoyed the hay bales and all that Christmas merchandise, the plate you admire so much was beautiful. Have a great week.

Betsy said...

The week past was a busy one for you. Those haybales are something else. I enjoyed the tour of the store and Bauman's.

Teresa Kasner said...

It was fun to see the seasonal items in your store. Luckily our leak stopped after we tilted our trailer the other way.. and the rain stopped too.. lol. Have a good week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

Thank you for the work tour, it looks like a wonderful store. Hope your eye is all healed up.