Thursday, December 8, 2016

Santa Pin and Cold Work Week

 It was a fun but chilly week here in Oregon. Monday and Tues were vacation days from work. When I came back to work on Wed, I found that my commemorative USAF Santa pin had arrived. Mike G carves Santas and his wife Joni, paints them. Last year they started making pins as well, out of leftover carved wood. I asked to have one made like this one, since it was 40 years ago I went into the Air Force. I put it on these candy canes to take the photo. I love it! Both Mike and Joni are co-workers.  Monday was chilly, wet and windy. I stayed home and worked on various tasks. Watched episodes of a show I'm trying to get through on Roku. I like watching "Where the Heart Is" on Acorn TV. They're all British shows. I have 2 more shows to watch in season 3. May watch something else for awhile then go back to it. Tuesday was warmer and dry with sunshine. I was out with girlfriends for a portion of the day. That will be for another post of fun photos at an antique store we visited. Stay tuned!

We have "A Christmas Story" (movie 1983) leg lamps at work. It's been the hit. Many people know the movie. We've not sold any of the lamps yet but hopefully soon! We also have the Red Ryder gun!! I'll have to see that again. Megan and I watched "Home Alone" on Sunday evening after the grandchildren were gone.

On Wednesday, I wasn't sure of the weather but it was lovely going across town for my early morning shift. The roofs were frosted and Megan's car had frozen and it took awhile to warm up as she headed south. Good that the interstate wasn't too icy. I enjoyed the sun coming up over the mountains in the southeast. So pretty in the cool of the morning. Chilly at work as we found out the furnace didn't work well. Thank goodness I had gloves and wore them most of the day. Today was cold too and we wound up getting lovely snowflakes for quite awhile today. I layered myself different this morning with a long sleeved shirt underneath a zip down sweater that had some wool in it. Kept me warmer and still wore gloves but a different set with a bit better fingertips to handle money. It was much slower than yesterday. But people were still buying snow melt, faucet covers and foundation covers. Furnace will be fixed tomorrow since a part was ordered.
We had our power glitch at work right before we left. Not all of  it went out then it tried to come back up but nope....ain't gonna happen. There was one more customer in the store who was going to buy a heater. Not sure how that worked out as I left. There were some traffic lights off in town on my way home. Sparodic outages in town about the same It was like brown outs. WEIRD!!
 I was so thankful to get home and get into our warm house. It actually hurt to come inside. Such a contrast of temperature where it's 33 degrees (that feels like 24) vs 68 degrees inside. My feet were so cold from the chilly car.  I took the garbage out before I settled in for a warm dinner with crock pot taco soup and homemade biscuits, which Megan made. I plopped the soup in before I went to work. 
  I stopped long enough outside to take a photo of my snow laden Chinese lantern plant. It's so pretty in the snow. Not sure it will last long, now that it's freezing. Very little snow here. More in the mountains though. Much was cancelled because of the storm coming in. Actually had some weather this time. 

This weekend my plan is to visit my friend Laura. She's done with her radiation/chemo treatment for a month. Headed home to live now. So will take her out for lunch. She doing well, feeling a bit weary though. She sounds pretty good while we talk. I appreciate your prayers for her. She's not sure how long the second treatment will take.  

Have a good evening and will back with you soon! 


mamasmercantile said...

What a joy to see your header with the Grandchildren and Santa, there is something about this time of year that keeps me smiling despite the cold and the weariness. Take care.

Linda W. said...

Love your new header photo! Hope you're surviving the winter weather.

Betsy said...

Goodness Portland is getting the weather this year isn't it? I'm sorry it's been so cold for you at work and I'll pray that the heat is fixed today. We're getting snow today. Ick! I think it's the storm you had yesterday. More predicted tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Take care of yourself my friend. Drive carefully and stay warm. Tell your sweet friend that I'm praying for her.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a cute header, Becky, with your darling little grands and Santa! Your pin turned out so nice. We have the same weather up here in WA - Brrrrrrrr! We had a little dusting of snow, but it was just above freezing and it melted for the most part. Coming home to a warm home and home-made biscuits sounds wonderful to me. So sorry to hear of your friend going through Chemo. Sending prayers her way. Hope it warms up a bit for you so you don't have to drive on icy roads. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

Kathy said...

Oh my it's cold there! I hope the heat at your work gets fixed. I know what it is to work in a cold building and it is not fun. Take care driving around. I'm praying for your friend.

Mereknits said...

I hope you had a wonderful visit with your friend. Such a great present, her health is good and she is done with her treatments.