Thursday, December 29, 2016

Antique Shopping with Girlfriends

 December has been a busy month. I'm trying to catch up with the month but will share more in January. I took two vacation days from work the first week of Dec. I needed to use or lose them. On Monday I stayed home and got a few things accomplished. On Tuesday I drove over to JoAnn's house then went into Aurora where we met up with Linda at the South End Antique Mall. We had a good look around. So many things were de ja vue of our girlhood days. This bear sign and sleigh are in front of my car. I would have enjoyed them at my house but not for the price they wanted.
 This old Santa sign is metal and had hole in his mouth. We thought maybe it had a light in it at one time. Cute and old school!

 A cupboard I'd like to have in my house for sure. I can dream can't I? Lovely plates and pitchers. There were cups as well that matched.

 A beaded dress that looks lovely but it was heavy.
 Display of old Christmas ornaments etc. So cute. Was thinking of buying something but not sure what it would have been. Too many choices but fun to look at. At one point further in, both Linda and I had a flashback in one spot where there was a white garden arch and as we walked through there were these belly high  plastic white candles with yellow flames on them. Scent of Christmas hit us...what a weird feeling that came over us. First her then me a few minutes later. Oh dear me!
 Coca Cola cooler. You lifted the lid and there was room for bottles in ice. I sent a photo of this to Megan. She's a Coca Cola collector!
 Linda found a butterfly ring and so I decided to take her photo as it was so cute as it matched her outfit. I'd put this photo up on facebook, with a few others of our outing. A few weeks later was her birthday so one of her friends went to the store and bought her the ring for her gift!  She was wearing ring with her scarf at church! What a sweet idea!
 JoAnn really liked this couch. A friend on facebook said she had one like this couch years ago. The color was nice.
 I liked the candle arrangement with all the old drawings and Christmas decor. Look, I'm wearing candles in my hair like the European girls do at Christmas time (Scandinavian?)
 This table and chairs are so pretty. I like how the chair backs are rounded. The table has another leaf to make it longer. I have a table similar to this one, but green/grey marbled. I got it at a thrift store on the coast years ago. Still have it but no chairs as they weren't the best.
 This lovely life sized horse was near the front door.
 Once we left after an hour and half we drove to the Colony Pub for lunch. So delicious. I've eaten here with Phil a year ago and will certainly go back. We were hungry and had fun talking before we headed home. Linda pointed out another store that's her favorite that we'll go to one of these days. 
 A man in the women's bathroom! Dale Earnhardt Jr.

 We each bought something. I bought these 2 crocheted pot holders. Another one like it had way too much stain on it. I'm keepin one and giving other one as a gift. I like old doilies and linens within a reasonable price. Linda bought a couple of ornaments that she got for the ladies' ornament exchange at church, the following Sunday. JoAnn found a metal match holder as we were leaving. I'd not seen one of them in  a long time.


 The very next week a bit of snow and ice hit our area. Our boss closed the store at 3:30 on Wed. This is the view through my windshield after my kind co-worker, Larry, brushed off all the snow from my car windows. I was going to help him but he said to just get inside my car! I didn't even ask him to do it. He saw me going out to the car as he drove by and pulled in beside me and brushed off the snow! Now that is just cool!!! It took half an hour to get across town as the roads were ice packed with snow. Here's my street. It felt so good to get into our driveway. It was my early shift day so I got off an hour early.

 A snowy/icy spiderweb on the juniper by garage.
 Thursday morning I'd called my manager, ME, and let him know it was still icy here and not sure what was going to happen, as I don't like driving in it. I called a bit after 8 a.m. I thought he was to call me back. I fell back to sleep after I turned my clock radio off.  {Why did I do that?} I woke up when  a phone call came from work on home phone. Ok I'll be in but I just woke up. Little did I know that it was 10:15!! Well I made it in at 11:45. I didn't get into trouble. We wound up going home early but the roads weren't real bad, slushy but soon would freeze. Sigh!

 Tree in my neighbor's lawn....and my commute to work looked like this...but it only took me 16 minutes to work. Normal is 11 minutes.

Friday morning I went out and took more photos. The bird bath was frozen so I decided to photograph something fun! Betsy gave me this bird last year and it has been a nice addition to my collection of items my sweet friends gift me with.

My snow pumpkin of  the year. I was going to take this to the beach earlier this fall and put it in the water as the tide was coming in. But that didn't happen! Snow came so it was a different form of water. Years ago I made my 1st snow pumpkin photo and everyone liked it. Such a contrast as it was orange.

My friend, Ryan Cox, has a drone and he took photos of our town in the snow. He said I could share this photo on my blog. I got it from facebook. He's such a cool guy and I enjoy his drone photos.

Christmas has come and gone. Today was my last day to work for the year. I'm ready to see what the new year holds for me and my family.  We had some joys and sorrows this year with 2 deaths  and one birth of another granddaughter.   Megan graduated from university. We got our house re-roofed.  We went on short trips within our state. We lived, loved, worked,, time crunched and made freezer meals to dump into the crock pot. Laughed. Encouraged. Celebrated another anniversary together and look forward to more years, walking through the good and hard times together, with the Lord.  May your new year be a blessed one, my friends! 

"But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint."  Isaiah 40:31


Betsy said...

We posted the same Bible verse yesterday Becky! How cool is that? I even posted a very similar picture of Spokane on my blog yesterday. Great minds and all..... I loved reading about your December. Your antiquing day with girlfriends looks like it was a lot of fun. Some of those items look familiar to me from my childhood too. I hope you have a wonderful New Year's eve and stay safe and warm. Blessings,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Merry Christmas and a happy 2017! So glad you got to get a little antique store shopping in AND enjoy some snowing weather even if it did cause a lot of inconvenience. We are supposed to have more snow next week. Hope we do! Love the stuff :)

Gracie Saylor said...

It was fun to see some of what you have been seeing this month, Becky. It startles me to go into antique stores these days and see things from my childhood :) Your snow was pretty and I like your friend's drone shot, too. Happy New Year! xx

Linda W. said...

Fun times shopping with your friends! Glad you survived our latest "snowpocalypse." Happy New Year!

Kathy said...

Such fun shopping with your friends. I liked everything you showed.

You got so much snow! My goodness! I'm glad you got to go home early. Please take your time driving and stay safe.

Happy New Year!

Camille said...

What fun that you had a couple of holiday days to take....sounds like you used them well. :) I agree with you regarding snow and ice and staying home....I don't like to be out in it, either. That Coca Cola cooler was very cool (no pun intended)....our Fraser would like that as he is a Coca Cola fan. I trust you had a lovely Christmas with your family my friend. I just want you to know that I am planning to put up my last post on the blog today, Lord-willing, and will be bowing out of the blog-world. However, we can certainly keep in touch via email....mine is Also, you are always welcome to come stay with us for a's an open invitation. :) With Love, Camille

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by. Loved reading about your December. Yes, it was a very busy time, as it usually is. I'll try to update. The next 6 months will be just as busy but spread out more. Looking forward to 2017 too!