Sunday, November 6, 2016

Busy, Thankful Days

 Off I went Friday morning to the dentist to be crowned again! It was foggy but not too bad. Half way through the drive, the fog lifted. It was so pretty and grass was sparkling with dew! Mt Hood in view. Phillips, Craig and Dean CD playing...."You leave me speechless!" as I was thinking about the beauty around me! Yes, Lord, you leave me speechless, at times! Things you do in this world of ours. The world can just be so beautiful and thank you so much for letting me see it!  My crown was waiting for me in this chair! It feels good! I'm thankful for teeth that are repaired. This is in place of an old filling that was in need of repair. It's gonna last a long time! Now that I'm getting older I'm thankful for upgrades while I can still afford helps!
 Then it was off to lunch at a different Subway this week. No big story here except that I watched 3 children interact with their mom. They were pretty good. Two of them were using scooters as they left. The other one walked, thus the equipment on the other side of that chair.

 Then is was off to another town and I stopped in at a Christmas bazaar, in the vicinity where my mom lived a few years ago. I went here once before and there is alot of fun items to choose from. I actually had to put a few things back due to the amount of money I had. I really almost went overboard. Budget, my dear, I reminded myself.
 These are microwave bowl protectors. Put it under your bowl, put in microwave and take it out without burning your fingers. Use it for holding a bowl of ice cream on your lap while eating and watching tv. I bought one with penguins on it. They are double sided. Interesting idea! This was a fund raiser for Sierra Leon. I might get more so I have the lady's business card.
 Lovely hand sewn work done by women that live in the homes around this complex. So pretty. I bought one of the pin cushions at top of photo for $2.50. I spent way too long there as I looked at quilts up front and found one I really liked. NOPE! Don't buy it even though is was so pretty. Why do I torture myself? Walk away! Which I did!
 I did a quick shop at Fred Meyer as I was later than I should be...had to meet some one for a bid for work at my house. I was getting hungry and at register I picked up this delicious candy bar to eat in the car. This fit my day since I had been at the dentist earlier!
 Grandbaby Lydia is growing out of her 6 months clothes so I bought 4 sleepers and a set with onesies in 9 months. She's weighing 13 lbs. now. Good to help them out a bit. A good sale and a coupon for a couple of them really helped.

 Fast forward to evening time. Megan and I went to Al's Garden Center for their Evening of Lights event. This display was first one that grabbed my attention. I enjoy the traditional colors.
 Megan and "what's wrong with this picture?"
 Ice Apples, exclusively at Al's. So yummy but didn't want to pay $1.99 lb for them. I still have apples left to make applesauce and little time to do it. We sampled the applesauce though! Had a few other samples as well. Listened to live music...someone that Megan knows from church sang blues/jazz Christmas music. She was good!
 Our shopping basket. The 2016 ornament went back on the wall. Megan bought the red/blue ornaments to decorate for her graduation year with glitter paint! The plant is hers as well.
 I found Chinese lantern plant that was on clearance for $9.97! Good save from $24. 'Tis the season of letting some plants go to homes at lower cost! I'm going to pull the stems off the plant and bring the lanterns inside to dry. They last a long time. The plant will come back again next year! Excited!
 A photo of me by poinsettias and a red backdrop. A man and I were looking at it afterwards and realized the blossoms had been spray painted. And they were hydrangea blossoms! Amazing what you can do with a can of spray paint!
 I'm going to try my hand at not killing this Sonora White Glitter poinsettia. I usually water it too much!

 Sunday morning we were with the children at church again during 2nd service. Today was a fun day. We were in the playground with two different groups of children, but not all the same time. Next week will be lesson time.

 Only the shadow knows!
 After church was over, we all headed to the high school for our big church thanksgiving meal. We're too big in number to have it in our church so we've had it here for a few years. Once they get the new multipurpose building built, I'm sure it will be there. I made potato salad and banana bread yesterday. Food was so good!
 Phil helped at the children's art table afterwards. The person in charge was sick so couldn't be there. I filled in for him so he could get some dessert. I'm coloring across from Anna. She liked how I colored. I brought it home with me to finish. We went and got our picture taken for the church directory. Then mingled a bit and I helped clear up decor and Phil helped fold the tables. Then we headed home. Glad Megan was able to join us for dinner.
This amazing family is Chad, Lisa and Harper Jane! I asked Lisa if I could share their photo on my blog and she said yes. "It's all over the web!" I told her of the friends from my blog who prayed for them and for Harper's health. She is doing just fine and so cute! As far as they can tell, there is no brain damage whatsoever!  Thank you so much for your prayers! 

Scripture and short thankfulness testimony I shared at church today.  Seven other people shared as well.
"And be not drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord 
Jesus Christ." 
Ephesians 5:18-20

The word melody, in Greek-melos is song. It's earliest sense "sweet music". 
I am thankful for Christian music down through the ages; for His love that gives me sweet melody in my heart; thankful for my granddaughter Melody who is learning about Jesus and her siblings Owen and baby Lydia. 

 Have a good week my friends and thanks for your kind comments and being faithful readers of my blog! God bless and keep you safe!


Teresa Kasner said...

It looks like you found some good bargains. I'm glad you got your tooth fixed. I have a crown that needs to be done but I keep putting it off... naughty me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

mamasmercantile said...

I am so thrilled that gorgeous baby is well, they are a beautiful family. I love the Christmas displays at the garden centres, such a wonderful array of colour.

Betsy said...

Thank you for sharing you photo of Harper and her family. I've been praying and it's nice to see their sweet faces. Itt's hard to believe that Christmas displays are out. I haven't left the house since Friday and still don't feel well. I am enjoying my time at home though and enjoyed reading about all of your activities. Be blessed my friend.

aimee said...

Totally know what you mean when I see the beauty of God's created world! It is so amazing! Yummy-I have had the pleasure of eating Al's Ice Apples before and they are yummy indeed, but I can understand watching one's budget :)
PS: Good pic of you!

Janet Coffield said...

I love the holiday photos that you share. Apples! Yummy! :) lol Happy Holidays.