Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Treats!

 My work day was busy which is just fine with me! My co-worker, Carrie, brought me the last Christmas cookie. She decorated them on Sat since outdoor plan was cancelled due to rain. So yummy!  Second tree cookie I've had in two days. Last one from ornament exchange Sunday evening.
 As few hours later a customer brought in these chocolate hazelnuts delights! I had 4 this afternoon. Yummy! Many hazelnuts are grown in this area and came from maker that's 15 minutes away. No wonder it tastes so good. It's so kind of customers to bring us goodies this time of year.
 This evening I met up with my best friend Tamara for dinner at Dennys. We gifted each other with fun items. One includes a photo calendar we have put together. Her's was waterfalls and lakes around Oregon that she gave me. My calendar she received was our coast trip when Phil and I went whale watching.
We both drink tea and I like the size of these mugs.
 Here's a portion of my gift. A heavy mesh bag with USAF themed fabric. I love it. She had someone make it for her. Bible carrier is what it's intention is. I might line it with something though.  Inside is a penquin pad. Purple pens and calendar rounded out the gift.

Another treat was the net lights on our rhododendron bush!  Phil was off work today...had to take last day of vacation for the year or lose it. I could see the lights once I turned onto our street! This is the view as you go by our house. I took photo once I parked in the garage.  It wasn't raining today so it was a good day to do it!
     Now I'm thawed from cold outdoors. Fine in the car once it's warm. Out again. In again. These next few days are going to be barely above freezing. At 7 p.m. it was 32 degrees F. A breeze made it feel colder. Tomorrow the forecast says snow around noon and getting worse til 6. Thursday looks cold and so it goes into the weekend. I'm praying there's nothing preventing us from our OMSI trip this weekend. Cancelled last month due to rioting happening in Portland. We'll just wait and see.  Last evening I penned our Christmas letter on 2 notebook pages. Photo copied them today at work. Phil got printer back together today. I didn't know his plan after he worked  on it Sun afternoon. Me learned to look but not say a word.  I best get a few things done around here before the sandman calls me to bed.  I appreciate your visits and comments!!  A splendid and safe week my friends!!


mamasmercantile said...

That certainly was a lot of treats in one day, you are certainly blessed with good friends.

Betsy said...

Good Morning Becky! I remember the days when I worked as a book-keeper, there would be lots and lots of goodies from customers from Thanksgiving until Christmas! I sometimes miss those days but not much. Ha! I like the gifts you got from your friend. How thoughtful to order a USAF fabric just for you. Your lights do look festive. We haven't put any out for a few years and I miss it. It was -4 this morning on the deck. Yuck! This deep freeze is just plain yucky. More snow is forecast too. I want to just stay inside and hibernate. Take care and enjoy the season my friend.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Looks like lots of good things to eat! Love this time of year. Brings out the "foodie" in me. I hope don't have to go out much and drive in the Portland traffic with all this snow. We have about 6 inches here. Kids are out playing in it now. They are loving it! The sheep and chickens, not so much. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season! Love and Hugs, Jackie

aimee said...

Your post today made me hungry! I love cookies with frosting--yum, yum--and chocolate hazelnuts sound good too!

Kathy said...

I think the entire country is in the deep freeze. It's been awful here too. Stay warm as much as you can. You got such nice gifts from your friend. The tote bag is going to come in really handy. It was so thoughtful of her to get Air Force fabric for it.

Janet Coffield said...

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday to Phil too. :) God Bless You!