Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Veterans' Day 2016

 A few Fridays ago we celebrated Veterans' Day, Nov 11. It was my day off and the plans we'd made changed. No thanks to protestors is Portland. But we persevered and went with the alternate route of our day. Megan and I were supposed to go to the Trail Blazer game at the Moda center.  We watched and read what was happening in downtown Portland and the interstate of Wed and Thurs and decided it wasn't worth the risk of going! One never knows what to expect when these protests happen. One night there was a riot and looting and destruction of property.
 Megan and I went to Applebees in Lake Oswego for lunch where we ate free as we were veterans. Phil opted to stay home and get work done on a speech in a quiet house. My plan was to be at home most of the day til mid afternoon before we headed to game. Didn't happen neither did a few other things. Sigh!
 As usual, their food was delicious. Megan had a steak meal while I had shrimp...it was SO good! Notice Megan's ring? It's her graduation ring we got her as a gift. She picked it out.
 I'd asked for applesauce instead of broccoli that day. Look what I got? Applesauce MRE!!! We were both given a $5 gift card to use another time. Sweet!
 I had Megan take a photo of me by the decorated board before we left. I love this scarf. It wasn't the design I was looking for but it works!
  Megan has a fetish for plaid and our colors matched. She liked my scarf but nope, you can't have it! Get your own! (Fred Meyer)

 Afterwards we did a bit of shopping on the way home. We stopped at Trader Joes. It's that time of year when I search for all the goodies I like and found the European Cookies again and they came home. So much to choose from but I know I need to be good with my food choices.

 Stopped at Costco to get my gas tank filled. Then decided to go in and pick up a few items on coupon I needed before the month runs out and I don't get back in there.
 Phil and I went to Red Robin for dinner for our veterans meal. We got free Tavern Burgers and they were delicious!
 Before we left, we each were given a thank you note, signed by people who worked at Red Robin
 Once we returned home, Megan and I watched the Trail Blazers on tv. It's the game we were supposed to go to. It was against Sacramento Kings and Blazers won in overtime!!!
 On Sunday afternoon, we met up with our son and family for a late lunch at Pine Tree Chinese restaurant. It was good but not sure I'd eat the sweet and sour shrimp again. I wasn't too enamoured with the taste. Owen sat across from me. He ate mostly his rice with salt and pepper and drank tea, which had caffeine. It may have not been the best choice but he liked it. He didn't like the rest of the meal his dad, Justin, had picked out for him and Melody. She ate hers all up! She's sitting next to her dad.

Baby Lydia, 6 months, was a bit fussy. Here she is with her mom, Erin. Afterwards we met up with them at Wilco as they needed chicken feed. It's also a hardware store, so I wanted to go in and see what it is like. There were Christmas trees out already. The undercover outdoor display wasn't finished yet but Erin found some fun chicken planters. Maybe for birthday as I got their gifts already. It was fun being with them again. A few weeks earlier we were at a yogurt shop close to their house as well. We've got another outing next month. To OMSI since we couldn't go that weekend,
again becuz of the protests! 
Thankful for being able to be safe away from all that nonsense and prayer for our police protection. 

I'm thankful to have served my country, starting 40 years ago in August. My how time has flown! Thankful to all the veterans as well. To those who have gone before me. Those who serve now. God bless our country as we go through another transition of president. It's not been the best of times. But we have more freedom than other countries. So thankful for that and God bless us all....this land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her,  Through the night with the light from above....From the mountains, to the prairies, from the ocean, white with foam....God Bless America, My Home SWEET HOME!!!


mamasmercantile said...

A wonderful tribute Becky, for your service you deserve to be honoured.

aimee said...

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow - you and your family! And thank you all for your service. My hubby and I have never taken advantage of the freebies on Veterans' Day although he was in the service during the Vietnam War era. Can I ask what kind of proof you need to bring in order to do so?
I don't mind people protesting, but I do mind when they break the law by blocking streets and vandalizing property. This just punishes the innocent.