Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our Christmas 2016

Our Christmas as a family was  celebrated on Christmas eve at Justin and Erin's home. He always finds fun music and scenes on his computer and sends it to his tv screen. Very festive indeed!

 Sweet granddaughter Lydia, 7 1/2 months old, showing  that she loved her first Christmas this much! She's got the loveliest blue eyes. But she can be such a serious baby.
 Owen and his Lego creation that grandpa helped him with.  It "dispenses" mustard and ketchup at Burgerville. It's one of his favorite places to eat!
 Chicken cookie jar dressed up in sunglasses and bib!
 Sugar cookies photo bombed by Megan and Melody. They were delicious and 
made by Erin and the children.
 Lydia allowing me to holding her for awhile. No crying!
 Grandpa and Lydia.
 Megan and girls!
 Melody and Owen with me while I'm opening my gift from Justin and Erin...jam, pear sauce, and some other goodies. Justin is to the side...
 A brother/sister Christmas photo...both wearing same type of flannel shirts and being sort of silly...well Lydia did need her diaper changed.
 The best of 5 photos of the 3 grandchildren!
 Lydia wearing 'My First Christmas' sleeper I gave Erin at her baby shower. It's size 9 months and barely fits, length-wise.

 Dr. Who and the Tardis
 Lego wreath

Once we left, we headed to Red Robin for dinner in Wilsonville. It was one of the few places open...until 8. It was weird to be driving myself on a holiday as I'm usually with someone of the family. Made me think of missing my mom again, my 3rd Christmas without her. Oh the memories!  As I pulled into the parking slot at RR, "Breath of Heaven"song began to play on KLove radio. Amy Grant was singing! I've sung this before at church Christmas eve services. I've not heard it all season and so I turned up the radio and "we" sang a duet in the front seat of my car! I felt so blessed and was happy to have a few moments with God in the car. He knew I wanted to sing it, I guess, as I'd been singing it a few days earlier, not remembering all the words that time though. Phil had tapped on the car window that they were there, yes, I am coming in after this song...he understood. He and Megan came together ......I will leave it at that. Won't bore you with details!

Our tree and gifts at home.Not a lot but just fine with us! I didn't get the big tree up this year. I seem to have gone into a slump after Thanksgiving, for some reason.

Precious Moments nativity scene. This year I added flameless candles to the scene and they made it look like little camp fires in the dark.
I'm setting up our celebration of our 40th year of meeting over a cheese ball (in England, on Christmas eve...RAF Woodbridge). Cranberry goat cheese with these delicious crisps.  Oh dear me, I left the lens cover on the counter and it's in the photo! I'm always laying it around somewhere or putting it in my pocket...where did it go?!!!
Here we are properly getting the cheese on our crisps!

Love for many more years!
After that little bit of celebrating, each of us opened one gift. 

Sunday morning we went to church. Yes it was open, even though other churches weren't. But that's ok. Megan met up with us for church service after we went to our Israel Bible class. Danny lit the last of the advent candles after Diane read the scripture.

We get spoiled on Christmas as we get served delicious homemade goodies.  Last year we had cinnamon rolls. This year it was pull aparts and so yummy!
As I was going down the stairs to main floor, the Dickens Carolers were coming upstairs to sing in the coffee shop for a bit then they went on a break.
Looking into the sanctuary from the side door. Our church is decorated nicely every year by a team of people. Far back by the drum "cage" is the big wooden nativity scene.
My friend, Maria, and me. I snagged Ethan, our pastor's son, to take this photo. "Hey, I get to be the photographer for once!" he said, then asked how to do a certain thing. He did well. His mom and sister are photographers.
Three wise men in the entry way...narthex, as some people call it! We were greeters that month.
The Dickens Carolers singing during our worship time. They also sang the Hallelujah Chorus after the sermon. We all stood and then they started singing. Megan and I joined in and we could hear our friend, Jill, in the row behind us sing. I've not sung it in awhile and it was wonderful to hear it again!!
Our church bulletin for the day. The front design was drawn and colored by my friend Carol Jooste. She also has designed written a book that's available on Amazon.
We headed home for Christmas dinner. Here we have some angelic eggs and the table is waiting to be set. Candle scent is vanilla cinnamon brulee. It smells so good I could just eat it.
My Christmas tea mug.
Hey, leave my egg alone!
After lunch we opened our gifts. I wanted to show you my attire I wore at church. All red! It was so pretty! Skirt was a find at a second hand shop!
Megan was a happy Blazer fan as I got her a Trailblazer license plate frame. Cheaper than the license plate itself. Paintings on the wall are ones that Phil and I did last year at a Paint Nite. I enjoy them alot! Good memories!
Our morning newspaper!
My gift from Megan. Cape Meares lighthouse, near Tillamook. 
"Advise from a Lighthouse"
"Stand tall. Be shore of yourself. Look on the bright side. Weather life's storms. Be a shining example. It's ok to be a little flashy!"

Phil put together the office chair he got me for Christmas. I'm comfy and ready to blog away! I bought him a laser printer that he wanted. Yea, a bit big but they were items we wanted, nothing piddly. He wasn't expecting the printer but he hinted at it when we were in Office Depot near black Friday. My other chair was old and it needed replaced. We sat the old one outdoors a few days later, when it wasn't raining...giveaway! Somebody snagged it!
Megan made these Pillsbury sugar cookies  for her co-workers to enjoy at their cookie party.
My adorable stuffed friends. Three are Precious Moments dolls and then there's Bug's Bunny!
A music box I've had since about 1993 that plays Silver Bells. Years ago our high school choir would sing it for the program at Lloyd Center.
Fiber Optic Christmas Tree with a reflection in glass in hallway!
I hope you all had a nice Christmas holiday! Now we are into the New Year! It's been a different one in many ways.  Losing some precious friends in our lives last week. My spirit has been uplifted since Tues. But I feel sadness still and will for awhile. I'm thankful for your kind comments in good wishes, thoughts and prayers. We've had snow 3 different times already this month! Much colder as well since the snow level has been in the foothills lately. Til Saturday and last night when we got about an inch of snow each time! It's it gives us something to complain write about. Take care and God bless you all!!!


mamasmercantile said...

You certainly packed a lot into the Christmas period and so nice that you were able to visit with your family, a real delight to take a peek at those gorgeous Grandchildren of yours. It is just wonderful to celebrate the day of meeting your husband and reflect on so many happy years together. Love is such a precious thing and should be cherished. We have been forecast for a artic storm and snow today, but as yet none to be seen. Time will tell. Take care.

Gracie Saylor said...

I enjoyed your Christmas activity many good memories, and I was startled to realize that Lydia is already 7 months old! We got six plus inches of snow, but have our vehicles dug out, have not lost power yet, and some sledding is being done on our front yard slope! Blessings to you and yours xx

Betsy said...

It looks like your Christmas was a lovely one with your family all around you. I love the Amy Grant song "Breath of Heaven". I'm definitely sick and tired of the snow. I fell yesterday trying to clean the ice berm from the end of the driveway. I've been sitting on ice ever since. Spring please!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I feel as if I had been there with you. Your grands are so cute and your family looks like a lot of fun to be with.

Our snow is gone... for now. We have a prediction of more this weekend. I would be happy without any more snow. Our street doesn't get much sun and so the snow turns to ice. Not fun to drive on.

Mereknits said...

YOur Christmas sounds wonderful Becky, so glad you had a great time with our family and friends.