Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's My Good Life

Lately my days have just flown by. On Friday morning I went to my last physical therapy appointment. I have been feeling much better but still need to do specific exercises given to keep up the progress. It was bittersweet as the therapists and office personnel are so kind.  I was tired, even though it was late morning so I went into the little cafe. You can buy already made sandwiches, hot coffee, tea,snacks. My favorite is Tazo Awake English Breakfast tea. I sat and read the Oregonian instead of going about my day. It is my day off so why not? I read the article on John Glenn, who died the previous day. Amazing what that man did for our country. WWII Marine pilot and later an astronaut. He will be missed! A bit of shopping and then off to my house to get things done.
Our Sunday morning bulletin at church. Church was decorated and we only sang one Christmas song! Joy to the World. Oh well! The message was good with Lon comparing the two Josephs in the Bible...old and new and interesting thoughts of Moses and Jesus......but it works. The Bible seems to have a theme running through it that God has a plan for us....way back from the beginning of time. God with us...Immanuel! Matthew 1:18-25
This afternoon I worked on printing out another photo calendar on my big printer. Of course I had to run out of ink that I didn't have! So I ordered a pack of 10 to get me up and going again. I was able to print 1 out of 3 calendars. My other printer, that's a bit quicker, has issues, of course! Phil took it apart and found out the circuit board for the photo printer that does 4x6 paper won't work! Sigh! At least the other part works, 8 1/2x11. He will hopefully get it put back together tonight so that part can be used this week. Christmas letters are forthcoming, if printer works. Yep, I'm behind! 

Mid afternoon I made sandwiches to share at the ladies' ornament exchange. I cut diamond shaped cheesy ciabiatta rolls in half, then buttered one side and slathered tuna egg salad on it. Then I cut them in half. (1 on the right is open, 1 on left is closed, prior to cutting them in half.) I brought 5 halves home...they'll be my lunch tomorrow. Except for the one I ate! Still have mix left...for later!
I stopped by my friend JoAnn's house and picked her up. Here's my plate at our table before we ate. The gift bags have ornaments we will exchange later.   There was a nice program with a couple poems read and we sang 4 Christmas songs.  Special music....Mary Did You Know? A devotional. Another song....and then we moved chairs and did the exchange.  We listened to a reading of the Christmas story. When the word "right" was spoken, the ornament moved right, "left" ornament went left til the story was over. Then we opened the bags/boxes to see our ornament! It was fun!

I got a nice big bell that I got from my friend Sue! I like the box it came it as well!

A tree sugar cookie I got from JoAnn before we left. I'll have it with my tea this evening.  I'm tired so I'm going to resign myself to getting off my computer and get a few things done, like folding laundry while watching something on Roku.  Busy Sat.....not visiting my friend as there was too much ice up where she lived. So I went and had lunch with Phil at Noodles. He had to work so since I needed to head that way I met him for lunch then shopped at Costco. Hopefully late week will work for meeting my friend. Never a dull moment around here. But it's a good life!!! Have a good week and enjoy the season!!!



Betsy said...

You lead such a busy life Becky. We've had snow, snow and more snow this week. It's falling again as I type this...another 2-4 inches possible tonight. Bleh. I'm very grateful that I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, although if it's not too bad I'll go to the grocery store at some point. Your church ornament exchange looks very similar to the one our church did last Sunday. Very fun and great food. I"m glad you're finished with physical therapy and hope that you continue to improve. So glad to hear you're doing so well.

Linda W. said...

That ornament exchange sounds like so much fun! Love your new header photo.

mamasmercantile said...

I love the ornament exchange, it certainly did look like a lot of fun. The bell you received was a joy. You certainly seem to be busy all the time. Glad to hear you don't need anymore physical therapy. Take care.